Monday, July 23, 2012

US Debt. Once again we ask, why not argue the facts?

Remember 06? Remember Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama promised to change things if the people gave them control of Congress.

They did, and they did.

In the last fiscal year before the Dems took control of the budget process the Republicans added $459,269,261,648.20 to the United States public debt. Yes, that's about four hundred fifty nine billion dollars, give or take a few. Such profligate spending was unsustainable, five fiscal years ago. The United States could not have continued deficit spend at the rate of $1,258,271,949.72 per day.

Nancy Pelosi promised no new deficit spending in her first year. Harry Reid promised to hold the debt ceiling to 2007 levels. No less a geohistoric personage as Barack Obama labelled such borrowing as unpatriotic, actually employing the "U" word to describe the then President, Republican W.

The Democrats kept their promise: they changed the unsustainable rate of federal spending. In their first fiscal year, the Democrat Congress, lead by Nancy Pelosi in the House and Harry Reid and Barack Obama in the Senate, Democats increased the public debt of the United States increased by $1,061,672,666,771.06. That's one trillion sixty nine billion dollars.

The rate of debt began to accumulate more than twice as fast we did the previous year. That's a daily debt rate of $2,908,692,237.72, almost three times as fast as the Bush/GOP debt rate that Barack Obama labelled unpatriotic. Three freakin' times as fast.

The Democrats have increased the deficit by more than one trillion dollars per year in every one of the five fiscal years since, and FY 2012 is only three quarters complete! The total new debt Democrats have incurred is a whopping $6,793,814,813,967.81.

These are big numbers but easy facts to convey. The average person hears about debt, but they never hear anything close to the real numbers. Maybe we ask the average politically apathetic, undecided voter, the proverbial "everyman" if they feel the benefit of an extra $21,720.67 from the United States government? If the answer is no, as we suspect it will be, let 'em, know that is the extra tax burden they will pay for just new debt, not everything from Uncle Sam mind you, just debt, since the Democrats took control of the US Senate and said goodbye to reality.

So, GOP, its up to us to educate them. Let's do it.

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