Sunday, July 25, 2010

LIttle Green Footballs: Demented, dishonest or both?

A notorious leftie blog, Little Green Footballs, published a post today as part of the Barbarossa scale attack on conservative media following the racist-turned victim-turned racist Shirley Sherrod story.  The author argued that the conservative tactic to rebut criticism is to find a minor or unimportant factual error in the liberal critique.  The LGF statements come about as close as liberals ever get to admitting that there arguments fundamentally lack any reliance on or commitment to factual reality.

The "irrelevant or minor point" of factual reality that the Little Green attack on Fox News targets is actually the entire body of exculpatory evidence.  Two well established facts are issue dispositive. 

First, Fox aired the story after the Obama Administration had forced Sherrod to resign.  Second, the custodian of the entire video, the NAACP and its aptly named President, Ben Jealous, had supported the Administration and decried the Sherrod statements before Fox aired the video.

Only the primal scream of emotion that the progressive liberal substitutes for reason could convict a conservative of racism for truthfully broadcasting a story that an employee of the government had already been fired for racist statements that the employee's specific boss had already said were unacceptable and a major non profit-who was the custodian of the entire original speech and in the audience when the speech was made thereby knowing the the context of the remarks-had already echoed the DoAg's position.  The number of past tense verbs is not coincidental.

As I like to say, you really can't make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

"The Republican freedom agenda"? You are the bane of humanity. You suppress scientific achievement and progress, and eventually your actions - or rather, unwillingness to act - will catalyze the destruction of mankind, as well as of the very freedoms you claim to espouse. What happens when laissez-faire capitalism leads to the ascent of corporations whose power exceeds that of the government? What happens when you exploit all of Earth's resources and your moralistic society falls to pieces before your eyes? What when the government must lie to preserve the illusion of power it holds over its people?

Capitalism is a failure of a system next to meritocracy. Claiming your agenda is the only alternative to socialism is either ignorant or willfully deceitful. The fact that a system hasn't been tried before doesn't mean that it cannot function. Was it a mistake to implement the American style of democracy in 1789 just because it was radical and new at the time? Progress comes through experimentation, and conservatives are those individuals that want to stifle progress. Now, the US seesaws between two blind, idiotic political parties with essentially the same ideology which exploit the minor differences in their beliefs to create debate and lure voters. Every day, Republicans and Democrats exchange the same tried, hollow arguments, while the real battles go on in laboratories which struggle to receive adequate funding. The two-party system is a failure.

Whereas capitalism encourages sloth in the established upper classes, meritocracy - the most individualistic non-anarchic system - rewards every individual on their own achievements, never those of their parents, and rewards continued efforts. The family unit and inheritance are paving the way for the decay and decline of Western society. Whereas capitalism constructs an entrenched elite that is nigh insurmountable for newcomers, meritocracy is a system built on true equality of opportunity. Whereas capitalism encourages competition, hostility, and rivalry, meritocracy harnesses the same survivalistic instincts in a cooperative manner - for the good of society. Are you satisfied with the way things are? That power comes from birth? That talent in the underclass is choked by the colossal weight of the ruling classes? That scientists struggle to receive funding to search for a cancer cure or colonize other worlds, but football players and heirs are squatting on immense reserves of stagnant cash?

Justify inheritance for me. Tell me how it is morally acceptable for you to determine the ease or difficulty for someone to achieve their dreams at birth. Yes - I do realize that is precisely what nature does. No - I do not believe that makes it right.

I've seen the most compelling theist arguments; however, I'm not here to argue about that.

The liberal agenda fails because it, too, rewards sloth and incompetence by funding those that remain unemployed and unproductive despite the ability to contribute productively to society. It fails because it fails to provide motivation. Conservatism is rooted in intolerance; liberalism is built on an idealized vision - both are failures in most every respect. You and your so-called "liberal" rivals are not the agents of change we need.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous-what is your point exactly? A lot of attacks. Pappa bear is going to have fun with you.