Wednesday, June 04, 2008


TRS will be on Iowa Public Television at 8:30 p.m. tomorrow (June 5) discussing rational immigration policy.

We are very much awaiting this opportunity to discuss the real world manifestations of the ideology of progressive conservatism.

Please tune in and then let us know what you think.


noneed4thneed said...

Haha, this ought to be good.

Anonymous said...

Haha, rf, it will be. Teddy is the most articulate Republican in Iowa.

Yoda said...

Hmmmm... Looking forward to it I am....

A Jedi he is...

On the tube, speak not backwards, my advice for you TRS... Wait.

RF said...

I’m sorry to miss the show, and I won’t be able to record it either. Could be entertaining.

Off topic and a little late on this, but is McCain’s delivery always as bad as it was Tuesday night? As a D, I haven’t been listening to his speeches that much. But really, that was just awful Tuesday night. For Obama’s sake, I hope McCain gives lots of speeches and stays away from townhall meetings.

Anonymous said...

RF - he's really never going to be an eloquent speaker - you're right. Has GREAT material from Mark Salter - best speechwriter on our side right now. But delivery leaves much to be desired, yes.

Supertramp said...


I just put the kids to bed and caught the Iowa Journal on the television. You were great! I thought your answers were very measured and appealing. I wish all public figures who spoke on this issue could present an immigration response in that way. You sould coach some of our politicians on how to talk about immigration without all the hysteria and lack of knowledge regarding general principles of economics and U.S. Visa grants. Tight borders and big gates....Love it!
Keep up the great GOP PR work!

Anonymous said...

Terrific performance last night uncle teddy. How nice to see a republican offering some opinions and ideas on a current topic on the campaign trail.

Anonymous said...

Kimmie "I'm really a guy and I also used to work for Terry Brandstadt 100 years ago" Schmett continues to talk about needing more jobs in Iowa and having safer streets. Sheesh! How out of touch and 70's of him.

Anonymous said...

While you were working on advancing a progressive conservative response to illegal immigration, I'm reading over at Battleground Iowa that the Chair of RPI, Stew Iverson was planning to use the precious little money RPI has to pay for a recount for his personal candidate - George Eichorn in the Senate race.

That is outrageous misconduct on Stew's part. It shows his character on full display.

He's embarrassed because his candidate lost and it proves he has no clue how to win elections.

Kinda like how he let the majority in the Senate slip away.

Kinda why he's actually being a worse chairman than Ray Hoffman, if you can imagine that possibility.

Anonymous said...

What do you say Sporer---think outside the box.

Well, you did.

Good job representing an alternative to citizenship for every illegal and xenophobia.

I've asked this question before; why aren't you the Iowa Republcan spokesman?

Anonymous said...

I saw Sporer's TV talk. It was almost cosmopolitan with only a little fear-mongering about poisoned water supplies.

But about those jobs no one wants: No one wants them because the meat packers broke the unions a generation ago and now the pay is terrible. Why not advocate a return to the good ol' pre-Reagan days when the packing plant jobs were highly paid?-----Spotlight

Anonymous said...

I guess Stew's man isn't going to go down easy. They are threatening an injunction to prevent a freakin interview with Reed. Wow......


Iowa Public Television was threatened with a court injunction this morning by a campaign staff person of a U.S. Senate candidate who was narrowly defeated in Tuesday’s primary.

Reed this morning taped an interview with Iowa Press, which will air tonight at 7:30 p.m.

According to Newell, Brent Littlefield said that airing of the interview could unfairly influence votes at the GOP convention.

Littlefield mentioned the possibility of trying to win a court order to stop the show from being aired, Newell said.


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