Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wayne Ford promotes cultural apartheid.

It sounds like Wayne Ford’s has again waived the racism flag about the State Fair.

Rep. Ford is
back in the news just two weeks after his outburst that Des Moines’ flood control system is racially biased so as to leave Des Moines’ blacker and poorer neighborhoods vulnerable. Rep. Ford thought he had an opportunity to race bait of Katrina proportions on his hands. It turned out that Iowans’ weren’t buying that nonsense so Rep. Ford has found a new source by which to peddle the politics of division.

Rep. Ford Rep. Ford thinks the State Fair musical entertainment is too white, a complaint he has raised in the past. Apparently, Rep. Ford believes that some form of quota is necessary for the entertainment fare at the Fair although he never says what value is thereby served. Apparently only the race of the performer is significant. Not the quality; not the celebrity and most certainly not the marketability, just the race.

In Wayne Ford’s world everything is based on race, and slights are everywhere. What an ultimately depressing world view, eh?


Anonymous said...

The tax dollars that made him rich through his sham program didn't discriminate.

He should quit whining.

RF said...


I agree with you here. Ford’s approach is counterproductive. He should find more important things to focus on to actually help his constituents.

Anonymous said...

Ford is just following in Obama's footsteps. He has begun racebaiting. It is disappointing as he promotes himself as the candidate of change, hope, blah blah blah. He is beginning to look like every other candidate: Say one thing and do another. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Fords very existence involves convincing black people they are abused victims, incapable of self sufficiency. After all, what would Wayne do for a living if black people understood the truth?

Jessah "shakedown" Jackshun

Anonymous said...

Does Wayne know that Barack is black?

Anonymous said...

Go check out the website for the Iowa Commission on the Status of African Americans.

Looks like nothing has happened since 2006.

I'm still trying to figure out this Ongoing Covenent with Black Iowans program that the commission wants $400,000 to implement.

One item is spirituality. Isn't that an issue with libs and their separation of church and state point of view?

Looks like most of their programs is done at Creative Vision - Another taxpayer shakedown operation.

What on earth does this agency do? Looks lke this group doesn't really do anything because they keep claiming "it's" getting worse and getting worser.

What is "it"?

I think the disparity study is a fishing expedition to find something, anything at all, that could give them a reason to exist.

Anonymous said...

Another good read from Iowa Independent regarding the SHAM of Vilsacks patronage fund. We can't afford the Values Fund right now. We are paying Lennox nearly $1 million dollars a year for just existing?????

"a story in the Marshalltown Times-Republican -- reporting that Lennox International, a maker of furnaces and air conditioners, will be laying off 150 employees this August and another 100 in the next year at its Marshalltown factory -- has once again put the value of the program in the limelight.

In 2006 the company signed an agreement with IDED to receive $6.6 million of forgivable loans from the Values Fund. Lennox received its first payment of $1.6 million in 2005, said Stephanie Bjornson, IDED's public information officer.

Starting in 2006, when the contract was officially signed, the company was to receive $833,333 a year until 2011 as long as it maintained at least 1,000 employees in Marshalltown...

...A company receives millions of dollars in incentives by promising to stay in Iowa, then cuts its workforce.

Critics say this is an all too familiar example of how the Values Fund has been a failure.

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable.


Archie Brooks may be facing up to 27 months in prison for misappropriating money in the scandal at the Central Iowa Employment and training Consortium, but he is still handling money for a local nonprofit organization.

..he is also the operations manager for the Des Moines Skywalk Association, a tax-exempt nonprofit group that is largely responsible for providing security in the downtown skywalk system.

The organization takes in about $450,000 annually, all of it generated by membership dues paid by downtown businesses...

Brooks said he continues to work for the association and is paid $7,500 per year as compensation for working 15 hours per week. He says his contract with the association is renewed on an annual basis.

Tax records show Brooks is paid about $90,000 per year through his job with the Ruan Center Corp.

John Ruan III has served as treasurer of the skywalk association.

The skywalk association's attorney in 2007 was Jonathan Wilson of Des Moines, who at the time was also representing the reconfigured CIETC board of directors.

Anonymous said...

In a related Register story today...

...Archie Brooks, who supervised Cunningham in his role as CIETC's chairman, said Monday he was relieved to hear of the plea agreement, which he said clears the way for his long-awaited sentencing on charges of conspiracy to funnel job-training money to agency executives.

Brooks faces up to 27 months in prison.

"I'm happy because ... whatever is going to happen to me will now happen," he said. "It's hard to plan anything with family or businesses because I don't know what my future is going to be."

Brooks has acknowledged that he and Cunningham dated long before the CIETC scandal was uncovered by state auditors in April 2006.

Looks like Archie is going to have to give up his fiduciary money managing position with the skywalk association.

I think they ought to audit those books.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Ford seems to be campaigning. He's been in the news more than ever and racebaiting heavily.

Is this what motivates his constituents to vote?

If he can just convince them that even the State Fair hates blacks, he's a shoein for victory, right?

He has a general election challenger doesn't he?

Who is it? Do you have some info on him? How can we help?

This clown needs to go.

Anonymous said...

I'm really troubled by the archie brooks story about the skywalk association.

We always wondered what Archie had on Ruan - as more of a joke really - but now, I think we may have been on to something.

Ruan is the treasurer of the skywalk association that his employee, archie controls. Huh????

$450,000 flows through the books that Archie and Ruan control????

Jonathon Wilson - CIETC lawyer that is probably continuing to bill us for defending archie and his ilk, is also the lawyer for this same non-profit that Ruan and Archie control????

Now that we know how corrupt archie is by his own public admissions and guilty plea, why would ruan continue to employ him and why would this non-profit group allow the corrupt archie to be in a similar position as he was with CIETC?

The whole thing smells. Too many of the usual suspects involved.

Can Dave Vaudt audit those books? Can anyone audit those books?

Who are the members of the skywalk association?

Anonymous said...

From the Crypt today. Another primary win for conservatives. People with messages are winning and people without messages are losing.

Are you listening Stewman?
Republican voters in Utah ousted Rep. Chris Cannon in Tuesday’s GOP primary, expressing their dissatisfaction with the six-term congressman over his left-of-center positions on immigration by nominating a challenger who made crackdowns on illegal immigration a central part of his platform.

Cannon was trounced by Jason Chaffetz, the former chief of staff to Gov. Jon Huntsman (R-Utah.) With 93 percent of precincts reporting, Cannon trails Chaffetz by 20 points – 60 to 40 percent. The AP has called the race for Chaffetz.

With his loss, Cannon becomes the third member of Congress to lose in their own party’s primary.

Anonymous said...

More good news for middle class voters. Thanks Democrats for moving a big chunk of the middle class into poverty. DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW!

"A MidAmerican Energy Co. representative says the average cost for homeowners this winter will be 25 percent higher than last year. The average household spent $863 last year and the cost is expected to top $1,100 next winter."

Anonymous said...

Let's bet on how long it takes Obama or Chet to come out and advise us to wear sweaters and turn the thermostat down to 68%.

Obama's campaign really is Carters second term. His policies are so eerily close to Carters.

No wonder democrats prize young voters so much - none of them know how disastrous the Carter administration was to America - and the world as it's now turned out.

RF said...

Sorry anon, but when it comes to energy policy, it seems that we would be much better off had we continued Carter’s example and policies.

Carter-bashing is so 70’s. Move on.

Anonymous said...

They just can't bring themselves to admit Carter was right. Had they taken a serious effort to conserve and put reasonable mileage requirements on trucks and autos we would be in a much less dire situation.

Anonymous said...


hahahahaha - yea sure. You just keep praying at the alter of carter.

Rf- you are disingenuous. Your whole party is stuck in the 70's. Time to MOVEON - so to speak.

Where's my hemp?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious - what IS reasonable mileage on a car? Be serious. What did Carter propose on that subject?

I only recall the sweaters.

Anonymous said...

What do they do in Europe? They have a totally different mindset towards autos and transportation. (Which the US would have if it was the Eisenhower Rail System instead of the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System) The US has been sold a bill of goods from Detroit that if your car can't go 0-60 in 2 sec or you don't drive a 4x4 V8 full size truck to your office job that your dick will shrink 5 inches. Stupid use of a finite resource has gotten us to this point (and the rest of the world has been dealing with it for quite some time).

The Real Sporer said...

anon 4:49-you're half right.

we've had 35 years of this looming energy crises and we spent the first 28 pretending it would never happen.

Anonymous said...

Look at that picture of Ford and tell me Darwin didn't have a point. I defy anyone to not look at that picture and tell me Darwin didn't have a point.....

vlad the impaler said...

Let's stop bashing Carter. He was a good man to have aboard if your canoe was attacked by a swimming rabbitt.

Anonymous said...

I want my SUV. I want to be free to drive when I want to and go where I want to.

I don't want to be stuck in lines, waiting like cattle, prodded by security, and told where to stand, what to do and where to go by those god awful public unionized transportation officials who have get all kinds of perverse pleasure in herding the stupid humans into their public transportation.

I want to be free. I don't want to live like they live in Europe. ICK! Why is Europe the standard? ICK!

Anonymous said...

Oil is not a finite resource. Quit telling that lie. Will someone let Chuck Grassley know that also? He actually said that GOD only gave us X amount of oil and when it's done, it's done.

He's WRONG WRONG WRONG! The world is the ultimate eco system. Oil regenerates from our garbage. The stuff the archeologists dig up would ultimately become oil. Earthquakes help create oil. They serve like big trash compactors to break down stuff in the inner earth which ultimately ends up turning into oil.

It's kind of like the concept of diamonds. Do you think there is a finite number of diamonds and as soon as we've dug them all up, there will never be any more???

Of course not. Diamonds are created during the earths recycling process. This is the same recycling process that creates OIL.

God knew what he was doing. Or was that Darwin?

Anonymous said...

How does "drill here, drill now" have anything to do with electricity prices? You are talking about oil - the overwhelming majority of Iowans' energy needs are met by COAL.

Anonymous said...

Are YOU listening, 10:07 a.m.? Cannon had a NINETY-SIX rating from the American Conservative Union. 96!!!!

What in the f*ck do you want? To completely purge our party of everyone?!


vlad the impaler said...

Cannon was a pro-amnesty traitor. Good riddance!

Barr has a 96% ACU rating as well and Republicans bash him all the time.