Saturday, July 05, 2008

Postville Scandal: The Up-chain starts to slip as the underappreciated W applies pressure.

With all of the Independence Day parades and other diversions from blogging at our door this week we were unable to address the newest developments in the ongoing Postville Agriprocessors scandal.

Big G has indicted two mid-level managers and is in hot pursuit of a third. At least one of the three appears to have solid information on higher levels of management.
Since early
2006, Homeland Security and Justice have been moving aggressively across the country to deter pervasive employment of illegal aliens. While Postville is huge news here, it is only part of a much larger national effort to get control of our borders (which of course involves more than merely making it harder to enter the USA) that President Bush ordered back in late 2005.

The record of accomplishment and strategic wisdom of the Bush immigration program is impressive,
very impressive. Although the President’s larger vision of immigration policy seems at odds with the national mood and the national need his aggressive and increasingly effective enforcement of existing federal law is isn’t.

Every year since the amnesty of 86 the national need for enforcement and border security has increased on a literal and emotional level. Now we finally have a President that is addressing the crucial national need to eliminate unlawful immigration as a way of life for employers and illegal aliens and he gets no credit.

There is still plenty of time for more up chain indictments at Agriprocessors by the same folks that cleaned up the corporate culture of corruption by smashing Enron and drying up the market for Dennis Koslowski’s $60,000 commodes.


Anonymous said...

Sporer, which branch of the Military did you serve in?

Art A Layman said...


When you read this post.

Just heard a political satirist with a great line:

"Great thing about McCain is, if history begins to repeat itself he'll be the first to know."

Anonymous said...


Are you trying to give King George credit for "smashing Enron?"

The stock market smashed Enron, not the feds.

The feds made Enron possible with all their deregulation mania.

Furthermore, I'm a bit skeptical about just what the "national need" is on this issue. Seems to me the need is for cheap labor that won't bring back the unions that the Reaganites smashed. Illegal immigrants fill that need.


The Real Sporer said...

Spotlight old man, reality again checkmates your blind hatred.

The whole corporate scandal exploded when Ws imposed a requirement that all SEC regulated cos had to recertify their financials and that the financials had to be signed by CEO and CFOs.

Then Ws DoJ swarmed the miscreants like no one had since, well, Rudy G it Wall Street back in the 80s. Actually Ws was bigger 'cause it was nationwide.

But hey, click your heets three times and repeat "Its all Bush's fault. its all Bush's fault." That'll keep you safe from the emotional consequences of those damn ugly facts.

Anonymous said...

Sporer, dear, again, which branch of the Military did you serve in?

Anonymous said...

He probably served in the same one Barack Obama did? Why do you ask?

Anonymous said...

He probably served in the same one that Hillary did.

Why do you ask?

Anonymous said...

He probably served in the same one that Bill Clinton served in.

Oops - rewind - Clinton was a draft DODGER not militaryman. Jimmy Carter pardoned him.

Did he serve in the same one as Dan Rather???? Perhaps Nancy Pelosi?

Anonymous said...

Sporer spews rubbish. W didn't impose anything on Enron. It's downfall began only 9 months after W took office when Jeffrey Skilling resigned from Enron, tipping off Wall Street that something was rotten.

Sporer refers (apparently) to the Sarbanes-Oxley law that was passed in the wake of Enron's collapse.

Sporer has the story exactly backwords.

Look it up at wikipedia: "Enron scandal". ----Spotlight

Anonymous said...

If anybody knows about dodging the draft it's one AWOL Alabama (Texas Division) Air National Guardsman............