Tuesday, April 14, 2009

JACK BOOT, PLEASE, WOMEN’S SIZE 7: Napolitano targets conservatives in further suppression of dissent.

Roger Hedgecock broke a story of enormous significance earlier today. The Obama Administration issued a Homeland Security report that warned of the threat from those conservatives groups opposed to homosexual marriage, abortion, firearm restrictions or illegal immigration, and, of course, the obvious danger to America posed by our returning war veterans, who the previous administration viewed as war heros.

Coupled with
last month’s DHS warning that supporters of Ron Paul, or other conservative or libertarian third parties are suspicious and pose a risk to the government of the United States, the chilling comparison of the Labor/Socialist/Democrat agenda with totalitarian regimes of the past are becoming more clearly evident, and much sooner, than we feared.

Strangely enough, the Obama security team appears unconcerned with the rioters/protesters who threatened the Republican National Convention last summer in Minneapolis (which only those watching Fox News or attending actually saw because of the media blackout of anything that could possibly harm the Obama campaign) or those persons with histories of actually bombing institutions of American government (the President’s close friend William Ayres) or those who have travelled to enemy nations (countries whose governments gin up rallies where thousands shriek “death to America” etc… and support or have supported anti-American terror like Saddam’s Iraq, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela) or just plain advocate the justice of anti-American terror efforts.

Does anyone remember something from a history class about governments that gain control of the means of production and conditions employment on support of government policy; use law enforcement to intimidate dissent; gain control of the media to prevent dissenting speech; and, identify and demonize large segments of the traditional population as enemies of the state? We have a mental image and we'll bet you do to.


vlad the impaler said...


Off topic but THIS is why I am both no longer a Republican and why no Republican organization receives a penny from me....


Anonymous said...

What is this shit Spearer? Have you lost your mind?

Anonymous said...

Wow Ted, it really is sad how nobody pays any attention to the bullshit that you blog on here anymore. At least when you and Mark Klein, M.D. were pals people came in here just to shit on him and his dumb-ass rantings. Maybe you and Klein should team up again, get Ken (Klein's original campaign manager) to join you too. With that level of genius, boy you could rule the world!