Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Change...and Hope...are on the way

It's 63 days until America becomes a better place. And as 9.5% of the workforce without a job anxiously awaits November, Barack Hussein Obama has just wrapped up a trip to Martha's Vineyard. He took a vacation. Again. For the ninth time in 18 months on the job.

I'm not sure if it's his affinity for doing nothing, as the country writhes in the throes of its greatest financial and social malaise since President Malaise himself sat in the Oval Office, that angers me the most. It might be his abject disdain for the fact that he's created every bit of this F-5 tornado of tumult...and doesn't give a God *amn (Thank you, Rev. Wright) about who's suffering because of it.

While millions sit unemployed this upcoming Labor Day weekend, BHO eats ice cream and enjoys syrupy photo ops.

While we labor under the yoke of a $13 trillion national debt, BHO goes on a bike ride. (Wearing a Fisher Price "My First Adult Bike Helmet" to boot. He looked as emasculated, as weak, as vulnerable in that photo as any bad photo of a president or politician I've ever seen. Kim Jong Il saw it and remarked, "Even I could kick his ass!"

I wonder at times if his Democrat minions in Congress have awakened to the reality that to him, they were a means to an end - useful dolts and nothing more. He got what he wanted - Obamacare, financial overhaul, the stimulus bill, Government Motors, and likely backdoor amnesty before January.

What did they get? More like, what are they going to get? For many of them it'll be a pink slip from their constituents. They can't get far enough away from him now; he is box office poison in a way that only Tom Cruise or Ben Affleck can appreciate. "We Are the Change We've Been Waiting For" has become "We Are the Failures Our Arrogance Has Created."

Of course, you won't find a single Leftist who'll admit that. That's Chapter One, Page One of their playbook, "We Can't Govern! And We Know It! But We'll Never Admit It!" Comedian Jerry Seinfeld stated last week that Obama has been a "good" president. He also went on to say that the Minnesota Timberwolves were a "good" NBA team, and that DeCoster Farms produced "good" eggs.

So BHO kicked it ruling-class style in the Northeast, less than a month after his wife's grotesque, taxpayer-undergirded junket to Italy. Life is good when you're the Prez and you don't care about anybody else. But as is always the case with intentional seismic social upheaval, there comes some unintentional (in Obama's case), unwanted developments. To wit:

  • The non-Left populace of this nation has rubbed its long-slumbering eyes awake. Lulled into semi-comatose governmental acquiescence for decades, Americans both conservative and independent have seen the in-your-face attacks on their preferred ways of life. They've seen their elected officials, put into office to represent their interests, give them the high hard one over and over as never before. And as their forefathers before them, they're finally taking these attacks on liberty seriously and fighting back. They're angry as never before, motivated to vote as never before, and November is going to be bloody for the Left as never before.

  • The 2008 election campaign, and the first two years of the Obama administration, removed once and for all the veil of objectivity of the media. You don't have to be conservative or a Republican to see the Leftist slant on the networks and in newspapers now. "Journolists" finally decided to drop all formal pretense and show us who they are. (This week it was revealed that 88% of the employees at the Big Three networks donated either to Obama or the Left during the 2008 campaign.)

As a result, CBS, NBC and ABC all continue to set new lows in nightly news viewership. There may not be a newspaper still printing in 10 years. Yet conservative talk radio (Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Levin, etc.) continues to boom in both listenership and profit, and Fox News continues to command viewers in a way that works the Left into a froth usually reserved for Jesus Christ.

Objectivity case in point: I loved how my RealSporer colleague, Kim Lehman, made national news last week when she questioned comments Obama made earlier in reference to his alleged Muslim faith, and the media - whose job was once to investigate - instead turned on the question asker. Allow me an analogy to illustrate this absurdity:

"President Nixon, did you have anything to do with the Watergate break-in?"

Journalists: "What a mean-spirited, bigoted, intolerant statement! Shame on you!"

Personally, I could think of worse things to feel shame about...like taking vacation every two months while the house is on fire and your extended family is inside.

November is on its way, folks...


RF said...

To paraphrase Washingtonpost.com commentary: "Voters are mad at Democrats for not doing enough to help the economy. So they are going to vote for a party that is willing to do even less." - Priceless. And so true.

And just imagine the post on this site if it had been a D president vacationing for a full month in TX after seeing the memo W saw in August 2001. No outrage for all those Bushie twin trips either? - Pathetic.

RF said...

Plus, what is this R "change" we will be getting? Will we all be turning to God or what?

Brad said...

Clearly you don't agree with Todd's comments, rf. Too bad you don't take credit/accountability by using your real name.

Hiding behind a pair of letters doesn't impress anyone.

RF said...

Brad - My apologies, I just realized this post was not by Sporer. Todd indeeed. Still getting used to the fact that Sporer is not the only one posting here... - Still, I hope Todd and other guest posters don't mind my radical D contributions here.

RF said...

Brad – Some higher power/administrator deleted my response to you a couple of times this morning. I don’t have the time to retype it again, just to have it removed. In a nutshell: I’m not here to impress anyone, I’m here to debate issues with Sporer and other R’s. Despite my anonymity and a bit of edginess, I try to be respectful and stick to issues.