Friday, July 18, 2008

Who does run the Republican State Convention?

A lively debate has opened up on Krusty as to the proper role of the Republican State Central Committee in setting up and operating the State Convention. Although I didn't participate in convention set up or serve on any of the committees involved this year, I believe my past service as State Organization Chair-a position that entirely encompassed responsibility for the entire caucus to convention process-for three cycles allows me to shed some light on this issue.

Words do matter, and are far too often forgotten in a society that defines propriety as emotional gratification. The relevant words of Article 9, Section 6 of the Constitution of the Republican Party of Iowa:

6. State Convention. The Republican State Central Committee shall set the date, time and place of the State Convention, and shall determine the ratio and number of delegates to which each county is entitled. The Republican State Central Committee shall provide for the organization of the convention; the conduct of its business; and the selection of the temporary officers.

The words of the Constitution control bind and direct the actions of everyone who chose to participate as a Republican delegate at the 2008 State Convention. The plain language of the Constitution vests complete authority for the Convention in the SCC. They (and it is hard not to say “we” ‘cause I loved the convention set up process) can use subcommittees or not, appoint temporary officers for the convention or have a committee elect such convention officers, or do anything else they want with respect to the state convention.

If the SCC chooses to use convention committees, which are traditional, each successive SCC can define the role of the convention committee. Those roles and functions change from convention to convention. Sometimes the changes are subtle or trivial, like 04-06, and sometimes they are dramatic and important, like 02 and 08.

An anonymous poster at Krusty cited an ICA description of the role of the Permanent Organization Committee at the State Convention as:

The Permanent Organization Committee is charged with the duties of securing and/or selecting the caucus or convention officials. This may include the selection of: Convention Chair, Secretary, Parliamentarian, Time Keeper(s), Sergeant at Arms, etc

ICA’s interpretation describes a frequent, although by no means exclusive function of the permanent organization committee. It is completely proper for the SCC to direct the Perm Org, and every other state convention committee, in whatever manner they choose or to accept or reject the preliminary reports of such committees. The SCC is responsible for the convention and hence completely controls the convention process.

The remedy for dissatisfaction with the State Convention is, of course, to change your SCC membership in April of 2010. However, all of the leadership elections are now finished for the cycle. Some of the problems we are experiencing can be solved by the adoption of more specific protocols for party business, several of which I have already developed and would offer the SCC after we finish with the real election business this year. Some of the problems can be solved by the greater institutional memory that comes with staff continuity. This current central committee only came together for the first time in late May. So nobody should judge this SCC by this convention until they have the chance to take steps to prevent problems in the future, when they have been on the job a little longer.

But now, until at least Nov. 3, doesn’t everyone think we should focus our competitive indulgences on the Democrats?


Anonymous said...

It would also be good to change the leadership elections cycle as well, so that the new officers don't start their positions until after the general election, instead of mid-year in a presidential election year.
This would greatly improve 'institutional memory'.

We should also not judge the head of the SCC for the same reasons; he took office only this year, and has had a lot of problems to solve already.

Anonymous said...

Great idea 8:20.

Anonymous said...

You guys would have a point about Stew Iverson if he hadn't experienced most of the same problems when he was majority leader.

But I agree the rest of the committee shouldn't be judged based on Iverson's failures.

Anonymous said...

Iverson's failure's?

what did you expect him to accomplish in 4,5 months (not discounting that June was impossible to do anything but fill sandbags)?

The rest of the committee should be held more accountable, not less than a chair that's been in place for only a few months.

Anonymous said...

here's the rest of that anon's post from over on Krusty:
Anonymous said...

Constitution of the Republican Party of Iowa, Article IX, Paragraph 6, State Conventions, which says; " The Republican State Central Committee shall set the date, time and place of the State Convention, and shall determine the ratio and number of delegates to which each county is entitled. The Republican State Central Committee shall provide for the organization of the convention; the conduct of its business; and the selection of the temporary officers."

Let’s focus on three words in the that section, “shall provide for.” The SCC shall provide for the organization of the convention. Just what actions does the words shall provide for encompass? It means that the SCC could do all of the work themselves AND it means that they can delegate it to a committee. The definition of shall, according to; used in laws, regulations, or directives to express what is mandatory. The definition of provide; to make preparation to meet a need or to supply something for sustenance or support.

So, the SCC must make preparation for the convention; it does not say how it is to be done, or by whom. It is standard procedure of any organization to delegate tasks to committees and volunteers. Why even have a permanent organization committee if it will all be done in house? Why have the districts elect people to represent them on this committee, if the paid staff can handle all of the details?

Furthermore, I have in my hands a document, ‘Caucus and Convention Standing Committees What Are They? – And What Do They Do?’ that I received from the ICA just last fall. In that document it explains the purpose of the Permanent Organization committee;
“The Permanent Organization Committee is charged with the duties of securing and/or selecting the caucus or convention officials. This may include the selection of: Convention Chair, Secretary, Parliamentarian, Time Keeper(s), Sergeant at Arms, etc.”

It states no where in this document that this information does not apply to the state convention any less than it applies to the county convention. It is my understanding that it was intended for all levels from precinct caucus to state convention.
July 15, 2008 10:06 AM

Anonymous said...

it is my understanding that it is under these rules that the separate committees for rules, organization, platform and credentials are given their power by the SCC to preform their listed duties. This is known as delegation of power. Power once given to do such duties that i see no rules that suggest they can then be overridden.
While it may seem to read that the SCC still has ultimate power it can also be interpeted they have invested that power to the Committee- if they want to play with the findings and vote of any one of these committees then they are also saying that they have supreme rule over what they platform will say, can change any rule they do not like and through Credentials allow anyone they want to attend simply by overiding those committes and their reports.
I do not think they want to even imply such power over these duly elected by District and authorized by the SCC committes to do such tasks or they will see a real revolt from the grassroots and districts.
This is what the fight was for many - do we allow our democratic process to be usurped by a few willing to walk through unlected Delegates at District conventions and use illegal votes at State Commmitte meetings to further their own egos and power hungry control ambitions?

Anonymous said...

Stew Iverson fired good people right before the district conventions under the guise that they Lied.

I think Stew ought to be held to the same standard. Stew lied, and the Party died.

Stew has done nothing since taking office but chasing perceived enemies, mispending money, and coordinating revenge games.

That's what he's been doing instead of working on an absentee ballott program, fundraising, or unifying anyone for the general.

He most certainly should be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

what is your point 7:51? I really don't understand your bitch. What is the crime here?

It sounds like you are pissed that you didn't do more work for the convention. Are you feeling left out because you didn't put up the county signs, or put out those folding chairs?

You sound like a crank so far.

Anonymous said...

Why are Stew and Bonnie Hall spending so much time together these days? They've been spotted together frequently lately.

Politics sure does make strange bedfellows, they say.

Isn't Stew getting divorced?

Anonymous said...

I think 7:51s point was that Sporer is argueing rules but can not defend them. he has shown total disregard for the work of committees properly elected by the conventions to preform defined tasks. He has shown no respect for such rules by walking through a person at District Convention that was not elected at the county Convention and getting him seated. This should show he has not respect for either Rules or Credentials Committees. It is also apparent he has no time for the Permanent Organization Committee either. Who does that leave? Will we see under such leadership tactics the next platform report from that committee undergo revision by the SCC and leadership before the Convention sees it?
TS you can not have it both ways- either you respect the written rules you so try to defend or you choose to ignore them. You can not pick and choose only those that you agree with. It is such establishment thinking that has gotten us into the probelms we have now as a nation.

Anonymous said...

9:04 that is disgusting but to be expected from thsoe that have their mind in the gutter-
It certainly seems to many of us that Gopal, TS and SS have been spending alot of time together also- should we read something into that also?
Crawl back into your slimey hole you degenerate

Anonymous said...

Here are a few things people didn't expect when Stew was elected.

He wasn't expected to lie to Schulte, Gilbertson, Anderson and Scheffler about not firing the existing staff as a condidtion of getting their votes, although at least two of those people didn't vote for Stew anyway.

He wasn't expected to harass and slander Sporer after he left the State Central Committee.

He wasn't expected to lie to the Committee about money he raised when he was caught in lie number 1 above.

He wasn't expected to massacre the staff twenty days before the county conventions, causing total confusion in the caucus to convention process.

He wasn't expected to tell Deace that conservatives were ruining the party and needed to back off or get lost (or words to that effect).

He wasn't expected to let Daryl Kearny to run around the state telling Republican legislators that the conservatives were ruining the party and needed to back off or get lost (or words to that effect).

He wasn't expected to let Kearny publiclly attack Central Committee members by name.

He wasn't expected to circulate a defamatory letter about Scheffler and Krishna when he mistakenly had the paranoid thought that they were somehow working to oust him as Chair of the Convention.

He wasn't expected to rudely crash Scheffler's ICA meeting with Bonnie Hall in tow.

He wasn't expected to call Yepsen and lie about the events of the meeting.

He wasn't expected to try and bully the aforesaid Bonnie Hall and several of his other cronies onto the delegation to the RNC.

He wasn't expected to operate all political operation at RPI.

He wasn't expected to get caught spreading more lies about Sporer, Scheffler and Krishna.

He wasn't expected to run a completely disorganized convention where delegates were being seated after the ballots were being picked up for the national committee elections and where all county's weren't seated properly.

Oh, and we wasn't expected to go on the biggest radio show in the state, get caught lying four or five more times and then tell the world that the State Chair doesn't even read the platform.

Maybe Stew's time would have been better spent in the SEVEN months he has been on the job?

Anonymous said...

Let's see, who has lied in the past 2 months?

Who said "Yes, I am (a voting member of this committee.)"

And then said: "I was voting proxy for a member of my district who couldn't make it, I let the committee know that at the beginning of the meeting"

Who said, "The ICA does not endorse delegates running for national convention."
And then, we were handed out slips of paper on Friday night that had a little c (cross) a in the bottom corner.

From an email.... "Pro-family, Pro-life platform planks are going to be under attack at the state convention..."

Did any of those planks have any revisions even suggested to them?? I don't remember a single time that these issues were mentioned during the platform section of the convention.

Anonymous said...

Did he say the words, I will not fire anyone?

No, he said something to the effect of; I reserve the right to handle staffing as I see fit, I have no preconceived notions on any staff members regarding their employment.

The staff massacre was caused by the staff who were only doing GK's and SS, and TS's bidding; completely circumventing Stew.

Defamatory letter? You mean the truth, signed by 6 members (a majority) of the committee. 2 more would have signed if not for manipulation tactics used to force them to comply to your plans.

Rudely crash? The only rude persons there were the ones who would not allow anyone to speak in disagreement threatening to call the police if just ONE negative word was spoken. A threat re-iterated several times before a single negative comment was uttered.

What you are hearing about Krishna, Scheffler, and Sporer is not being spread by Stew; but by those who actually witnessed the behavior.

Who was responsible for the seating??? You can't have it both ways is it the SCC or the SCC Chair. Is it the Organization Committee, or the Organization committee chair? Is it the State Convention Permanent Organization Committee or that committee's chair??

Anonymous said...

Stew Iverson is a slimeball. I was reading more on his ouster as Senate Majority Leader.

Boy, his colleagues really hated him - still do after all these years.

Apparently, Stew is a professional liar. That's why he got ousted as Majority leader and now, he brings that political skill of his to RPI.

Anonymous said...

Will the Gentlelady who is preparing an investigative report over the high crime and misdeamenor of someone besides herself running a meeting, please explain how she justifies Stews publicly known lying behavior?

How does his confirmed lying square up in the Gentlelady from Clinton's crusade?

Hey Nicole - curious how the progress on that report about the grassy knoll is going. Did you find the second gun yet?

Anonymous said...

little confused - you seem to suggest that Iverson lied about firing the staff after making a deal with 4 members that you admitt lied first about what they woudl supply the deal? Would seem they nullified the deal first orhad no intentions on holding up their end if in fact such adela ever happened.
Iverson simply told them that he had not intentions on firing any of the staff. When it became apparen that the staff would not follow his leadership and questions as to where all the money from the Straw poll had went under their leadership and that of their bosses Hoffman and Scheffler think any reasonable person wold have fired them and their ridiculously high saleries that came from backing and delivering the Scheffler crowds vote to relect Hoffman
I think the State Chairman has the right- no the responsibility to be hands on - Iverson is the first in a few years to accept that mandate- yet he has spoiled "the good thing" the Scheffelr crowd had going. That is why they took to attacking him.
And it was TS that attacked Hall publicly and with out merit days before the District Convetions. I would hope any State Chairman worht his weight would do the same thing I verson did in telling TS it was not his place to go on radio and name other SCC members that e did not like. Sporer simply reaped his own oats.

Anonymous said...

Found about six or seven.

Thanks for asking.


Anonymous said...

Nicole - are you familiar with the term "useful idiot"?

Stew found two in you and Bonnie Hall.

Still not sure what your victory plan is. What is your goal? What do you want?

What are you bitching about?

Anonymous said...

Explain to me WHY ICA's interpretation of anything matters to us. I like facts, and I've not noticed a whole lot of fact circulating around that group.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Laudner was the biggest joke as executive director. The guy played cards all day and carried his little baseball bat around. Other than that, he did nothing. He should have been fired long ago for his incompentence.

The better question is why are SCC members making staff decisions as a condition of their vote? Think big picture guys, and quit trying to micromanage shit. Every Chair derserves his or her own team.

Anonymous said...

Tell me.........what exactly does the "team" at RPI do? What does the SCC do? I've looked.......can't find any evidence of work.

Anonymous said...

Does ICA let it's membership interpret things? Maybe it would be more accurate then.

Anonymous said...

Has Nicole "Inspector Gadget" considered the possibility that she is also being lied to by Stew?

Stew has been proven to lie over and over again. His whole election as RPI head was based on lies. He lied about the staff. He lied several times on Deace. He lied to David Yepsen and then lied to everyone after that.

His MO is to find some useful idiots to believe his lies and then go do his bidding.

Don't you see, Nicole, you are being used. Bonnie Hall is also being used.

Why have the two of you turned into groupies for Stew?

What is he promising you? Why did he pick the two of you?

What do the two of you have in common that made Stew think you'd be useful?

Anonymous said...

I'm trying really hard to understand the illiterate poster from 9:58.

Have a little trouble learning basic english in school?

If the staff was doing Sporers bidding, Stew wouldn't look so incompetent now.

TRS, Sheffie and company are most passionate about winning elections and returning a republican majority.

Stew and company seem not to have that mission.

Sheffie and Kim can't achieve anything for which they stand unless there is a majority - and not a Stew majority - who did nothing on the conservative agenda - but a majority that actually passes some legislation that conservatives want passed.

Nicole and Bonnie - I'm curious as to what your goals are.

You both are the Wanda's of your districts.

You are counterproductive as hell at all times.

Nicole - are you single?

Anonymous said...

Sheffie? sounds like a cute nickname your dog or lover.
And according to TRS the convention should have been the responsibility of Gopal and "Scheffie" since they were two members of SCC and also were the PO Committee Chair and the SCC Organization Chair respectably. Who else would you blame for the cluster f--- seating and arrangements? Certainly not Iverson- oh excuse me I forgot he has become the poster boy in Iowa to blame everything on like Bush has nationally. Will you be so quick to blame little "Sheffie" and his crowd in the future?
perhaps Gopal's big elephant will stomp on somemore little insignicant dogs along the way. Better shorten "Sheffie's" leash to protect him and TRS better not let either of them get behind him, who knows what they may pull.

Anonymous said...

Is that unbridled passion?

Anonymous said...

I heard Bonnie Hall was trying to get on the IRLC Board to make trouble for Kim Lehman. Anybody know anything about that?

vlad the impaler said...

All I know is that, at a breakfast for Steve King, the conversation turned to Iverson and TRS said that he "wants that cocksucker as chairman on November 5th."

Ted is only in this for himself.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are not assuming that because a person put Nicole's name at the bottom of a post that that person is Nicole... because we all know what assuming does to u and me.

Anonymous said...

Vlad, your logic continues to amaze. You claim that you aren't a Republican so what were you doing at Steve King's breakfast on convention day?

Sporer can win in your cyclonic world. First, you claim Sporer's only in it for himself. Then, you appear to claim that he won't try to oust the failing and unpopular chairman, which doesn't seem very selfserving?

So what could Sporer do that would make you happy? My guess is nothing.

Anonymous said...

Wow it seems Baker and Cable have a lot of time on their hands and can find nothing better to do but to post on blogs and defame people's good name. At least if you are making accusations against people have enough courage to post your name; otherwise, your attempts at bashing people will not go far.

Anonymous said...

RPI staff set up the details of the room...seating, signs, etc., it was handled that way in 2006, and I do know that for a fact. If two counties were not seated, that is the problem of the RPI staff...heck, for the 2nd District Convention RPI did not even send a sign for one of the counties. It makes me wonder more about the staff at RPI and, ultimately, the leadership of Iverson, then to try to lay all the blame at Gopal and the perm org committee. To blame the perm org for the room not being set is completely idiotic. A personal vendetta of a handful of people, who did not get their way, is what we are discussing folks...nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if a meeting starts at 10am people on the committee should be there by 10am and not give a tearful rendition on the floor of the state convention about getting lost and arriving a half-hour late and then mad (because you are either an idiot or have never heard of

budheavy said...

Perhaps a few Republicans that hang out on these blogs haven't notice that for the last decade we have been LOSING Iowa...lost the senate and house majority, lost two congressional districts...well, the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and expecting different results. Obviously the leadership of our party does not understand that...they abandoned the grassroots that got them the majorities and then they left their principles and lost. It is time for a change of leadership, the election of Scheffler and Lehman was a step in the right direction. Stew will be chair until after the disaster that awaits us in November; hopefully then the party will realize the need to get in a new, efficient, leader that can lead us back.

Anonymous said...

So you know for a fact that was the case in 2006? I was the Permanant Organization Chair that year and worked with then PD Caleb Hunter on the seating chart. We had formula as to how counties were seated and I personally walked the floor the night before making sure signs were in correct place and enough seats were set for each county.
We also committee members available the entire convention for any problems that arose.
As far as 3:35 goes it is either assumption that it is the named people making those posts or it is Mr Sporer making anonomous posts himself and using infor that he says in his Home page will not be used.
Andy Cable

Anonymous said...

No wonder the Dems control almost every significant elected position in the state. The RPI couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel. This whole clusterfuck reads like some kind of pathetic soap opera.

The Real Sporer said...

Mr. Sporer?

Andy, that is my father, you can call me Theodore (or Ted or Teddy if you prefer).

First, thank you for using your real name. If we want our opinions to have importance I think it is important that we use our real names. Be assured, I was not posting anonymously. Nor am I tracking IP addresses, I don’t even know how.

Second, you correctly recite history, at least as far as you go. What you probably don’t realize is how many months of planning based on institutional memory and common sense went into preparing that convention. My Organization Committee, including Bonnie for part of the period, worked our tails off to anticipate needs and solve problems beginning way back in late 05.

Our convention staff, led by Caleb, did a fine job. Our Permanent Organization committee was far more helpful than had been many of their predecessors, and, unlike this year, interested only in running a good convention.

Your personal service in 06 was also not unnoticed. I am sure that Bonnie told you that I was willing to work for your election to the state central committee when you ran. Whatever you perceive to be our current differences, I think our Republican efforts state wide would have been more productive had you been sitting on the state central committee following Pete’s retirement.

Rather than worry about assessing blame for the 2008 Convention we should start anticipating future problems and contemplating longer term solutions to both the Party's institutional and functional failings, one of which is running more exciting and efficient conventions that minimize opportunities for difference and maximize opportunity for unity and fun. Or, I can bang on your friends and you can bang on me and we’ll prove the anon right-we will be a soap opera.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't you posting anon. then what were you doing during the scc meeting on your blackberry the whole time?

The Real Sporer said...

Ha ha ha ha ha

Well "Anon 7:15"-I guess you are a man or woman of courage.

You obviously don't know me very well if you think I have the technological skill to compose posts for a blog on my blackberry.

Good one.

vlad the impaler said...


Never said I was there. I'm not a Republican, how could I be. Besides, McCain will kill off the remnants of the party, win or lose. I just jumped ship earlier than most. You would be amazed at my array of drinking buddies who keep me up to date.

Everyone knows Sporer wants to be Chair. It will help feed his ego. The only way he can get in is for Iverson to "fail" without outside interference.

Anonymous said...

well Ted I do appreciate your feelings about not being Mr Sporer- when addressed as Mr Cable my ususal response is he died in 1964 and I have done little in my life to earn that respect compared to what he had done for his country in WWII.
I did not accuse you of tracking but rather in response to an anony who felt I was making such posts my reply was either he was guessing or it was you using tracking. I read your rules and will accept your statement. Obviously anony that made such accusation was not willing to use his name which shows his hypocracy also.
I do understand the workings and time put in by the SCC on the Conventions. I also do not suggest that the PO Committee does much of that work. However it is their charge from the SCC to perform numerous functions. I guess our committee in 06 that I was honored to Chair took such a charge seriously and tried to aid the RPI staff led by Caleb as much as possible. A little known fact was that that committee had actually voted to have Iverson chair the convention instead of Hoffman. We were told that that was our perogative but that we should think long and hard about the message we would be sending and the public split we would cause. After a second vote we chose to go with the ED/State Chair combination that was used in the past.
My point being at that time we were expressly told by the ED and PD and two SCC members that we had that authority if we so chose.
Fast forward to 08 and a Chair chose with only 5 of the ten members there along with a SCC member that told us he was a voting member of the Committee when he was not and the whole thing stunk. When our chair then totally ignored our voted on Agenda and named himself Temp Chair without any input from the other 9 members of the Committee that smell grew.
If those two members of the SCC went to such great lengths to control that meeting and committee it was apparent there was a reason. With gavel in the Temp Chairs hands and him also giving the PO report- a report that was not to be a Chairs report but rather a report from the Committee he effectively had control of the Convention from the podium. We submitted numerous requests to the Chair to simply be given a copy of the report he would give with our names on it. We were totally ignored.
I do not think he is stupid. If he was planning on following the Committee's decisions then a simple one paragraph email to the Committee stating what the speech would say in writing would have ended all this weeks ago. He refused - leaving the only conclusions that his intentions were otherwise. Any other conclusion was not rational.
You correctly state that much of this is done by the Staff of RPI and that you had been the SCC Organization Chair in the past that had overseen the bigger picture of the entire Convention.
You should also be more understanding of the complaint against the SCC member that replaced you in that position and his reponsibility for this years fiasco along with his 1st Lt off the SCC that he put his reputation in the shredder to get elected to make sure this convention was "run right this time".
Ted I only ran for SCC once and that was in the special election last year to fill Jamison's slot. I am firm beleiver that things happen for a reason and it is up to each individual to understand that. I neither regret not being part of the SCC nor the position I took to expose the unethical tactics used by two SCC members to usurp the power of those chosen by Four other Districts in the state. If we are expected to accept the outcome of the majority of the happenings at the convention that we maybe did not agree with then I think it is also important that all accept the decision that the entire convention voted on concerning Gopal. What goes around comes around eventually- and sometimes a lot sooner. Death threats on blogs aimed at a member of that committee will only make the other members more resolute in the defense of our decision to stand our ground and to better inform others as to the reasons.
I enjoy going toe to toe with liberals and Demos- my blood runs hard and the adrenaline peaks. However when the necessity to do the same with those that I had respected or agree with 90% of the time I only feel sick. Still at times it must be done when they choose to trample on their own party and friends to simply inflate their egos and gain some perceived power advantage.
I do not know you that well and can say that I have no personal reason to include you with the two that lied and maniplulated 9 other good Republicans.
However as my mom often reminded me a few lifetimes ago- we are often judged by those we choose to be seen with or support. Words you might think about if you want to truely unite the party and not divide it as others are trying.
Andy Cable
Have been looking for another good Boston for awhile- are they both spoken for?

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget what was running the party before Stew. We had people that were highly underqualified. and when they were qualified they were failures. Chuck Laudner had a good name in Iowa till he bankrupted the party. The gross mismanagement and bias that he showed during the Straw poll and caucuses are simply inexcusable. Chuck Laudner did damage to the party that will take years to repair. If we want tofix thinks lets push new ideas and new ways to turn out the vote. Also, having some guy from california who thinks he is an expert on Iowa politics put together your GOTV plan, just a hint, but BAD IDEA, Chuck!

Anonymous said...

The Gustafson plan is the only plan RPI has for GOTV?

Anonymous said...

Vlad - or Joel Smits as we've figured out from your rant over at Krusty - how do you explain to your candidates whom pay you to elect them, that you aren't a republican?

Anonymous said...

Stew Iverson bankrupted the party, not Chuck. From what I can tell, Chuck had nothing to work with because the party ceased having a product to sell that would invite donors contributions in support.

Who gave us no product? The Iverson-Rants combo of not standing for anything or standing for whatever.

Under their direction, our candidates ran on nothing and we have reaped the losses from that strategy.

We gave our electorate nothing around which to rally for candidates.

Stew did that more than anyone. He more than anyone, almost single handedly, gave us the pathetic minority in which we find ourselves by leading us to defeat almost immediately upon becoming Majority leader.

No one had a chance at the helm once we had no product.

The new team is all about product. We have messages and solutions to current problems. We need to have reasons to rally.

Stew ain't doin it. He's incapable of doin it, as he has evidenced by his behavior so far.

The Real Sporer said...

Andy, what our dialogue demonstrates is the need for regular rules and protocols. We have all spen?t far too much hubble, bubble, toil and trouble on who does what and why with the convention committees. This is one of the many issues where I think some simple common sense reform would prevent a great deal of trouble. Please consider the revisions I am publishing in a couple of minutes.

As for the BTs, Petland at Jordan Creek has them almost every week. You can also call and they will call you if they get one, or two, cause I'm a big beleiver in raising two together, preferrably one of each gender. As for Otto and Sophie, they are alraedy the apples of daddy's eye.

Anonymous said...

Everyone understands the ICA and the RPI (few exceptions) are one in the same. Does the general voter care? Somewhat because the new voter registration and many republicans switched parties. Is it going to affect the Nov elections? Yes
Most people of influence are more interested in running their companies, not reading what is on any blogs. Remember men when men are introduced the first thing exchanged is their names. The second is what do you do? Men judge each other on their positions they hold. Tommorrow you all better look and see if you are going up the ladder in your profession or if you are satisfied living in your income bracket.The big boys are earning income not blogging.

Anonymous said...

Laudner led the RPI to the best of his ability -- with what he was given when he took the job. No money, no equipment, and no staff. Pretty sad state for the RPI. Remember that he ran the Straw Poll and announced the caucus date before anyone else. From what I can tell of this blog, there's only one disgruntled individual who doesn't like Laudner. Laudner must have stung you pretty bad. It's the same old story. You don't like change and that change was too big for you to handle. The new blood was doing o.k., and now the old blood is back and they are failing worse than ever. You people will never learn. What is that old saying, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again." This defines the Iowa GOP. Look for great losses in November.

Anonymous said...

Laudner was handpicked by Hoffman after delivering Scheffler and friends vote to re-elect Hoffman. Hardly new blood. Scheffler has been there for 16 years and has voted for every single Chair during that period. He has run much of RPI for several years and is hardly new blood but rather he represents the establishment.
Laudner should have had bucko bucks after the Straw Poll. What happened to it? Was his salary actually in the 6 figure area?
Poll the county leaders on his job performance and communication with them

Anonymous said...

Laudner was absolutely terrible.

And a congenital liar.

There is more than one person disgruntled with his performance, trust me.

Anonymous said...

Sunday, July 20, 2008 9:17:00 PM CDT


Deyoe said...

Maybe we should, but the voters have no leverage on November 4th. Nobody is going to do anything on November 4th.

We need to stand up now. Im holding out my donation until the problem is fixed.

I will always vote Republican, but you cant get my money until you fix the problem