Saturday, September 13, 2008

Next up-The Debates!

With the drift in the polls, both national and Electoral, is now steadily heading in the McCain/Palin direction, it appears that the upcoming debates will take on even greater significance than usual.

In 2004 President Bush was surging, far faster than Sen. McCain’s current and very real resurgence. President Bush went into his first debate as an incumbent known as the destroyer of Gov. Ann Richards and Al Gore in their first, and most significant, debates. While John Kerry’s first debate performance was poor, President Bush’s was terrible. Almost every time that Kerry’s supercilious condescension left huge holes, the President stuck to the careful repetition of tag lines instead of aggressively attacking like he did in 1994 and 2000. The President defied his nature and played it close to the vest. The result: an election far closer than he should have been.

Neither Sen. McCain nor Sen. Obama has demonstrated themselves as particularly good debaters. Sen. McCain has mastered the generation of two or three great moments in most debates-a skill that ensures better post game television coverage than is merited by the entire game TPC, when his answers often seemed forced. Those memorable moments have typically arisen, much like the great conclusion to his otherwise lackluster acceptance speech, when Sen. McCain taps his inner Teddy Roosevelt and explodes with conviction and big picture vision.

Sen. Obama was nearly always outperformed by both his running mate, Sen. Biden and Sen. Clinton in the Democrat primary debates. Sen. Obama has, in fact, not demonstrated himself to be particularly quick on his feet when confronted by any intellectual challenge (as opposed to the fawning softballs chucked at him by Oprah, Ellen, those two cackling witches on the View and his other preferred media venues).

The first Presidential Debate will provide Sen. Obama with a chance to change the dynamic. It will provide Sen. McCain with a chance to expand his lead.


Bob Barr 08 said...

I thought Obama did a bang up job on Bill O'Reilly. I am still not going to vote for him (Im voting for the only real conservative in the race, Bob Barr), and John McCain really got his nutts handed to him on the view. Should be a blood bath in the debates, hopefully they both embarass themselves with there liberalism.

Anonymous said...


Oh Brother said...

The Maverick is back

Ken asks where NObama's health, school, and state senate records are... said...

What happened to Barak Obama's statement that he would debate John McCain anywhere and anytime?

diane feinstein doesn't understand that the 60's generation was put into forced retirement by a member of the greatest generation and a member of the second greatest generation - the disco era said...

Democrat working woman from a small town hater, Diane Feinstein just said that you can't possibly know what you are talking about if you don't come from a state with a large population, like California.

She condescended to everyone who is not from a large blue liberal city which is most likely in financial ruin from decades of democrat rule.

What a bitch.

Anonymous said...

boo hoo bary's wife is an executive of a huge corporate institution - probably requiring more than 40 hours a week on the job.

Who's taking care of the kids?

Joe "Hillary is more qualified and would have been a better choice" Biden's wife is a professor at a university. Granted, professors hardly work anymore, but I'm sure she has to be there most of the day, or at least would consider herself to be a full time working mom.

Hey Joe - who's taking care of the kids?

Hey Joe - who took care of your kids when you first went to Congress as a single dad? Hey Joe!
How on earth did you do it and still be a congressman?


Anonymous said...

Somebody group all this filth that posts in here together in a pen and throw in a couple bibles. It's THEIR only chance at salvation.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 12:55.
You Republicans have lost sight of what the Lord wants.

Your now for killing babies and harvesting there organs?

Not the party of our Lord and Saviour that is for sure