Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Democrat glossary "Freedom of Association"

Starting a new feature at TRS.  It is important to explore the meaning ascribed by liberal, socialist Democrats to heroic and patriotic terms, phrases and language in general.

Today, "freedom of association."

Generally speaking, "freedom of association" means the right of individuals to associate with other individuals of their choice to accomplish any legal purpose.  Almost anyone you ask will agree with the foregoing definition.

Press your local progressive about their operational meaning of the term and you will find a very different meaning.

As vividly displayed in Wisconsin, the Democrats war on the right to work means that association is not a right, to be exercised or abstained based on individual decision, but an obligation that must be enforced on all employees under the color of law.

Democrat theory argues that employees must join whatever labor or trade union is present in their employer's workplace. Those employees must not only associate with a union but subsidize it with mandatory dues that are involuntarily deducted from the employee's wages.

Where is the freedom in that association?

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