Saturday, March 14, 2009

Your rights: What Democrats don’t want you to know (but Brad Zaun does).

In a little noticed action this week, the Labor/Socialist/Democrat legislative leadership killed a modest proposal by Senator Brad Zaun that would have merely required Iowa’s counties to advise Iowa property owners (which are overwhelmingly single family homes) of the assessed value of their property. The assessed value is, of course, the basis for the property tax paid for a given property. Senator Zaun’s proposal would also have required the notice of value to include a statement of the existing rights of the property tax owner to appeal or protest the valuation and the date by which such a protest or appeal must occur.

Since the counties already send tax statements it the Zaun proposal wouldn’t seem to have cost local governments anything. Given the dramatic reduction in Iowa property values, especially in our urban areas, property owners are being over taxed all over the state. But the L/S/D leadership killed it anyway.

The L/S/D opposition to something as innocuous as telling people about their existing rights speaks volumes for their desire to squeeze every possible penny from the body politic, however unfairly or surreptitiously that penny is extracted.

Maybe that kind of deception and fraud could be justified if Iowa weren’t 49th in business climate, 45th in economic performance and in the midst of the highest unemployment in almost a generation, but we are. Sometimes little things say a lot and Democrat opposition to Senator Zaun’s proposal speaks the proverbial volumes about the difference between the Republican and the L/S/D view of the relationship between the governed and the government.

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