Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Convention Winner: Dave Roderer

In rereading our earlier commentary about the Convention winners we had the notion that something was missing. Apparently we deleted the paragraph about Dave Roderer by accident.

As most of our readers know, David Roderer is the Iowa Chair for the McCain campaign. There were vast and overstated rumors about conflict between the McCain campaign, Steve S. and the rest of the Party reform movement.

As we kept saying here at TRS, there was no scheme to salt the delegation with anti-McCain renegades, just like there was no plan to deprive Chairman Iverson of the privilege of chairing the State Conventions. Those were mere pre-convention rumors. As we know, pre-convention rumors are a bi-annual but reliably consistent plague, much like a bad case of hemorrhoids.

Well, Dave Roderer displayed great diplomatic skills in shoveling through the mountain of bovine by-product, getting to the heart of the matter and producing far more affection for his candidate and campaign than had theretofore existed in Iowa.

Such a result is the definition of success for a candidate’s state chair does it not?


Grant Young said...

Amen Uncle Ted.

War Dave Roederer!

Blackbeard said...

If you don't know Dave you need to! Mr. Roederer is a WINNER and a great diplomat. Nice post he deserves it. Roederer epitomizes what is great about Iowa politics!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, too bad he didn't win the project destiny vote he was paid to win. All hail Dave Roederer.

Lets see. Ted has no promoted a pro choice lady in Carly Fiorina to be McCain's VP, and now is giving Dave "Project Destiny" Roederer some love.

I'm confused

Anonymous said...

Dave Roderer is one of the finest gentleman politicians that Iowa has to offer. We're lucky to have him!


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