Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunshine (Go away today)

Talk about wondering where the fruits of what we all do go? The DM School Board's recent decision to provide Superintendent Nancy Sebring with a lavish pay raise on the very day 80% of the District’s high schools and 60% of the junior highs went on the federal watch list for failing schools was done during a secret meeting, as reported in today’s DM Register.

This is the same School Board that gave the taxpayers and parents of Des Moines the
Rice Field boondoggle. Let us not forget that this school board accepted a lower bid for Rice Field and then further cut the price $130,000 to cover the developer’s cost of sewer construction. Since a Board member's now utterly discredited in-law was the beneficiary of that boondoggle-a fact that is currently rather hot news here in the Capitol City-the Board's continued employment of secret meetings, whether legal or not, bespeaks a truly fantastic level of hubris.

Given the DM Public School’s collapsing financial condition would the reader not agree that, as with most things, we need more George Harrison and less Jonathan Edwards?

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