Monday, June 14, 2010

Congressman King responds to liberal critics: Real Sporer Exclusive!

I just get off the phone with Congressman Steve King.    The Congressman provided us with his response to the liberal attack on him following his appearance on the Gordon Liddy show earlier today.

After noting that the liberal hit group "Media Matters" ignited the faux controversy by releasing an editted version of his statements, and edit that was obviously employed to change the context, the Congressman in his typical fashion, showed political courage in the face of feigned liberal outrage and the personal attacks that followed his claim that the Obama Administration has displayed a default position of racial bias.

Congressman King delivered a simple but crushing response to the liberal critics.  "The fact that liberals have risen to attack me and call me names without rebutting my assertions concedes my point"  said the Congressman, who then concluded:  "When they start calling you names you know they've lost the argument".

Steve King provides Republican courage, a refreshing oasis in a desert of fear.

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Tommi M. said...

Interesting how you conveniently gloss over the fact that at the root of many of these King controversies is the fact that it is King himself who misquotes and mischaracterizes what other people have said. In this case, he completely misstated what Holder said. Clearly, King seeks controversy to fire up his base, or he does not fully understand the Enghlish language, or he suffers from ADD and can't concentrate on reading/listening to others.

You also neglect to point out the fact that many R's are running away from King on these controversies.


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