Sunday, April 05, 2009


Joe Biden rarely says anything that betrays sober thought but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Remember when Ol’ Joe said that Obama would be tested right away? Well, Kim Jong Il did.

Within three days of American President Barack Obama accepting blame for global proliferation while speaking to a French audience in Strasbourg and only minutes before President Obama was set to tell a Czech audience that the United States had to rid the world of nuclear weapons-which sounded a lot like unilateral disarmament, the North Koreans, with whom we have been at war since 1950 and is the world’s leader in proliferation of missiles and missile technology, tested a new stage ICBM.

Take a good hard look at the stage 3 range of the Taepodont 2 ICBM. To put it in geographic context, the North Koreans can now nuke Hawaii and, of course, our Allies in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. More importantly, the missiles themselves or the technology to build them can end up in Teheran, as has so much other Korean and Chinese technology and equipment, and easily reach American interests and allies. Since the Iranians say that exterminating Israel is an ultimate objective of Iranian policy the new North Korean ICBMs with nuclear warheads provide the ideal delivery vehicle for that messianic genocidal message.

The Obama Administration has experience with North Korean appeasement. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s husband literally recalled the planes from striking Kim’s nuclear centers and then provided the lunatic regime in North Korea with the materials that Kim then sold to obtain the operating capital that funded his continuing nuclear program. We also sent international weapons inspectors, but we haven’t heard from them in some time.

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It appears that President Obama’s approach, which was to permit the test without interference, disruption or deterrence, is to look stern on television while telling a foreign audience that it is, after all America’s fault because we have more nukes than anyone else. Based on this morning’s statements the President of the United States might get really angry and send Kim Jong Il a letter-maybe even a certified letter. The occupants of an incinerated Tel Aviv will surely be grateful that President Obama could look so stern on television and even in the midst of a budget crises bite the bullet and spend the extra postage for a certified letter.


Anonymous said...

Once again you just bitch and moan about the issue Ted. What should Obama have done? Blow the missile off the launch pad, start a war with North Korea? I'll pay for a plane ticket to Seoul so you can see what the response would be firsthand.

The Real Sporer said...

Anon, spoken like a the coward John Stewart Mill described above.

Yeah, although the optimal time to do it would have been back in 94.

So, what's your approach. Hope the Chines care enough about US interests to keep North Korea from arming some lunatic regime in the MIddle East to prevent Kim from proliferating?

Maybe rely on the UN and we could pass something like 17 condemnatory and sanction resolutions and hope that Kim is more compliant that Saddam?

No, just keep on talking and maybe it'll be your kids killed in the nuclear strike. Then you might learn the cost of appeasement. But, since that's unpleasant perhaps we should just pretend it could never happen, and if it does, its George Bush's fault anyway.

Ken R said...

Obama will make sure the N. Koreans know he is mad by sending a letter in CAPS!!!!!!

No credible anything with Obama other than blame America and asking really bad people if they will place nice or else....he will send more letters to them in CAPS!

RF said...

Why didn't we do anything meaningful on this in past 8 years? Why we go all the way to the 90's and then skip to post January 2009?

Ken R said...

What else could President Bush have done? He didn't give N. Korea an agreement that gave them nukes (mmm, wait a minute, that happened with President Clinton with a little help from President Carter). President Bush kept N. Korea jumping even closing off their money when caught them forging our own. I guess you can blame President Bush for not invading them because that is the ONLY thing he did not do.

Meanwhile, our current President will go on TV to say we will go to the UN about N. Korea if they launch. Wow, that helped a lot! They launched within hours and laughed at Obama. Actually, they insulted him by launching. What is he going to do about it?

That's right, NOTHING except send letters in CAPS. Liberals never learn that appeasement and empty threats are not a deterrent. Only a credible threat makes our enemies think twice. No doubt, Khadafy would've kept his nuclear program save President Bush's credible threat to go after rogue nations pursuing these weapons. The problem is people did not support President Bush for his second term and his credibility to threaten terrorist nations fell.

The Real Sporer said...

Yeah, just what Kenny said.

Bush did everything but militarily attack them, which he probably should have done right off the bat in '01.

I'm sure those poor and misunderstood overseas contingencies in Hamas, Hezbollah, Damascus and Tehran are far less likely to challenge American interests now that we have a more sensitive foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

Obama's response to North Korea was to immediately insist that all nations disarm themselves of nuclear weapons. Only then, will North Korea and Iran see that their aggression isn't working and will give it up. Yes, we'll lead by example and be the first nation to give up nuclear weapons. The only nations having nuclear weapons will be Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, China and Russia.

I feel so much safer already. Obama gets an F for failure to launch.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there will be peace in our time just as soon as we give up nuclear weapons and "restart" our relationships with Cuba and Russia. When does Hugo visit the White House for a chat?

Ken R said...

Funny stuff Anon, I just read on Yahoo about Obama seeking to rid the world of nuclear weapons with his already used up mantra "Yes, we can." I was too busy laughing (possibly crying) when I noticed his backhandedly slight at America by blaming us for using two atomic weapons in wartime. This guy never lets up attacking America whenever our enemies act out. Oh yeah, and he never stops campaigning...

vlad the impaler said...

"What should Obama have done?"

How about assassinating Kim? That's a permanent solution to the problem. Why spend millions on intelligence in N. Korea when a seventy five cent bullet will solve the problem?

Ken R said...

I think Kim is going to die off soon anyway since he's obviously got a serious disease like cancer or something with a primitive health care system.

The problem is his generals and state mechanisms who are all unwilling to give up their perks and power.

RF said...

I for one am happy to have a president who will think a moment or two before making any rushed decisions based on one missile test. Thinking before doing stuff is generally a good thing.

Speaking of stupid decisions, how about the idiotic idea to spend all of our political and military capital on a nonexisting threat by Iraq? Without that debacle, W and Obama would actually have some realistic chances to seriously go after North Korea. W made us relatively impotent, for nothing. Not to mention how he strengthened the Iranians' position in the world.

I know things are more complicated than my simplification here. And yes, not everything is W’s fault and not everything he did was wrong. And yes, Obama and other D’s will make mistakes as well. But if you are to have an honest discussion about the problems of the world, you have to assess everything that has been going on. Pure partisanship makes for bad foreign policy. And doesn’t it suck how complicated foreign policy is? It would be so much easier if it was nice black and white, like so many conservatives see things.

Anonymous said...

go ahead RF, keep your head down. It's ok. The grownups will work to keep you safe too.

RF said...

The same grownups who started the Iraq debacle? - Great, I feel so much safer now!

Anonymous said...

So, the North Koreans "launch" a missile that fails in its objective to put a satellite in orbit and this is suddenly a threat? We're talking about a country that barely has '50s technology! We didn't have to shoot down the missile, because it fell from the sky! Most of the world thinks Lil' Kim is a ridiculous little man, not a threat. It will not take too many years of people starving before they rise up and deal with their "government".
As for China watching out for our interests, two things: one, most of China's money is invested in the U.S., if we fail, they fail, two, China is heavily invested in the Middle East, therefore they would like peace in that region for their own prosperity.
While Lil' Kim may be suicidal enough to launch a nuke, I don't think he'll live long enough for his undereducated scientists and engineers to make that possible.
Oh, and Iran isn't going to nuke anyone either. Quit listening to Ahmadinejad, he doesn't have any real power. The real leaders of Iran do not want war.

Anonymous said...

So, with developing nuclear powers, it's better to attack them with the only provocation being that they want to protect themselves from destruction, stomp all over them with our unavaliable military strength, to protect our illegitimate/unfair foreign interests? I'm hosting a party at ground zero if anyone wants to come- we'll go all the way 'till midnight!
Also, loved your use of Team America, the intelligent and sensitive political commentary.