Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dems Announce Sarin Gas Safe For Children!

In light of the now confirmed existence of WMD in Iraq at the time of the invasion, as the NGIC report now makes clear, we are no longer debating in the realm of speculation about 500 weaponized mustard and sarin gas war heads. So, a few questions for the liberals arise.

Libs, how safe do you think sarin and mustard gas in Saddam’s hands made the world and the United States? Fifteen shells killed 5000 people so how many could 500 warheads kill?

Was Saddam lying when he said there were no WMD of any kind in Iraq pre-invasion? If he lied about the existence of 500 chemical warheads should we assume post 9.11 that he was lying about other WMD or should we have trusted Saddam?

If the U.N. inspectors missed 500 warheads should we have assumed that they missed nothing else? If the U.N. inspectors missed something else should we assume that the “something” else was something benign?

Cat got your tongue? I’ll bet. Well, for those who lack the courage to speak for themselves, I’ll be happy to speak for you and your simply childlike attempt to mitigate the disclosure of discovery of WMD in Iraq post invasion. Here’s a sample of what we are hearing even as I type:

“It’s just a few weapons”. Really, 500 warheads, every one of which was illegally possessed and publicly denied are a “few”? A few as in there were even larger quantities for which the world community cannot account? Or perhaps a few as in only 30,000-50,000 people could be killed, which, after all, compared to the death totals in Saddam’s murder camps isn't all that voluminous of a casualty count.

“The weapons are degraded”. Again, really degraded to the point of harmlessness? Well Senators Kerry, Kennedy and Clinton-let’s store the material in an unsecured pre-release condition in your houses without any modification to prevent the release. If it’s safe for your children and grandchildren then I will assume it’s safe for mine. You should gladly accept this opportunity to demonstrate the courage of your convictions. Maybe the Hollywood Howler monkeys would like for us to test the level of sarin degradation at the next Bush Bash red carpet event (Grammy, Oscar etc….). I’m guessing the answer to both propositions is a hearty “no thanks”.

“Bush still lied because we haven’t found ……… (you fill it in with anything ranging form a nuclear tipped ICBM on down).” Even more astounding, is it not? Every intelligence organization in the world confirmed the belief in Saddam’s WMD. Now we actually find WMD so, instead of assuming that maybe some of the discrepancy about what we knew Saddam had and that for which we can now account is yet to be found, the liberals defy reason and repeat the Bush lied mantra that the President was lying about the existence of even more of what we have now already found.

Listen up troops, the liberals will reiterate this nonsense, with increasing drama and passion in their presentations, as the truth sinks in. Our job is to repeat the factual truth and its logical implications with twice the energy, half the drama and all of the passion our liberal adversaries employ in promoting the factual distortions of the left.


Heineken said...

After getting a new heine today on krusty I decided to come here.

The Dems knew that Saddam used these weapons on their own people what is wrong with them if this was going on anywhere else in the world the we don't have troops they would be screaming that we want to let women and children die. Here's one to thinking a little!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just get a job Heineken? Oh wait, that's right. You are Jay Heine.

Why won't Vander Plaats give you a job?

Perhaps you can crawl back to John Cox?

WAR Jim Nussle

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