Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More hypocricy-Democrats ignore the smoking ban.

The top picture is the RPI headquarters on East Ninth Street-no smoking sticker on the door. The bottom is IDP HQ over on Fleur. Both were taken during regular business hours today. But wait, there’s more:

Gov. Culvers campaign HQ-no public notice. Just another entry in the “do as we say, not as we do” Democrat history, eh?


Anonymous said...

Wah Wah Wah.

The IRP is in Disarray, has horrible leadership and is in for a thumping that will make 2006 look like nothing.

The IRP has the misfortune of having a Presidential Election that has the Democratic Candidate kickin butt and registering new voters everyday and a Republican candidate who is anti farmer! Try that on: )

There are also many Republican Reps and Senators that see it coming and are "retiring" before they get beaten, and some just leaving for other jobs.

Add in two Republican Congressmen who for the first time in years actually have to campaign for themselves and cant help local candidates and the most popular Democrat in Iowa History (Tom Harkin) giving thousands to State Candidates and facing No-Count Chris Reed...

You have what equals out to be a blood bath.

I see what Sporer is trying to do, in trumping up the smoking ban, it is simply the only card the the IRP has to play, sad.

Anonymous said...

Sporie you have too much time on your hands to run around and take pictures-hmm not enough law clients!

4horsemen said...

I hear Stu is going to move his desk outside so he and Kearney can smoke and tell stories. It won't be long til Culver calls for a special session to outlaw Stu's stupid ass laugh.

Anonymous said...

Again, I must ask, Why do you have such a hard on for this issue Sporer "Ted" Agnew?

Any half-wit knows smoking is bad for you. Even an ass load of smokers themselves would prefer to quit if they could only muster the stones to do it.

What's your angle on this Sporer "Ted" Agnew? How is it you're milking this gig for cash?

Anonymous said...


You want to get some donors? Pass a resolution at Convention that would permanently cut off Party funds to any Republican elected official who supported the ban.

I don't contribute because I know my donation will go to keep nazi whores like Lundby in office.

RF said...

I’m with Anon 6:40. I have a hard time believing opposing the smoking ban is going to be a big winning issue for anyone. Once people get used to this, the vast majority will be very happy and most businesses will actually benefit. And it’s not like people can’t smoke at all. But, I believe the casino exemption was politics at its worst. I hope Vilsack goes ahead with a lawsuit and wins.

Hell, I’m not even allowed to walk naked down the street in most places. Since that does no damage to anyone (but may cause nausea), it must be all those communists in this country who have come up with the stupid restrictive laws.

Anonymous said...

Again dumb fuck, its RPI. Not IRP.

Dumb ass.

Grant Young said...

Comrade Ted,

You cannot expect members of Politburo to abide to rules.

Mother Iowa knows all.

Anonymous said...

i think you're all missing the point here.

this was the demcorats glorious plan, they made up the stupid (confusing) rules, yet they still can't abide by the own laws they make.

seriously wtf. how hard is it to put a stupid sticker up in your window?

RF said...

Well, if that was the whole point of this shocking investigative piece, maybe our inspector general driving around could have taken good enough pics to actually prove his allegations. And does anyone even work at the Culver HQ on a regular basis?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way...the Fleur IDP office isn't in use at this time - they moved headquarters for the coordinated campaign.

Anonymous said...

doesn't matter if "people work there on a regular basis"--they still have to have a sticker.

as does IDP's hq on fleur...

Art A Layman said...


You fail to understand the underlying premise. Everyone knows that we liberals are all law abiding citizens so signs aren't necessary to remind us. The signs are necessary for those conniving conservatives who would claim ignorance of the law.


I'm sure the casino exemption was adopted by understanding the extreme stress involved in losing one's money and smoking relieves stress. Also a consideration might have been that all gamblers are lowlifes and concerns for their health would be counterproductive.

Art A Layman said...

To all:

A digression but does anyone know anything about kenrichards? I haven't seen anything from him in weeks now.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Layman find one of his old posts, follow the link to his blog-site and send him an e-mail from there. Think man will you?

Nobody's heard from Mark fucking Klein in a coon's age but you sure as shit don't see any tears dropping over the silence of that shit heel.

Anonymous said...

Tom Harkin is the most popular Democrats in the history of Iowa?