Friday, June 04, 2010

Peter Beinart raises the question: are liberals delusional or demented?

Well known liberal writer Peter Beinart today expressed, quite inadvertently to be sure, the true lengths of sophistry and self delusion to which liberals are, quite enthusiastically to be sure, willing to travel in their pursuit of Western collapse.

We all know the story of the Israeli commando raid on the Islamic Gaza blockade busters. Israelis stop Islamic ship attempting to avoid submission to the board and search requirements for entry into a Gaza port. Islamic radicals on ship start trouble. Israelis do what Israelis do and bring trouble to a shift and bloody conclusion. World screeches about Israeli brutality while ignoring both the long term implications of Hamas success in breaking Israeli blockade (or perhaps well aware of the long term result, Europe is after all the home of the Dreyfus Affair, the pogrom and the Holocaust) and the immediate short term affect of rearming a progressively enfeebled Hamas.

Beinart actually said that it was cruel and unfair to punish the Palestinian people with the blockade "just" because they voted Hamas into power. Left unstated was the support the Palestinian terror regime receives from what appears to be a majority of the Palestinian people who occupy the sewer of the Mediterranean. Hamas has oft repeated the objective of destroying Israel and annihilating its occupants. Presumably that rather unpleasant objective is shared by the Palestinian people because they empower the terrorists.

The faces of friendship?
Unlike Europe, even the Clinton Administration, in the final analysis could distinguish between our steadfast ally, the Israeli people, and the occupants of the hate filled terror proto state in Gaza. For those who have forgotten, the Israelis rushed to mourn our dead on 9.11 while the residents of Gaza danced in the streets screaming "Death to America".

Hamas attacks Israel with every means at its disposal. The preferred method of attack employed by the Hamas terror state is the acquisition of rockets from Israel, Syria and other terror states followed by the random delivery of the rockets into Israeli population centers. While the moron Left, Cindy Sheehan and her cast of pink clad ignorami, cannot be expected to understand the utter lunacy of the Beinart statement, Beinart is himself at least an intelligent and serious liberal.

Hamas public service ad
The Palestinian people are punished by the blockade because they support terror attacks on Israel. Hamas and its supporters seek to settle their dispute with Israel on the battlefield. The liberal progressive ignorance of history is never more luminescent than when discussing military matters. Power and will prevail on the battlefield. Israel has the power to destroy Hamas so Hamas must rely on international pressure to break Israel's will. Israel must break Hamas' will to destroy Israel by undermining its support among the Palestinian population before Hamas gains the power to physically destroy Israel.

Beinart knows the preceding postulate to be true. More importantly President Obama and his highest military and diplomatic officials, whose statements of nonsupport for Israel are so well understood as support for Hamas where it counts, in Gaza, know the preceding postulate to be true.

Only two possibilities can explain the liberal embrace of such a logically indefensible position-one of such attenuated reason as to be simply ridiculous. Either the progressive liberal left is so dangerously deluded as to reject factual reality in the world's most volatile and menacing place or they are possessed of a truly demented embrace, through affinity or fear, of the world's most vile, brutal and hate filled people.

Either way, seriously, why would you trust these people with the lives of your children. Something to consider both the next time they fly and you vote.

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