Thursday, October 23, 2008

Breaking News: The Politics of Thuggery-Harkin threatens Reed.

The US Senate debate between Democrat incumbent Bahamas Tommy Harkin (pictured smiling above center with Nicaraguan communist dictator Daniel Ortega) and his Republican challenger, Christopher Reed was taped today. We are told that there are plenty of fireworks during the debate but the real story is the public glimpse of the political thuggery for which Harkin is so well known in private.

Apparently something that Christopher said during the debate provoked Sen. Harkin to personally threaten Christopher after the debate. Harkin told Christopher that whatever comment set him off ensured that “[Christopher] will have no future in politics.” The comment was delivered as an unambiguous threat. We have confirmed that Christopher stood as steadfast to Harkin off the air as he did on.

OK, we know the provocative comment but we don’t want to disclose it until after the debate. Our belief is that the spine breaker was the most specific, truthful and damning attack that any of our Republican candidates have ever delivered to Harkin during a campaign.

We are also going to live blog the debate at 7:00 tonight. Tune back in and see if you can guess the bombshell moment.


Anonymous said...

Reed's political career is over. Maybe he could run for dogcatcher in a R+15 district?

Anonymous said...

How do you know Reed's career is over? Wishful thinking?

Just because the young upstart exposed Commie-lovin Harkin for what he is you think that's reason for his career to be over?

Someone can't tell the truth without threats?

In addition to being a Commie lover, Harkin is a bully.

Anonymous said...

A commie lover and a bully?

I think that is a little far right wing there. Isnt that the Goodwyn theory? once you go through all the excuses and finger pointing you digress to calling someone a commie?

I am a moderate, and voted split ticket already. I did not vote for Reed, but it had nothing to do with commie-loving.

Reed is inexperienced and dangerous and all he has since gaining the nomination is talk about his opponent, not what he is going to do if he is elected.

Anonymous said...

Sporer is such a coward. I saw him get the crap kicked out of him by a guy 50 punds lighter than him last week, lol! He fights like a girl!