Thursday, May 31, 2012

H/T Legal Insurrection: Liz Warren's Udder Falsehood

Liz "One Drop" Warren
Last night the excellent blog "Legal Insurrection" caught Liz Warren telling the craziest lie in American political history.  Ms. Warren actually, seriously, claims to have been the first woman to breast feed while sitting for the New Jersey bar. 

As Professor Jacobson reports, women have been taking the bar exam in the Garden State since before the turn of the last century (117 years).   In what Ms. Warren undoubtedly feels to be an example of the oppressive patriarchy inherent in the American legal system, the NJ Supreme Court has never tracked nursing status/type in their admission process. 

When will she claim to have been born a poor black child?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What she actually meant was she was the first part Native American blonde woman with the initials LW to breast feed while sitting upright in a NJ bar


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