Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Leonard Boswell: Its time to defend your real record

Now just who is calling the shots here?
The hour is upon incumbent Leonard Boswell in which he must defend his real voting record and what it has done to Iowans.

Why has Congressman Boswell failed Iowans by consistently supporting the ultra-left agenda of TARP, union bail outs, corporate takeovers, false job numbers and imposing the mandate of Obamacare on the American people, and Iowa's small businesses?

Since Leonard Boswell joined the majority and took stewardship of the American economy the unemployment rate has increased from 4.5% to 9.7%.  While the budget deficit and national debt have sky rocketed to levels unknown to post-World War II history since the Congressman became a member of the majority the Dow has fallen by more than 20% and real personal income has dropped faster than Bill Clinton's eyes on a plunging neckline.  Now, the Labor/Socialist/Democrat leadership that Congressman Boswell supports is poised to impose a massive tax increase on America's small businesses and families while using a radical environmental plan to increase the cost of energy-that means the price at the pump.

Those are the facts and they are beyond factual refutation.  This election is going to be about those facts and not Congressman Boswell's service in Vietnam or grandfatherly personality.   We have to focus on the facts because we can no longer afford the substitution of geniality over substance-it is quite literally killing us.

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RF said...

I am certainly not a Boz fan. As a matter of fact, I’m a known persona non grata in the Boz circles. But, your economic analysis is like blaming the Gulf Coast cleaning crews for the BP mess. Let’s not forget that it was the primarily R-driven - with some D assistance, for sure - lets-not-regulate-biz-in-any-way agenda that caused the economic meltdown in the fall of 2008. (Interestingly, the same anti-govt, anti-regulatory mentality that caused the Gulf mess.) And, had we followed the Sporerian/R lets-not-do-anything-to-help-the-situation response to the economic meltdown, we would surely be looking at unemployment numbers in the range of 20-25%, at a bare minimum. I suspect that it is thanks to TARP and the Obama stimulus that Sporer’s law office doors, as well as many other small firm doors, are still open.

BTW, I thought Sporer was one of the few R’s who actually believed in new clean energy sources. What happened to that? Or are you just one of those typical R’s who says clean energy is good, but if you actually need to vote for a measure to promote those alternatives and to change the dirty status quo, you always punt? And, let’s not forget that had we listened to those “radical environmentalists,” we would not have a good portion of the Gulf in the sad, pitiful state that it is in right now. Had we had an “extreme anti-biz” requirement of having actually fail-safe blowout preventers, like the Brits and Norwegians do, we could be focusing on economic growth, rather than cleaning up the epic mess.