Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Larry Voorhees for HD 68!

Congratulations to Larry Voorhees for receiving the Republican nomination for House District 68. HD 68 is currently represented by Des Moines lawyer, Democrat Rick Olson. Larry was unanimously nominated by special convention tonight.

Larry’s biography shows a wealth of practical experience. Larry graduated in Education from Drake in 1980. After teaching school for many years Larry transitioned into private enterprise and is now employed as a project manager at Nationwide Insurance.

The most frightening thing for Rick, however, is Larry’s other business-Voorhees Taekwondo. The taekwondo business consists of multiple clubs associated with communities, churches, and municipal parks and recreation departments. It looks like Larry is ready for some chopping Democrats up and chopping Democrats down.

It sounds like Larry is going to spend a lot of time talking about the painful burden that Rick, Bully McCarthy, Jo Oldson and Janet Peterson and the other Pumpkin Tax Democrats have imposed on the people of Polk County and especially on those who live in Des Moines. Larry also wants to improve our schools and address the root causes of out of control education spending.

Larry also runs a pretty good blog, “
Uncommon Common Sense”.

The experience of success in education, big business and small business gives Larry a well informed perspective about the problems that Iowa needs to overcome if we are to regain economic competitiveness and prosperity. The blog shows Larry possesses the kind of communication skills and creativity to embrace the needs of a 21st Century. Since no one in Iowa has been hit harder by the Democrats’ grossly regressive over taxation and welfare state spending than the hard working families on Des Moines’ upper East side maybe Larry will find a more fertile environment than conventional wisdom typically allows us Republicans in Sixty-eight.

Best of all, it looks like Larry is going to run a very optimistic and aggressive ground based campaign.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Good luck Larry!

Anonymous said...

Nice pickup! We have some very good people running in Polk County. Nice work to all involved.

This is an area that we've always ignored because, gee, it's blue, don't bother, not enough 4 for 4's there.

Now, we have candidates running in a few blue districts.

Ted, perhaps all your TV, Radio and Newsprint appearances over the last few years talking about republicanism and the follies of liberalism are finally bearing some fruit.

At least they know there is a republican party in Polk County now.

Congratulations to the hard working volunteers in Polk County for keepin on truckin even when it looks like there is no hope.

We can't ever turn them over if we don't even attempt to make inroads.

Good luck and Best wishes to you sir!

Rut roh - more good news for the ragister said...

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Anonymous said...

The leadership of the Iowa delegation to the RNC convention should think about the actions you have taken today.

Between now and November 4th we elect Republicans.

On the 5th of November you and your supporters will be hung in the court of public opinion like the traitorous bastards you are.

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i am agree with this nomination because he deserve this award because he worked a lot in his projects.

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Larry will find a more fertile environment than conventional wisdom typically allows us Republicans in Sixty-eight.