Friday, June 22, 2012

That's Obama: The Karaoke Version

When unemployment's sky high and a job you can't buy, that's Obama.
When the stock market tanks even while the Fed cranks, that's Obama.
When jewelry's cheaper than gas and Keystone won't pass, that's Obama.
While he shoots a round on the pavement you pound, that's Obama.

When insurance is lost or you pay twice the cost, that's Obama.
When Big Labor is king and Arabs miss spring, that's Obama.
He tells you "speak nice" while he sticks in the knife, that's Obama.
When he parties' with stars but you can't pay for your cars, that's Obama.

When Russians laugh in our face and Syrians killing a pace, that's Obama.
When machine guns get lost on the border they crossed, that's Obama.
When spy secrets are clear and the old press corps cheer, that's Obama.
And most of all, when its all Bush's fault, that's Obama.

Yes it's all Bush's fault and that's O-baaaaaa-ma!

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