Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good News-Good Republican Numbers

At a time that the mainstream media is doing its disingenuous best to perform last rites for conservatism and the GOP the actual numbers stubbornly resist surrendering the ghost.

This morning we awaken to Gallup reporting the continued erosion of public approval of President Obama’s agenda of Marxist poverty at home (except, of course, for the “proletarian” elite) and appeasement and surrender abroad. Gallup now shows
Obama’s job approval slipping again, this time to a historic low of 58%. A seven percent drop among non-party voters leads the decline.

While some would say 58% is evidence of widespread public support real history, which did not begin with election of Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, speaks to the contrary. George W. Bush, who won by a much smaller margin, was at
57% job approval at the same time in his presidency. Bill Clinton sat twenty percent behind at 37% with Ronald Reagan little better at 43%. George H.W. Bush was sitting pretty in the low 60s in June of 1989. We couldn’t locate a June 1977 poll for Jimmy “Ayatollah” Carter but his first year average was 63% so it’s safe to assume June was close to the average.

So maybe the world in learning that our All Powerful Leader is not, after all, the one for whom we’ve all been waiting.

Even better, Gallup polling data release earlier this found self-identified conservatives were the largest segment of the American electorate at
40% with liberals at a mere 21%. The conservative numbers are superior to the same time in 1993 and we all know what happened in ’94.

America does need substantial change but it appears that the public is learning that the Labor/Socialist/Democrat vision of a federal government that decides what we eat, what we drive, where we live, how much we earn and how much medical care we receive is not the change they had in mind.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sporer, those of us that look for a new voice to lead us from the darkness certainly need not park our van in front of your store. What a load of shit this is. My guess is that you're behind the McCain re-nomination, or the committee to explore nominating that cunt from the north pole as our leader. Idiot, never a thought for yourself. And a shitheeled lawyer to boot. Can't wait for your next post; Something about Reagan perhaps? Let's look backwards, not forwards. God what a washed up idiot you are. Thanks for nothing asshole.

The Real Sporer said...

Anon, 19:02

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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