Thursday, June 14, 2012

HBO Bush on the Pike-GOP stop bitching, start ditching

After 30 years, we dropped HBO today. 

There is no reason to pay people to insult us and agitate and ridicule our beliefs and leadership.  Putting President Bush's decapitated head on pike is legal, but its the basest of expression, just political filth.

Maher, Veep, Game Change???  POTUS's head on a pike brings something about straws and camels to mind.  Well, we here at TRS are tired of being humped by HBO. 

The HBO statement that the atrocity was not political is as credible as HBO's apology.HBO and Game of Thrones (literally human-monster soft core porn-not just metaphorical) does not care if they insult Republicans and conservatives.   What did Elton and Bernie say, "complaining wouldn't do any good".  It won't.  HBO intended to offend you.  So, what does a conservative do, shout at the liberals as they take our money to the bank or take some positive action for change?

Unlike the dying old stooge media (e.g CBS, CNN and WaPo), HBO does, however, deeply care about ratings and income.

Would you shop at a local merchant that put this poster on their store front?  Of course not.  So why shop with HBO? 

Only one thing to do:

#DropHBO    #DumpHBO    #CancelHBO

Then hash it up at Twitter, brothers and sisters.  You hit HBO sleaze merchants in the wallet, and you may see a little more discrete, polite and politcally ecumenical programming.  At least you won't be paying for the agitprop that aims to bury you.

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