Sunday, May 02, 2010

Race Baiting Redux: Reason on the Run (or why Arizona should motivate Iowa to action).

The recent adoption of SB 1070 in Arizona has provided Iowa’s constitutionalist conservatives with a rare opportunity to provide a crushing blow to the liberal progressive agenda by exposing its foundation in hypocrisy and hatred. The solution is right before us if we take it.

Liberal progressives cannot, of course, deny that it is already a crime to enter the United States without valid immigration documents or to remain in the United States without valid immigration documents. Most liberal progressives at least pay lip service to the propriety of actually controlling the borders, particularly the increasingly dangerous southern border. Although one can never be sure when engaging in dialogue with the party of Orwellian double speak, we can presume from the later premise that most liberal progressives employ the common usage of “control” and mean the prevention of unlawful entry into the United States.

Liberal progressives do not deny that lawful immigrants are already required by federal law to have their valid immigration documents on their persons at all times. One can only presume the purpose of the federal requirement that immigration documents be carried on immigrants’ persons is to allow appropriate law enforcement and other public officials to identify lawful immigrants when the circumstances require it.

Arizona’s now amended new law does nothing more than provide state law enforcement officers with the same authority in Arizona that federal law enforcement officials have spent the last six decades exercising. Nonetheless, the liberal progressives rush to the charge of racism. Yes, their ancient ploy of race baiting has been manufactured to dimensions usually reserved for Republican SCOTUS nominees.

Almost (but not quite) needless to say, no liberal progressive has been able to make an argument to support the charge of racism. The failing of logic is neither surprising nor persuasive. Americans of every race and ethnicity are asked for documentation by some government actor tens of thousands of times a day, every day. Motorists, airline passengers, train passengers, entrants into every federal courthouses and office building around the world, every applicant for public assistance, and a myriad of other actors present their “papers” on an hourly basis. So the citizen or lawful resident, of Hispanic or other origin, already has “papers” and already routinely present them to government officials.

The Democrat immigration bill pending in Congress, as in pending right now, requires a national identification card, complete with biometric identification, for every citizen and lawful alien.

Yet the shrieking cries of racism grow louder. How then, ought conservative constitutionalists to respond to this attack?

One approach is a renewed round of pandering to the liberal media and academic monopoly. That approach has only slowed the rate of social disintegration-since we’re at the precipice of disaster perhaps a more robust approach is now in order?

So let us call them out and do the right thing. Polls in Arizona show more than two-thirds of the public support SB 1070. Only one in five oppose the law. Support among Republicans is even higher. Rather than run from SB 1070, let’s embrace, explain and defend it. There is no reason for the seven to be shouted down by the two.

It was good to see Bob Vander Plaats, early last week, embrace the amended Arizona statute for Iowa, where we have a growing problem with the exploitation of the loose border and those who unlawfully cross it. Rod Roberts climbed on board the train last night. In the same debate, Governor Branstad spoke for the minority opinion in our Party and did not support the amended Arizona law, noting that Iowa is not Arizona. Adoption of the Arizona plan will help keep it that way.


P.S. Before the libs shriek racist at me, please review my earlier posts on immigration. The governor’s office should have a division that does nothing but encourage immigration into Iowa and helps immigrants stay legal and obtain citizenship, and the AG should have a task force on employer enforcement of harsh financial penalties on employers. So there!


RF said...

Sporer - Are you back to blogging? Anyway, you may want to increase the font size for the latter part of your post.

Since you appear concerned about immigration, I assume you are all for comprehensive immigration reform that can actually pass Congress. Correct?

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