Monday, May 25, 2009

Iran and North Korea: Didn't get the messiah memo.

From 2004 on the liberal critique of the Bush era foreign policy centered on two irreconcilable premises: President Bush was a cowboy who engaged in a unilateral approach to the world while refusing to engage in unilateral diplomacy with the two rouge states, Iran and North Korea. As is historically indisputable, the Bush Administration was committed to the “six party” talks with North Korea and the European led multiparty negotiations with Iran. Strangely both the Bush Administration and our 2008 nominee, John McCain, refused to engage in a fundamental foreign policy debate with the liberal press and the L/S/D candidates, notwithstanding the lack of fact or reason to support the adversaries’ argument.

As a result the incredible became conventional wisdom. Candidate Obama, metronomically turning from teleprompter to teleprompter, promised a new, humble foreign policy where his messianic personality would create international consensus before acting in America’s interest. Candidate Obama promised to engage in direct negotiations with Iran and North Korea, in the apparent belief that his own power of persuasion would cause the leadership of Kim Jong-Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to abandon their lifetime of anti-Americanism, and their nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile programs.

President Obama’s appeasement of Iran has become so desperate that he has
promised American support for Iran’s continued development of its nuclear program if Iran allows international inspections of that nuclear program. Within hours the genocidal minded President of Iran rejected any restraint on its nuclear program. The Iranian response is not particularly unexpected. Unlike the joyful crowds of American and European socialists and pacifists, the reader should not forget that Iran greeted President Obama’s promise of a new consensus building United States by launching a new longer range and more accurate ICBM, and one that was capable of carrying a nuclear payload.

Employing the same logic that supported their critique of the Bush foreign policies, the President, the Labor/Socialist/Democrat congressional caucuses and their allies in the dominant media and academia now claim that the Iranian development of nuclear weapons and the ICBMs with which to launch those nuclear warheads makes the average American safer.

North Korea has engaged in a very similar course of conduct since George W. Bush left office. Having recently test launched a new ICBM, capable of carrying a larger nuclear payload a thousand miles farther than the previously known range of Korean ICBM, last night, on the eve of Memorial Day, the North Koreans
tested their yet most powerful nuclear weapon. North Korean possession of nuclear weapons and continued improvement of its ICBM capacity is consistent with North Korea’s stated intention of acquiring a capacity to hit the continental United States. Yet, somehow, we are to believe that the Korean developments increase American security and promote American policy.

While it is, of course, clear, that the United States and our allies in Europe and Israel have become far less safe since the Obama Administration took control of American foreign policy, President Obama is popular with the American and European left and, in the end, that’s all that really matters isn’t it.


Al said...

Welcome back Ted. You hit the nail on the head in regards to the Obama administrations response to recent events. His inaction on Iran and North Korea will only serve to destabilize their respective regions.

Anonymous said...

Wow Ted, it really is sad how nobody pays any attention to the bullshit that you blog on here anymore. At least when you and Mark Klein, M.D. were pals people came in here just to shit on him and his dumb-ass rantings. Maybe you and Klein should team up again, get Ken (Klein's original campaign manager) to join you too. With that level of genius, boy you could rule the world!


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