Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Strange Case of Rep. Weiner's wiener: this job takes two hands.

The now well known case of Rep. Weiner has exploded on the Internet over the current holiday weekend.  While this is good news for a couple of other cads, John Edwards and the Governator, "Tighty-whiteygate" it strings Anthony Weiner on the always uncomfortable if equally proverbial horns of dilemma.

One one hand, if Weiner's version is true, the Twitter account of a sitting United States Congressman was hijacked by someone that intended to harm that Congressman.  Make no mistake, real harm has been done to real people if this story is the product of identity theft.  You married guys need to reflect on Anthony Weiner's holiday weekend.  Gals, how humiliated does the recently minted Mrs. Weiner feel this weekend?  Identity theft is not a prank, its a crime.

If a hacker was involved Rep. Weiner has a legal duty to report the crime to the Capitol Police and the FBI.  Thus far Weiner has not acted like an outraged and innocent victim and his failure to do so seems highly inculpatory behavior.

On the other hand, if guilty, Weiner has illustrated not only sufficient personal hedonism to earn novice status in the Kennedy Caucus of Philandering Politicians but the intense hatred liberals have for all things conservative coupled with a complete refusal to accept wrong doing by any of their fellow travellers.

While virtually all of the evidence points toward Weiner's guilt (e.g. the timing of the tweets, the direct reference to his air time in Seattle, the putative paramour's previous references to Weiner as her boyfriend and the disappearance of her social networking) liberal websites have excreted pages of vitriolic ad hominem, expressed in terms far more odious than that employed to describe UBL by the same authors, at Andrew Brietbart.  Breitbart's crime?  Violation of the first rule of American journalism-telling an unflattering truth about a liberal politician. 

By Tuesday we can undoubtedly expect to see the main stream liberal media complex fulling investigating the scandal they have heretofore ignored.  One can imagine David Gregory's special on what Breitbart knew and when did he know it?  Matthews will have Ed Schultz (fresh off his suspension for calling a Republican radio host a "slut") Paul Krugman and Andrea Mitchell for a special panel discussion of congressional action to rescind Breitbart's First Amendment rights.  Rachel Maddow will cover the extent to which Bretibart can be prosecuted for hate crimes against the GLBT community.

Remember the theme of Ken Starr's brutality to the ultimately quite guilty Bill Clinton?  Yeah, like that.

Hopefully, Andrew Breitbart will keep the matter alive by refusing to allow the MSM to redefine the issue.  As for you, Anthony Weiner, you'd be better off following a preferred adage of the late Freddy Sporer, paraphrased for a PG audience:  if you employ your johnson, clad in boxers or briefs, as a compass you are probably going in the wrong direction.

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