Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Tale of Two Times

History always repeats itself.

1935-Nazi Germany violates the Treaty of Versailles (that ended WW 1) and remilitarizes Germany with a new navy, air force, and armored and air borne divisions. The US, UK and France protest and complain to the League of Nations.

1935-Italy invades Ethiopia. The US, UK and France protest and complain to the League of Nations.

1936-Nazi Germany violates the Treaty of Versailles and remilitarizes the border with France. The US, UK and France protest and complain to the League of Nations.

1937-Japan invades China at the Marco Polo Bridge in Beijing. The US, UK and France protest and complain to the League of Nations.

1937-Nazi Germany violates the Treaty of Versailles and occupies Austria. The US, UK and France protest and complain to the League of Nations.

1938-Nazi Germany violates the Treaty of Versailles and occupies half of Czechoslovakia. The US, UK and France protest and complain to the League of Nations.

1939-Nazi Germany violates both the Treaty of Versailles and the Munich accords of the same year and occupies the remainder of free Czechoslovakia. The West didn’t even bother to protest.

1939-Nazi Germany invades Poland. France and the UK declare war on Germany, and then do nothing. The US does nothing.

1940-Japan occupies the entire Chinese coast. The US does nothing.

1940-Western Europe is occupied, the UK stands alone. The US begins nothing more than Lend Lease.

1941-Japan occupies French Indochina (Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia). The US finally implements trade sanctions.

1941-Japan attacks the US at Pearl Harbor, the Philippines, Wake Island, Guam and elsewhere.

Now, a mere seventy years later, western and especially the American pacifists are re-learning the lessons of appeasement. Like their fascist god fathers of the 1930 and 1940s, the monsters in Teheran and Pyongyang are again testing the West. The mullahs and their handpicked lunatic, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the most bizarre and brutal dictatorship of the Kim dynasty in North Korea have taken stock of recent history and now are following an all too familiar historical road to Armageddon.

The North Koreans have been slowly been evading compliance with the 1953 Cease Fire agreements, while building a relatively advanced nuclear armament and an ICBM system with which to deliver it. Bill Clinton might have been the last American President to have the ability to stop the North Koreans short of war back in 1994; but then again Kim might have already been able to deliver dirty weapons to Tokyo when then President Clinton so famously recalled the planes, which would certainly explain the recall. President Bush scared the Koreans for several years but then the American left convinced them that the politically weakened President would not attack them and they resumed nuclear testing.

The Iranians have been taking and promoting acts of war against the United States for more than thirty years while also pursuing a nuclear weapons program. The Iranians have seen the United States doing essentially nothing to contain them. Even worse, the Iranians learned how they could benefit from the Western liberal rage at the Bush Doctrine of preemption. There is a reason the Iranians and North Koreans and their terror allies cheered the election of the weakest American President since at least Herbert Hoover.

The world has become very much more dangerous in the last twenty-four hours as North Korea has formally
abrogated the 1953 Cease Fire; begun the rapid testing of numerous new missiles and delivery systems having already threatened to attack American and South Korean ships.

Change indeed America. Change indeed.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree Spearer, we need to attack those douche bag Japs and lay waste to those sausage chewing drunk krauts now before it's too late.

Still trying to be like Ted said...

Glad to see you active again. Even I stopped visiting because I thought you hung up your keyboard and mouse.

Too bad your first poster was mentally retarded.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Ted, it really is sad how nobody pays any attention to the bullshit that you blog on here anymore. At least when you and Mark Klein, M.D. were pals people came in here just to shit on him and his dumb-ass rantings. Maybe you and Klein should team up again, get Ken (Klein's original campaign manager) to join you too. With that level of genius, boym you could rule the world!