Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Republican Revolution in the OC: California Republican minority leader ousted over taxes.

Few states face a worse financial crisis than does Iowa, but California is one of them. Most of you reading these words know that California is quite simply broke. California can barely sell bonds. California has suspended income tax refunds-which is another way of saying the state is, quite literally, stealing its tax payers money. California’s budget deficit is many times larger than the Iowa budget.

The deficit is so large that the GOP establishment in California sought to join the Democrats in raising a variety of California taxes, most notably the gas tax and the sales tax. The establishment thinking was raising taxes was the only option. Undoubtedly some Republican constituencies in California found merit in raising gas and sales taxes. After all, government spending does have some benefits, however inefficiently those benefits are reaped. I’m sure the California establishment Republicans thought that dutiful Republicans would do what we do and fall in line.

They thought wrong. Ironically, only three Republicans were needed in the California Senate to deliver the Democrats the ultimate victory, bullying a Republican governor and his non confrontational legislative leadership into providing the Democrats the political cover for the unpopular tax hikes. Such is the meaning of bipartisanship in 21st Century politics.

But then something amazing happened: the California Senate drew the line. Rather than support the tax “compromise” crafted by their leader, as we Republicans have done so often in the past, especially in California, the California Senate ousted the leader. The reason was simply expressed in the rhyme of one Golden State poet (laureate no doubt).

Pat a cake, Pat a cake, baker's man
Turn Roy conservative as fast as you can!
Call him, remind him and tell him so...
He ought to flee the state, if he doesn't vote NO!

Is our most unifying principle anything other than opposition to the growth of government? Is not shrinkage of government the most important rallying cry of Republicans? Finally, are not increased taxes the very life blood of the leviathan state that liberals continued to grow at the edges even when we controlled the center of government?

California Republicans lead the trend to our resurgence to power under the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, by revolting against the enormous tax engorged welfare state that liberals had constructed in the 60s and 70s. Now as then, the tax revolt is real and growing. We can surf the tide and ride to victory behind a clear agenda of shrinking government-and government’s unhealthy relationship with far too many commercial enterprises-and restoring power and money to the people (and small businesses) or we can be sucked under into Davy Jones’ political locker.

So, how long can you hold your breath?


Anonymous said...

The latest outrage! Way to Go Erik - a real republican. This is just the latest example of mispending taxpayer money and why the voters are gathering their pitchforks in rage and fortitude to stop this stealing of our money.

Speaking of What about Bob...where are Brownell and EJ on this?
A labor union gets free office space in a public building and its president's salary is paid by taxpayers - an arrangement that a state lawmaker says is inappropriate.

"It's just unbelievable," Rep. Erik Helland, a Grimes Republican, said Wednesday.

Polk County gives American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 1868 a small office in the county's administration building in Des Moines.

The county also pays the $59,271 salary for the union's full-time president, Dan Riley, and granted him a leave of absence from his county maintenance job.

Anonymous said...

I have received two mailers regarding the Polk County Central Committee Chair Race.

Will Rogers is pro-kill and pro-tax increase. He's lobbying FOR the gas tax increase.

Why would he be a republican in the first place when he doesn't believe in any of the tenents of the republican party - not socially conservative, nor fiscally conservative.

The letter I got in the mail today stated the obvious that the republican party imploded because we spent like democrats.

Yet, he is one of those advocating for more spending as his job lobbying.


Anonymous said...

Will Rogers campaign letter says they intend to recruit candidates for POlk COunty offices.

He's pro-kill and pro-tax increase.

What kind of candidates do you suppose he intends to recruit?

He's a full time lobbyist. Is he looking for candidates that promotes his industry - the industry that wants the gas tax to go up?

Will has a conflict of interest and will recruit pro-kill and pro-tax increase candidates.


Anonymous said...

In Will's campaign letter he says he will defend and advance the county platform. Does he intend to CHANGE the platform, because he's PRO-KILL and PRO-TAX INCREASE.

He said if we didn't get mad that Bush increased govt spending, we should be just fine with the tax increase. Some logic.




Ryan - what were you thinking?

Anonymous said...

Oh Jesus. Grow up. One person posting three items of inflammatory rhetoric does not a movement make.

Get your head out of your ass.