Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin-Great Choice

This is a great pick for Sen. McCain so let's hope the rumors are true. Yes!


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%! She's smart and scrappy and will no doubt attract many of the disaffected Hillary voters.
I have been so impressed with the McCain campaign the last and timely ads, and last night's congratulations and nod to the history making Obama nomination was classy. I have not been a strong McCain supporter, but he has slowly been winning this Polk County woman over one smart move at a time.

i guess the democrats just aren't ready to elect a woman. said...

Wow Uncle Teddy

I recall you picked her out ages ago and did a story on her. I had never heard of her til then.

It's an inspired choice if true. All the other options felt like lukewarm oatmeal to me.

I finally feel a bit fired up about our chances.

Anonymous said...

Don't you suppose all those women who won't vote for obama because hillary didn't win are really racists who just won't support a half black man?

The media said so. They said anyone who doesn't vote for obama is a racist.

The republicans were always going to vote for mccain, so will the democrat women who vote for mccain just be doing so because they are racists???

RF said...

If true, a real high-stakes gamble. She would take an awful lot away from the “Obama is not experienced enough” theme that is McCain’s strongest argument against Obama. After all, McCain’s VP pick has a greater than average chance of actually becoming president. (Happy Birthday, John!) If Obama is not ready, how could one ever argue that a governor with less than 2 years in office is ready? For some, picking her may also reek of desperation and extreme pandering. Will the die-hard Hillary fans who think “Hillary is ready on day one” be impressed with Palin? - Honestly, I don’t know. It could be a brilliant move. Or total bust. Like I said, high-stakes gamble. But in this political environment, it may be the only possible winning strategy for McCain.

I have to agree with people on the McCain congratulatory ad. It was a nice, smart move.

Anonymous said...

I believe we had quite a discussion about whining yesterday. Apparently, others agree.

August 29, 2008

Dem Platform is for Whiners
By Robert Robb

The Democrats have titled their party platform, "Renewing America's Promise."

A more honest and accurate title would be, "We'll Give You More."

The soul of the Democratic philosophy is summed up in this passage from the platform: "For decades, Americans have been told to act for ourselves, by ourselves, on our own. Democrats reject this recipe for division and failure."

Note the disdain for the ethos of self-responsibility. Democrats do not merely regard it as insufficient. Instead they regard the idea that people should provide for themselves as divisive.

Even more significantly, Democrats regard self-responsibility as a "recipe for failure." In other words, Democrats don't think the American people are capable of making it on their own.

And so, Democrats have a government program for, well, everything.

Democrats want government to help you raise your kids, send them to college, train and retrain for a job, buy a home and save for retirement.

They must be saving the burial assistance program for 2012.

Ken asks will Obama ever debate McCain? Minus a script! said...

I am sure Sarah Palin would put McCain over the top to win.

No doubt many Democratic women will vote for McCain just because she is on the ticket.

Republicans will voter for her because she is right on the issues.

A win, win if there ever was one and Obama can't go after her on experience.

RF said...

Looks like this is confirmed now. It will surely stir the pot. But what will happen to the credibility of McCain's "Obama is not ready" argument?

Eye Candy said...

Should play well on Fox! She's a beauty queen just like all those Foxes.

I see a hidden message--"Women are for lookin at. Look at our Veep!"


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that too. Republican women look like Sarah Palin. Democrat women look like Hillary.

Anonymous said...

obama isn't ready. Mccain is ready.

We are electing the President, not the Vice President.

That being said - she's the ONLY one with executive experience. She has MORE experience than OBAMA!!!

We double downed on you - to coin Obama's favorite gambling phrase.

Anonymous said...

As it turns out, McCain has turned the page and is the candidate of change.

Obama picked a same ole same ole who's been mired in the washington mud longer than McCain.

Obama turned BACK the page to the old style regular ole Clinton type politics we've all grown sick of and which he used to say he was against.

I wonder if Obama will vote for McCain since it's McCain that is actually turning the page from the old style politics of the past.

Ken asks will Obama ever debate McCain? Minus a script! said...

Palin has executive experience (just like Jimmy and Billy) and I bet she can handle herself in a debate without a teleprompter. She is clearly a much better candidate for President (or VEEP) than Obama.

The fact is McCain just won the Presidency by picking Sarah Palin. Dems will spend the next three months second-guessing the way Obama dissed Hillary. It would not surprise me for a second if the Democrats attempted to switch her to Veep. Too many women will override their party affiliation to vote for a woman and the dems just cannot make up the votes. That is what they get for making a party lacking a coherent socialist message backed by competing protected gender and racial classes.

Boo Hoo! Checkmate. Game, Set, Match! Obama has been weighed, measured and found wanting.

Cedar Waxwing said...

Obama's statement tried to attack Palin as a "mayor of a town of 9000"...

Guess what Barack..that's more EXECUTIVE experience than you even have..not even including her service as Governor in Alaska.

There's even a bigger story at play here.. The Palin pick has completely sucked the oxygen out from Obama's speech last night.

There's no talking heads on the news channels saying a WORD about the Obama speech right now..

Anonymous said...

Not only are republican women better looking than democrat women, I also notice republican women look happy and actually smile.

Democrat women always have that sour, angry, constipated look like Hillary always had and so did that silly Clair McCaskill, so did Elizabeth Edwards, and lets not forget the sourest lookin one of all - Michelle Obama.

I love Sarah! I am so very excited about this pick.

Congrats team McCain - you hit it out of the ballpark.

Ken asks will Obama ever debate McCain? Minus a script! said...

Don't forget Helen Thomas! Another liberal hottie.

Liberal hags resemble wicked witch caricatures on the outside and Emperor Palpatine on the inside.


Anonymous said...

I dont know about this. I was really hoping for someone more conservative, and someone more experienced. Im semi disappointed, (because she is hot, get it? , semi?, giggity giggity goo :) )

Anonymous said...

But Ken, last time anybody checked you were on board with the Mark Klein, M.D. for President camp. You mean you changed your mind? Gutless flip flopper, just like the rest go for the winner and hope everybody forgets where you stood in the first place.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Check out some of the low angle pics of her on Google. She's got some pretty hot pro choice thighs to go along with that conservative cup size!

Spotlight said...

Case closed. Sporer's fans are all about how women look. "Hot thighs" indeed!

McCain ditched his ailing wife for a sexy heiress when he was younger. Now he's picked Eye Candy Palin to again further his own ambition.

Color him cynical.

Anonymous said...

Well at least thank CHRIST it wasn't that scummy shit heel Liberman or that cultist asshole Romney. Neither of whom believe in CHRIST anyway. GOD (or at least the real one at the top of the religous ticket) wins again!

RF said...

I mean really, can we get some real discussion going on about this pick? Let’s face it, nobody is getting a single vote with the cheerleader comments here on Sporer. Could you have an actual discussion about the merits of this pick?

While in general I was thrilled about Obama’s Biden pick, I was immediately ready to admit its obvious downsides. Maybe it emphasizes Obama’s lack of Washington experience, and it surely takes away from his outside-of-Washington change message.

Like I said, McCain’s pick is a high-stakes gamble. Potential high reward, potential extreme negative reward. Is there anyone who can dispute this? And is there anyone who can dispute that this greatly weakens McCain’s experience argument? I would love to hear an honest evaluation of this from Sporer and other R’s.

How do some principled conservatives feel about McCain getting big time into identity politics? (I admit, a tendency I dislike about D’s.) Also, since McCain felt he needed to go with a woman, is Palin the best he could come up with? Is the female R bench so thin that this is the best one he could come up with?

Anonymous said...

McCain does have executive experience. He was the Commanding Officer of a Navy Fleet Replacement Squadron with hundreds of officers and over a thousand enlisted men.

Sarah Palin is a rock-ribbed conservative who doesn’t take any crap. A reformer in a state where she had to take on the lions of her own party, and not hard to look at either.

I’m curious how people who complain about her lack of experience justify the complaint considering how thin the top of the ticket is for the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

He bashed Klein almost as much as he does Art.


RF said...

Why did McCain go with Palin? My suspicion is that McCain crapped his pants last night listening to Obama lay out his strong case against the McCain-Bush agenda and realized he needed to shake things up. The online pics I’ve seen of the Ohio event, I did not see a single McCain-Palin sign. That could indicate a last minute change.

Anonymous said...

Reformer? Didn't she cut a campaign ad with Ted Stevens? The indicted Ted Stevens?

RF said...

Yes, I wouldn't go too far with the ethics reformer claims when you abuse your power to go after a former in-law.

Republican in Story City said...

I know she cut deals with Senator Stevens (yes he is the Bridge to nowhere guy).

And I know Governor Palin is currently under investigation by an independent investigator hired by the legislature to determine if she abused her power when firing Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan (Who refused to fire a state trooper who wished to divorce the Governors sister and sue for child custody).

She may be a raging feminist, but you do got to admit she is hot, at least for a politician. I dont think she will give him the bounce that Pawlenty would have, but oh well, I'd do her.

Anonymous said...

Vote for the MILF!!!!

Art A Layman said...


Tend to agree with your thoughts on Palin. It does appear to me to have been a pandering exercise aimed at the Hillary holdouts. If so, I think McCain is in for a huge surprise. Hillary's supporters were for her on issues not just because she was a woman. When she was defeated and, in the eyes of her supporters, mistreated the woman thing came to the fore.

The old adage is true, "Hell hath no fury.....", with one exception, don't play them for fools. Scorned is one thing but denigrating their intelligence will get you more "fury" than you ever knew existed.

If it doesn't kill the experience argument against Obama it sure dampens it.

The most frustrating thing for me is that the McCain rally was held at my alma mater.

Anonymous said...

Story city...

That state trooper was also accused of domestic abuse, that may have something to do with his firing... lets get all of the facts :)

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:42 Facts? Facts? We liberals don't need no stinkin facts!

You're right though, let's see what happens if/when the other shoe drops. If the guy was an abuser and she shitcanned him the Obamites will have a tough time making any use of it. On the other hand that alone would win over a bunch of the Hillary vote. If she just screwed over a decent guy she'll have a lot of explaining to do. I'm assuming the McCain campaign looked into that already.

The Real Sporer said...

Boys, this is the best you can do?

Sarah Palin is a brilliant choice, brilliantly made, brilliantly processed last night and announced this morning.

This choice costs McCain not vote one. He reassures conservatives, who actually have been calling for a woman for some time, with the ideological direction of the ticket; adds those moderate women who vote primarily on gender when possible (and there are millions of them in urban areas across the country); and even some left of center mod women because the working mom will have a voice at the very top of the ticket.

Gotta say, Johnny Mac is a maverick. Jolly damn good show!!!!

The Real Sporer said...

Oh, I genuinely did forget, the smallish number of lib women (e.g. Geri Ferraro) who are so pissed at Baracky for smacking Hillary.

Story City Republican said...

Anon 4:42

First of all accusations arent facts.

Second of all, he wasnt fired. Walt Monegan refused to fire him.

Third, I doubt the governor of any state would take such a personal stake in hiring/firing of a state trooper. I have NEVER heard anything like that ever.

Can you imagine? Governor Culver taking the time and risking the scandal to fire one state trooper?

At the very best it sounds like a management failure and a breach of the chain of command in a Big Brother fashion.

At the worst she is doing her sister a favor and securing her custody by having her ex-husband fired.

Theres the facts

Anonymous said...

Ive been hearing about that everywhere.

Honestly, you got to stick up for your family, I really dont fault her on that one. Its her Ted Stevens connection that will kill her in the end

Anonymous said...

Hey, teddy, we ain't all boys here! Don't forget that, please :)

Anonymous said...

You all listen to yourselves and take each other so seriously.
Fri 8-29-08 Your comment about not being christ like--TS is not a christian and has made no secret about it. I hate to disappoint you but she doesn't fit the hockey mom culture. Hockey moms, socer moms, tennis moms are pro choice.They just tend to keep quiet on the subject. McCain picked a candidate to satisfy the evangelicals. Women are not going to vote for another women just because shes a women. She had better have some experience and depth.As far as some of your comments on her looks you might want to take a manners course before you engage in a conversation with someone of the opposite sex.

Ken asks will Obama ever debate McCain? Minus a script! said...

Anon stated:

"Hockey moms, socer moms, tennis moms are pro choice." Really? How many hockey, soccer, and tennis moms are stay at home moms?

The reason I ask is because most stay at home moms, as opposed to welfare moms, tend to be church attending Christian moms. Christian moms, much like beautiful beyond just her face Sarah, have strong Christian values including protecting the lives of the unborn.

Perhaps anon 10:03 meant only single mothers collecting welfare (or massive child support) without jobs and do not regularly attend God centered (and Bible centered) Christian church. If that is the category she refers to as the "hockey, soccer, and tennis moms" she might have a point. But then again, she is leaving out many women traditionally known as "soccer moms." I think it comes down to a hatred of God centered Christianity and a preference for financially dependent (angry) women seeking to justify their absurd life choices.

Art A Layman said...


Am impressed with your in-depth social knowledge of moms, stay at home, welfare or whatever other kind of moms there are, and especially your knowledge of their church going habits and their abortion views. It isn't often we find ex-military officers with such wide ranging social perspectives.

I believe that you and sporie have on more than one occasion suggested to others to present facts that support their opinions. Of course it is not the first time that you or sporie has failed to do so. Both of you seemed blessed with this innate wisdom of all things.

Your disdain for anyone who does not fit your definition of "right thinking" is beyond amazing. It fits the stereotype of how most of us view the military mind; self-centered, single focused, always right, and to prove it you have a hierarchical power structure to mute dissent.

...most stay at home moms, as opposed to welfare moms, tend to be church attending Christian moms.

Would love to see the statistical data that supports that inane premise. Just love the insinuation that "welfare moms" are Godless heathens who don't "tend" to attend church. Of course you throw in the "tend" in an attempt to let yourself off the hook. Should someone present data that contradicts your premise you can protest that you didn't say they all do, but most tend to.

Where do we find the data that substantiates that most "welfare moms" don't tend to be church going Christian moms?

It is always baffling that those who wear their Christianity on their shoulders or chests as one more ribbon supporting their value as humans, fail to comprehend what their religion teaches them.

God did not grant "free will" to a select group and give that group the power to define acceptable choices that must be made by all others. He, or She, gave each of us "free will" to make our own choices with only He/She as the final arbiter of those choices.

Jesus taught forgiveness, not condemnation. Jesus emphasized "love your enemies". Do you think that implicit in that command was it's ok to hate your fellow man as long as you love your enemy?

If you want to preach, best if you build on your knowledge of your religion and it appears you need a lot of building. As it stands, especially with your degradation of women who do not fit your definition of righteous, your peevish rants might be more representative of an (angry) disgruntled, divorced father.

Mrs. Palin made an admirable decision. She exercised that which we liberals stump for. She exercised her right of CHOICE. BTW, there are approximately 5,000 mothers who make the same CHOICE each year. Highly likely that some of those are "welfare moms", those greedy bitches.

At this point, the level of intellect you display merely highlights why we are having so many problems winning in Iraq.

Ken asks Obama who is to blame for 10,000 killed by a tornado in Kansas... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ken asks Obama who is to blame for 10,000 killed by a tornado in Kansas... said...

Art, your post lasts for days so I will answer what I can as quickly as possible. I do not have the statistics nor do I have the resources to commission a study to validate my generalization. Since you claim to a retired Jewish person from N.C. (still wondering why you haunt an Iowa website), I assume you have plenty of time on your hands. Therefore, I challenge you to refute my claim that Christian Conservatives mothers disproportionately represent the stay at home mother grouping within our society. Furthermore, consider the influence Christianity had on our society until Roe v.Wade made it legal to kill the innocent. What if abortion was legal back in 1936 when you were born? Are you happy your mother decided to bear you rather than throw you in the trash?

Anonymous said...

Had the 17 year old un-wed pregnant daughter been that of the presumptive Democratic nominee you'd be the first one out of the block, Ken, to call her a dirty little fornicating liberal whose values reflect that of her filthy Socialist parents. But in this case "it's OK", "life happens", "she's a brave young lass who's doing the right thing". Oh and don't forget, "we're all sinners", "cast the first stone", "Jesus died for you", etc. Trot out every cliche in response to this one Ken! Somehow fucking out of wedlock and bearing bastard children is OK so long as you're registered Republican, huh Ken? That's what "Conservative" family values are all about, huh Ken?

Art A Layman said...


Your math skills(?), like most all your skills(?) need work.

I'm happy she decided to have me but there were many moments during my upbringing when I'm not sure my mother didn't have second thoughts.

Alway love challenges but this one is your baby. You made the claim, if you don't have time to substantiate it then perhaps a "but I could be wrong" would be appropriate.

Furthermore, consider the influence Christianity had on our society until Roe v.Wade made it legal to kill the innocent.

Gladly! Christianity had very little influence on our society until Roe v. Wade brought all you crazies out of the woodwork pretending to speak for God. That was a time when religious beliefs were personal. People didn't run around condemning anyone who didn't believe as they did. They didn't shoot doctors or bomb clinics as expressions of their religious superiority.

Again, since you have little time, you might miss a chance to shoot somebody today, spend your valuable time learning the teachings of your religion instead of just following the overly exuberant, fatuous sermons of some self proclaimed minister seeking fame and fortune by convincing idiots that he holds the true word of God in his hands.

I haunt this Iowa website because I find so many here in need of enlightment.

Anonymous said...

And how many hours now has Ken failed to respond?

Ken asks Obama who is to blame for 10,000 killed by a tornado in Kansas... said...

Silly rabbits, trix are for kids, and it is common knowledge that I work in Iraq. Now, I realize you liberals have a predilection to embrace crackpot conspiracies but I assumed you “Flat Earth” types still believed in time zones.

Oh, and what am I supposed to be responding to? A research project to validate how many stay at home moms are Christian conservative? Wrong! The challenge was to Art (the FAKE retired, Jewish, person from North Carolina - yeah that explains why he is here) to do the research. Art pretends, among other things, to be a highly educated man so I am waiting for him to put his money where his mouth is.

Art A Layman said...


Do you have these fantasies often?

Do you see hobgobblins in your room at night?

Do you worry that your hair is falling out and it's causing you to feel weak?

Are you constantly googling for the latest price of Viagra?

Or is it that you flunked reading?

I have taken up many challenges on the Internet, most of them self-imposed, and have researched sufficiently to expose the dimwits who were positing blather (anyone you know). Your moms issues, conceivably a Freudian thing, don't do a lot for me so as I told you before, prior to figuring out you had a reading problem, that one is your baby. You made the assertions. Support them!

I guess due to your reading impairments you have somehow come to the conclusion that I have pretended to be a "highly educated man". I have never stated nor held such a position. Unlike you and sporie I have no need to bathe myself with fancy degrees or military titles or even religious affiliations. I am what my name says I am, nothing more, nothing less.

I realize that frustrates you and sporie for neither of you can stand the thought that you might be dealing with an intellectual inferior. On the other hand it should be same ol, same ol for you and sporie since you consider everyone as intellectually inferior.

Get a grip. Use your military planning training. Set up a schedule for x hours each day to search the net for "facts" that support the inanities you post on here. It won't bring you quite that same euphoria as being "saved" but you'll feel better afterward anyway.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have to point out that Art's Jewish, Ken? What's next, you gonna call him a "Christ Killer"?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ken, another point of order, here son. Someone being Jewish didn't seem to be an issue with you when you were the head man on the Mark Klein, M.D. for President committee.

Ken asks Obama who is to blame for 10,000 killed by a tornado in Kansas... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ken asks Obama who is to blame for 10,000 killed by a tornado in Kansas... said...

I am simply listing characteristics he claimed in previous posts. A thinking person should realize his characteristics fail to explain why he would haunt this blog. Obviously, the guy is a complete fake or at least a flake if you prefer, and everything spewing from his keyboard should be considered in that light.

Mark and Art have a lot in common - they're both annoying.

Anonymous said...


Your own comment:

"Obviously, the guy is a complete fake or at least a flake if you prefer, and everything spewing from his keyboard should be considered in that light."

is precisely how I have come to regard you.

Art A Layman said...


I have told you before that sporie, when visiting another blog that I frequent, invited "liberals" to post on his web site. Likely he was fed up with the blather from some of the regulars here. That is why I came here and the fatuous postings of you, sporie and those of your ilk keep me coming back for a little mental exercise.

Unfortunately you offer very little in the way of intellectual challenge so the exercise is minimal. sporie does, on occasion, prove a more worthy adversary.

Would that "thinking person", and one must assume that you're not including yourself in that category, consider my Jewish faith as a failure to explain why I haunt this blog? Or could it be one of those bigoted innuendos?

To you, everyone, who doesn't exhibit a dogmatic, narrow-minded view of the world consistent with your own, is annoying.

Ken asks Obama who is to blame for 10,000 killed by a tornado in Kansas... said...


Sporer is brilliant and does not waste his considerable IQ debating you.

I do not have TRS's tolerance so I find myself answering your liberal hogwash.

Art A Layman said...


One should not confuse tolerance with fear.

As for you; you reply to my posts you don't answer any of my arguments. Not surprisingly.

Ken asks Obama who is to blame for 10,000 killed by a tornado in Kansas... said...

Surely, you jest when you wrote that you actually make arguments. I can see your words but I have yet to see anything resembling an argument.

Anonymous said...


Admit it, you secretly wish Obama's Mother had had an abortion after she was raped by that filthy cannibal from the Congo, don't you?

Art A Layman said...


Aha!!! Do we finally see the crux of your problem?

Anonymous said...

Oh bullshit, here's the real line worth talking about, since Ken brought up the fact that Art (like his hero Mark Klein, M.D.) is a jew. Even mainstream Republicans who aren't in bed with the fanatical right couldn't stomach a fucking Jew as the Vice Presidential nominee. Let's say McCain dies in office, God Forbid, the next thing you know, instead of lighting the National tree on the lawn there's some fucking kike lighting a minorah. Didn't we have enough of this diversity bullshit when that dumb ass Jimmy Carter hired some convict nigger to watch his kid in the WHITE House? After that McCain's choice was what, a fucking Morman? That cultist Romney? That's as bad, if not worse, than a damn Catholic. Shit, aside from this cunt Palin, McCain had what as another choice, Ted Kennedy? Shit, you people are idiots! I am MAN, hear me roar, I channel what MAJOR KEN really thinks but the sissy himslef doesn't have the guts to admit! CHRIST DIED FOR YOUR SINS!! LIVE IT! KNOW IT!

Ken asks Obama who is to blame for 10,000 killed by a tornado in Kansas... said...

Actually, I would love it if everyone could leave the hate speech out of the conversation. I personally hope TRS deletes any post with obvious racism to deter it but I know he’s pretty busy and devoted to free speech – even when it is absurdly offensive. As for Art's Jewish reference highlights that he is not who he says he is. He could be that idiot Klein, they have similarities, but even if he is not Klein his postings should not be taken seriously.

Art has only two topics, when you get down to it, as he weaves every discussion into an attack on TRS or Major Ken.

No originality at all…..

Anonymous said...

Good Lord. Is any of this for real? Is this a joke? Do people like this really exist?


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