Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Congratulations Kevin Koester in HD 70

Kevin Koester is our nominee in HD 70. With all the precincts in Kevin beat a game young challenger, Jeff Wright, 73-27.

Jeff will no doubt return to public service in the near future, he’s too good of an asset to lose.

Kevin will have some big, metaphorically speaking, shoes to fill. Carmine Boal has been an outstanding leader here in Polk County. Kevin will no doubt build on this great foundation in Ankeny to help us max out our fortress precincts in Ankeny to offset the Democrats advantage on the south side.

The magnitude of Kevin’s victory demonstrates that he is a formidable campaigner with a good organization. We will still paint HD 70 red on our map come Election Day +1.


Anonymous said...

The great thing about Kevin is he really cares about Ankeny as evidenced by his involvement in our wonderful city. He really is cut from the same cloth as Carmine: an engaged local citizen who was not a professional staffer or campaign worker. Unlike other districts, we have someone who is not owned by a special interest group, but rther a genuine conservative who knows just about everyone in town because he shows up! Way to go Kevin!

Anonymous said...

one word: bitter