Sunday, April 15, 2012

Must Watch Catholic Web Ad: Devastating counter attack in liberal war on religion.

Liberal socialism has been at war with religion and religious freedom since Karl Marx,  Godfather of all things progressive,  first identified the incompatibility of progressive socialism and religion.  Marx's immortal 1843 words (of warning, perhaps) " [d]ie Religion ... ist das Opium des Volkes" were the progressive socialists' declaration of war on religion.   For the bulk of the post-modern period of American history the Marxian axiom has been an article of religious conviction for liberal progressives.  The "radical transformation" envisioned by the President and his fellow Labor/Socialist/Democrat revolutionaries cannot be completed until they have annihilated any source of morality that competes with the official state morality.

Religion in the post modern society envisioned by progressives is merely another apparatus of the total state.  The function of clergy in such a world, like that of educators, is to first reinforce the concept of the state as the sole source of morality and political rights.   Free religious conscience threatens the total state for the simple reason that it creates a competing pole from which morality is derived.  Lest you think such a future is the product of paranoid dementia, observe the prosecution of Canadian clergy for preaching the immorality of homosexuality.

American Catholics have long voted heavily Democrat. That voting pattern continued after it became apparent that the LSD ideology was irreconcilable with the moral instruction of Roman Catholicism. 

Apparently the proverbial straw that broke the most forbearant of camel's back was the Obamacare mandate that Catholic institutions not just allow employees to purchase contraception but actually pay for it,  including late term abortions. 


Now it appears the organized Catholic Church is fighting back.  Please pass it along.

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