Thursday, July 19, 2012

Food Stamps for Foreigners, Yes, there is a Santa Claus

The Obama Administration's capacity for wealth destruction and dependency creation quite literally recognizes no limits.  We picked up a link from the Daily Caller that was so fantastic that it required some personal research.

Yet, the story is true.  The United States government, acting through Tom Vilsack's USDA, has partnered with a foreign government (maybe more than one), Mexico, to encourage and facilitate food stamp dependency for foreign nationals living in the United States.

It has been widely known that the number of Americans susbsisting on food stamps has reached and maintained record levels under the Obama economic debacle.  The Administration wears the record level of food stamp dependency it has created as a badge of honor; prima facie evidence of its success in radically transforming America.

But seriously, foreign nationals living on American taxpayer dollars? 

The Obama response to criticism of its ongoing collaberation with a foreign government to encourage foreign nationals to obtain American federal welfare is simply more race baiting.  Republicans could only object to foreign nationals receiving American welfare because we hate Hispanics-such an argument is regular bottom shelf stock in the Hispanic aisle of this Administration's racial division superstore.

Could even taxpaying Americans of Hispanic descent, who have seen their unemployment level nearly double under the Obama Administration's tenure and who pay the same astronomic prices for fuel and food that does everyone else regardless of ancestry, find such gibberish credible this time around?  Could someone whose last name is Garcia or Gonzalez that turns out every morning and goes to work only to see a third to a half of their paycheck disappear in taxes, possibly find justice in those tax dollars paying foreign nationals, whether from Mexico, Madagascar or Malaysia, to live on American welfare? 

Given the billions of dollars the Obama Administration has sent to Brazil for offshore oil exploration or Finland for electric cars or China for solar panels, the question for tax paying Hispanic voters is why their tax dollars are supporting foreign people and industries when real Hispanic unemployment is hovers around 20% and Hispanic families have seen their family income collapse under the Obama work to welfare transition?

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Erik Charter said...

Obama and his allies won't give up as long as there is one wealthy person left in the U.S. Oh, except for Tom Harkin. He's o.k....