Sunday, July 22, 2012

Obama Era: Expert Consensus Shows Transition from Work to Welfare Equals Poverty.

Another family staying at an Obama Inn
Just caught a "minor" headline this morning.  The percentage of Americans living in poverty has reached a near fifty year high.  The raw number of Americans living in poverty has already reached historic worsts in each of the three Obama years.
We've long known that the Obama years have seen labor force participation (the percentage of Americans already employed or seeking employment) drop to Carter Depression era lows.
The conclusion inescapably indicts the Obama socialist approach. 
In 2012 the United States faces record public debt and has experienced its first credit downgrade (even the Revolutionary Government of 1778 had better credit).  At the same time, after six years of Democrat budget control and a nearly four year experiment with European socialism/crony capitalism the United States has record levels of government spending in whatever way the liberals have chosen to spend it (e.g. the 09 budget, the Stimulus, nationalized health care and record Social Security and Medicare spending).   The liberal states like New York, Illinois, and especially California spend pour even more water into that ocean of spending.  Yet the independence and affluence that comes with employment is collapsing and the dependence that arises from poverty and welfare is at a historic worst.  All but the committed ideologue can recognize that President  Obama's socialism destroys employment and increases poverty and dependence if they know the clearest of facts.

Where then are the Republican ads telling the public these alarming facts?   The idea that we have lost a generation of labor and nearly two generations of national wealth in only three years are the kind of shocking numbers that even the simplest of viewers could grasp, so why don't we tell them? 

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Erik said...

Gosh, you would almost think that one of the parties benefits by keeping people poor...