Sunday, June 13, 2010

Atlas Shrugs Censored By Pay Pal: Geller got one thing wrong.

Some of you may already be familiar with the outstanding Atlas Shrugged blog.  Atlas Shrugs' authored by Pamela Geller, has been the most recent target of the oldest device in the Labor/socialist/Democrat tool room:  censorship.
Geller's commentary is a well spoken discussion of the news of the day from a conservative perspective.  Like most conservatives, Geller focuses on facts, as in real occurrences and events and not the "change our history" facts of the Michelle Obama dictionary.  Those facts are frequently unpleasant, particularly as Geller describes the Islamic threat to the basic Western principles of liberte', egalite', fraternite' and the more recent baby boom codicil of personal hedonism.
Altough apparently unable to describe any "hate speech" with factual specificity PayPal determined that Geller's commentary violates PayPal's acceptable use restrictions.  PayPal then discontinued its services to Atlas Shrugs. 

Geller's response is a brilliant example of conservative "fight back" that we so often advocate on these pages but she got one thing wrong:  truth is not the liberal's latest victim, truth is the first victim of liberal political power.

  1. Conservatives don't support federal regulation of collective political speech by corporations and unions.
  2. Conservatives don't phyically attack liberal speakers, but liberals routinely attack conservatives.
  3. Conservatives don't support regulation of political speech on television and radio by reviving the Orwellian "fairness doctrine.
  4. Conservatives don't support regulation of political speech on the internet through application the equally Orwellian "net neutrality".
  5. Conservatives don't support restrictions on employment based on political or religous conscience. 
Each item on the foregoing list is a current examples of the broad based L/S/D attack on freedom of speech, thought and conscience.  Almost as I write these words the Obama Administration's FTC is preparing a government takeover of the newspaper industry through more fiscal "bailouts". 
The modern conservative should never forget what "change our history" means in historical terms.  What, after all, are the ultimate agiprops of history?  The national socialist states of Germany and Italy, the communist socialist states like the old Soviet Union and its modern bastard offspring in China, Cuba and Venezuala certainly come first to mind.   Propoganda has always been an essential element of the socialist state.
For propoganda to work, truth must be silenced.   As for Pamela Geller, keep up the fight sister.


Repack Rider said...

Seems to me that the free market in ideas will straighten things out. PayPal will either make more money or less due to its actions. If it makes more, then it was a good decision for them.

We sure don't need to address this exercise of ownership rights with legislation.

The Real Sporer said...

Completely agree with Repack about the need for legislation. PayPal is free to vend its services to whom or what ever it wants.

However, the larger point about liberal censors is far more important. Libs don't believe in the free market of ideas any more than they believe in the free market for the delivery of goods and services.