Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Candidates in their own words: Chris Reed-US Senate

One of our public services here at TRS is providing a forum to any Republican who solicits a forum. We received a request from one of our US Senate candidates, Chris Reed. Our other candidates, George Eichhorn and Steve Rathje, are very welcome to publish as well. Nothing we publish on behalf should be construed as our personal endorsement of a candidate in a contested Republican primary, merely the provision of another forum for each candidate and their supporters to make their case to Iowa Republicans.

So, without further ado, Chris Reed in his own words.

May 19, 2008

There are currently three candidates competing for the June 3rd Primary victory for the right to take on Tom Harkin. Of the three candidates, there are many differences the voters should be made aware of.

The first candidate claims to have been “running” for approximately three years. He will be the first to boast that he has logged over 200,000 miles and hit all 99 counties “some more than once”. This candidate believes he should be handed the Republican nomination simply because he has been in the race the longest. This is like saying that Harvard should be allowed in the BCS National Championship or NCAA Final Four every year simply because they were the first major University, not because they are the best team and earn it. This candidate is scared to debate the other two. He knows very little about the issues except for those he has cut and pasted off the Republican National Party website. He has no depth or breadth on the issues and cannot speak about them other than saying he is “for” or “against” them. Can we really afford to place a “candidate” against Tom Harkin who is afraid to debate fellow Republicans, let alone Harkin himself? Fact: He has been invited to more than one major debate and has outright declined to show up. His reason – “I won’t be in the same room with those ‘Johnny-come-lately’ candidates” or “those two don’t deserve to be in the same room as me” and my favorite “they (Reed/Eichhorn) don’t deserve to be in a room with me” I think Iowa Republican voters need to wake up and look at this candidate. Does he reflect your values? Acting elitist and superior to anyone else does not seem very down-to-earth to me. Say nothing for his inability to discuss the issues. He cannot articulate his position on any issue. He cannot speak on any of the issues with regards to statistics, data or specific opinion on the matter. My friends, this is the single weakest candidate we could put forth to attempt the very important job of taking out Tom Harkin.

The second candidate is a very nice man. BUT, he is a “politician”. I am not knocking politicians here, but the Republican party of Iowa has tried --and failed -- to run some form of politician against Tom Harkin for the past four terms. We cannot afford to do this again and hand Tom Harkin a fifth term. It has not been openly discussed, but this candidate lost his bid for re-election to the State House in Des Moines. A race he was heavily favored to win. Can Iowans afford to run a politician -- who lost his own bid for the State House -- against Tom Harkin? Tom Harkin loves running against “politicians”. It gives him a reason to avoid the real issues and lets him sling “mud” for five months and paint his opposition as less than favorable. A loss in the Iowa State House in 2006 would be way too easy for Harkin to utilize.

The third candidate is not a “politician”. He is the ONLY veteran in this race, the only gun-owner and hunter in this race. He did not get in the race “late”, otherwise he wouldn’t be on the ballot. He is the ONLY candidate in this race who speaks about the major issues freely, and backs up each position he takes with facts, data, insight and lets voters know exactly where he stands on each issue without “wishy-washy” avoidance or aloofness to the subject or task at hand. He is simply an Iowan who wants to go to Washington to represent other Iowans. Republicans must put forth a candidate who can go after Harkin from day one with a depth of knowledge on the issues important for this race. Our candidate must be able to speak intelligently about the issues while also being able to articulate Mr. Harkin’s faults and wrong-headed positions on these issues. Our candidate must be able to unite the Republicans in Iowa as well as convince the Independents of this state that he is the right choice for Washington. This candidate must be able to woo demonstrate eloquently that Tom Harkin is just out of touch with Iowans. There is only one candidate for U.S. Senate this year that can accomplish all of this. It is Christopher Reed. He is the only that shows up to meetings with a different speech everywhere he speaks, and is able to define his position on issues with data, facts and opinion. He knows he cannot be all things to all voters, but will express exactly where he stands on each issue so you can decide for yourself. He will never placate voters to elicit their votes. He is strong on the issues that matter to Iowans. He has received the full endorsement on Bill Salier because he is the strongest candidate to take on Tom Harkin this year and finally give Chuck Grassley someone he can work with in Washington.

Finally, as the voter, I urge you to completely research out all three candidates before the June 3rd primary. Scratch the surface, look deeper than the fa├žade and you will find only one candidate who will get the job done. Don’t be fooled by the plasticity of the one and the failed House race of the other. Only one of the three candidates will give the clearest choice for Iowans come the November 4th election day. Cast your vote for Christopher Reed on June 3rd.

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