Sunday, March 01, 2009

Garbage In/Garbage Out-Gov. Culver unwittingly indicts his socialist creed.

This week saw the Labor/Socialist/Democrat leadership continue their challenging task of sensibly arguing the case for the LSD agenda. As a result the public was again treated to a cornucopia of cranky, silly and downright false public discourse from the LSD leadership.

This week’s recognition had some serious contender. You’ve got to hand to President Obama; he gave it the old Harvard try. After all, calling a financial responsibility summit only days after signing the Omnibus Spending Bill in the name of “stimulus” and days before submitting a budget replete with tax increases (defining tax as anything the government forces you to pay), almost 10, 000 earmarks, another trillion dollars in debt and an expansion of the counterproductive welfare and nanny state well beyond the most megalomaniacal visions that ever chased LBJ around the White House reaches for the heights of deception and distortion. However one chooses to describe the Obama agenda, fiscally responsible cannot be among the adjectives.

President Obama’s talk about fiscal responsibility is good propaganda: based on historical falsehoods; does not withstand any logic based critical analysis; divides the population along class lines and vilifies all who air inconvenient truths about the propaganda. But right here in Iowa we had the liberals raise an even worse argument.

Last Thursday Governor Culver actually indicted the whole concept of liberal big government when he sought to pander to the public outrage over the Atalissa slave labor scandal. “
Amid a growing national scandal involving Iowa's failure to protect dozens of mentally retarded workers, [Iowa] Governor Chet Culver declared … that ‘every level of government bureaucracy failed these men’ over the past 30 years”.

Over the last ten years of Democrat control Iowa government has grown exponentially. We have more government doing more things for more people than at any time in state history. Yet with all that government, including several specific complaints, for more than ten years the “compassionate” the Labor/Socialist/Democrat state government failed to prevent a Texas company from operating a turkey plant in Iowa that housed its workforce, composed almost entirely of mentally retarded men who were paid something like fifty cents an hour, in a 100 year old building that was just recently closed by the fire marshal. We have had Democrat Attorneys General for the last thirty years.

How could the Governor have lost the irony? Even as the Labor/Socialist/Democrats are imposing ever more government on the American people a LSD governor admits the complete failure of government to, once again, perform a basic existing function of that state government; and failed over a long period of time so it cannot be called a random oversight. Perhaps before government further infects the vital organs of the body politic with its viral incompetence it should begin performing government’s core function with a higher level of competence and efficiency.

Why should any rational voter think government is ever the solution to new problems when it cannot solve the problems it is already trying to solve? Expecting Labor/Socialist/Democrat policies to actually solve problems is no more realistic than a 17th Century physician prescribing blood letting as a cure for pneumonia-a wrong remedy that exacerbates the illness.

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