Monday, March 02, 2009

The Beans Sprout: Timmaahh!

Our friend Tim Albrecht has launched a new internet venture: The Bean Walker. Tim’s format is going to be news by Republicans for Republicans. Great concept.

Timmy has been an outstanding communications director everywhere he has worked. There is every reason to believe that The Bean Walker is going to be a success. Hopefully Tim will take a nice sharp rouging hoe to the toxic waste flora that passes for Labor/Socialist/Democrat thought.

We had the chance to attend the launch party tonight. Great event! It was especially good to see so many of our GOP legislators with a new bounce in their step. It has been a long time since we fought hard for principle and won. The principled victory obviously sits well with our guys and gals;
Linda Upmeyer was positively beaming and looked every bit the confident legislative leader. As Hayden Fry was heard to say on occasion, “there is no substitute for victory”.

It was also good to see such a high percentage of Republican women. The loudest cheer (while we were in attendance anyway) came when the Purse girls were announced. If we can develop a women talking to women campaign we should be able to persuade enough independent and more apathetic Democrat women as to the self-defeating nature of their support for the L/S/D agenda. Those crucial votes will not come our way unless we persuade those independent and apathetic women that we are right on the things that matter and not merely attempt to pander. If we take the time to engage in that persuasion we might swing some close legislative races, and maybe the state wide races, in 2010.

Congratulations Timmaahh!

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