Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Convention Coverage

A few more thoughts on the State Convention:

Thanks to Caleb, Nate and Heather at RPI. It’s no trade secret that the Democrats have a far larger full time staff, and have for at least the last five years. These three young staffers can make up a lot of the ground with superior quality of performance. Having seen Wes Peterson provide our spending public with a degree of enthusiasm and sense of welcome that our events have lacked (except during Eric Branstad’s all together too brief employment at RPI) for the last several years, it looks like we might have found a fundraiser for a new generation.

Thanks to all of the Polk County delegates who turned out and well represented our County. Very special thanks to Kohlzy, The Spice Girl, Barbie and the whole Polk County Credentials committee that showed up and took care of the credential process for the Third District on Friday night. This group did a great job of moving the process along. We in the Third had almost everyone seated by eight o’clock and we were able to get started at 8:04. Gopal moved the Friday caucus efficiently. Third District was the first to finish and Second District was the last, about three hours apart, on Friday night. Of course, biggest thanks of all to Sarah Cutshall and Sarah Bowman (E.D. and CoChair) for preparing our delegate areas, getting and keeping our voting process organized. Sarah Bowman showed a lot of floor leadership and efficiency in getting and keeping our votes counted.

As an aside, the only error that occurred in counting the Polk vote was involved a teller’s inadvertent inclusion of some Poweshiek and Tama county votes that were immediately corrected. As for significance, even had the counting error gone uncorrected it would have remained harmless as the motion was defeated by a margin of more than three to one.

Thanks to Jon Gruber, Norm Pawlewski and our Polk County Platform Committee. Our Polk County group put together a Platform that has been adopted in toto by other counties in the United States. It looked like our County Platform formed the basis of the State Platform. Jon Gruber put together a procedure for beginning the platform debate at the Caucuses in January for the County and our State Platform Committee ended the process with a document around which we have to unify-it is our public declaration of values and goals. The platform committee is hard duty and our people have given us a very traditionally Republican platform. Now let’s get out and explain and defend it rather than allowing the liberal press to misstate and caricaturize it.

We also elected Iowa’s representatives for the National Convention Standing Committees and the leaders of our delegation. Those selections are:

Chair: Steve Scheffler

Co Chair: David Roderer

Rules: Steve Roberts, Sandy Greiner

Credentials: Steve Scheffler, Katherine Koburg

Platform: David Chung, Lisa Smith

Permanent Organization: Virgeene Donavon, Loras Schulte

Like the larger delegation, the distribution of the committee and leadership positions bespeaks party unity and camaraderie, which provides a good note on which to close.


Anonymous said...

Ted, what day and time is it that you'll be placing Mark Klein's name in nominatiopn for the Presidency? I can't waitto hear your speech, I bet it'll be a real hum-dinger boy!

Anonymous said...

If this is the model for the Republican platform, I am ashamed!And thank God, no one has to run on it!
Do you realize that 6.13, the plank giving all fathers the same rights as mothers, protects rapists. this plank makes no distinction between rapists and the true loving father of a child.
This plank has been in the platform for a long time, thus exhibiting the non clear thinking of the original author.
It is easy to overlook, as this point was clarified to me during a convention. Obviously, rapists do not enjoy the same "rights" as a father.

Anonymous said...

as long as Scheffler is running the show, there will be no party unity.

Anonymous said...

Uhm - there is no party unity now. Didn't you hear Stewman on the radio where he got caught in all those lies about the people he was trying to disunify??

And, uhm to further clarify - Sheffler is the National Committeeman not the party chair.

Stewman the newman is in charge. He gets to decide if there is party unity or not.

The rest of us will go about our business supporting the things we care about and turning out for people who will represent the issues of those constituents that voted them in - kind of like how those union thugs expect Chet to do their bidding.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the platform of the republican party does not protect rapists.

Check out Vermont. It's democrats that overwhelmingly protect child rapists.

Why do democrats love pedophiles so much?

Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Teddy - you ought to read all the whinging going on over at Krusty.

Will someone please explain to me the issues they feel won't be represented just because Kim and Sheffler won?

Roberts and what's her name were pro-life too.

What is the whining about? I don't get it.

Could that complainer from Clinton County who wrote the thousand word essay please explain what the hell her issue is? In all of her 1000 words, she never made her point clear.

Sounded mostly like she was upset that she didn't get to be the star and someone else did.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain to me what contribution Roberts made? Can someone tell me what Phyllis contributed?

Has anyone ever heard Phyllis speak at a convention?

The upshot of the election is that most of us are tired of the go along to get along crowd that never gets anything done. They just have tea parties with each other.

Kim and Sheffler are not tea party types - thank God!

Will someone ask Crissy Rants what the message is this time around?

Oh yea - they are all on their own because the party is so devoid of message - thanks to folks like Roberts and Phyllis.

I wonder how many meaningless resolutions will be passed next session.

Anonymous said...

1:37--n'tl committee people are generally not allowed to speak at convention, unless they're running.

Clinton County said...

Hey- anonymous Monday, July 14, 2008 1:32:00 PM CDT

feel free to send me an email, and we'll talk, go to the iowagop website, and look up my contact information. Give me a call and I'll tell you what is going on.


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