Friday, July 25, 2008

Scheffler and Lehman on IPTV.

Incoming RNC members Steve Scheffler and Kimberly Lehman appeared on IPTV’s venerable Iowa political talk show, “Iowa Press”, tonight.

Both Steve and Kim ably represented the Republican agenda. Neither showed the cloven hooves and horns attributed to them by some. Both continued their excellent refutation of the erroneous claims that they are somehow planning platform loyalty oaths.

The clip is 27 minutes long but well worth the time if you are indeed interested in what is really happening in the Iowa pachyderm herd these days.


Anonymous said...

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HawkeyeGOP said...

Thanks for the heads up. I heard the show over the Internet. Steve and Kim did an excellent job articulating their positions.

John C Stark said...

It was well worth the time to watch both Steve and Kim on Iowa Press. I think they did a great job.