Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bob Brownell spearheads County flood relief.

Republican Supervisor Robert Brownell (District 1) is currently President of the Neighborhood Finance Corp. The NFC is a public corporation that works. NFC is funding the buy-outs of 9 or 10 homes in Birdland with another million or so dollars in aid.

NFC creates a hassle free process for flood victims to obtain buy outs and aid. Unfortunately, the Democrat run state government and Democrat led Congress have not responded to the needs of Polk County’s flood victims.

As early as July 24 Robert was
leading the call for Congress to remain in session until Iowans obtained urgently needed flood relief. As we now know, Sen. Byrd recessed the Senate Appropriations Committee and led the Democrat parade away from Washington with flood relief left undone.

So, once again, local government has been betrayed by the partisan gridlock that the Democrat leadership’s pervasive partisanship produces. Fortunately, there are just enough Republicans in Polk County government to prevent the complete collapse that the Democrat gang gave the people of New Orleans.

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