Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hello From The Real Sporer

Mission Statement

Well, I had to start a blog to reply to Krusty. A lot of work.
However, this may well be quite worthwhile. I have a very clear vision of where we as a party need to go, and no, I am not running for any offices other than those I already hold, but this may be a good forum for sharing that vision.
1. We need to be a party of principles. This is not the same as a litmus test for membership. There are many issues in the world today. A Republican is one holds the conservative view on the majority of those issues. A Democrat is someone who holds the liberal view on a majority of issues. Consensus, not unanimity, is the necessary goal. Unanimity is unattainable in the real world and hence is pointless to pursue anyway.
2. We need to be a party that draws a bright and continuous line with the liberal position on every issue. Why is participation at all time lows-because we don't tell people who we are and what we stand for. The facts, history and reason are on our side so why don't we share that news with the public.
3. We need to be a party that creates new mediums of communicating our conservative message to the public so as to create a "brand loyalty" to the Republican Party. We must persuade people that they are Republicans first and then members in other political organizations. Then we can create a permanent majority in Iowa.
4. We need to be a party of civility. We cannot prosper if we allow our crankiest eccentrics or most vicious backstabber to define us, within the party and to the larger public in general. We can be tough if we stick to the facts and that is all we need.
So, hello blogsphere. I guess my insomina now exists for a purpose.


Guitar Man said...

Your "party of principles" statement is critical to our success, however, we continue to get labeled as "religious zealots" on some of the critical issues. If we aren't successful on these issues, our principles go out the window.

Anonymous said...

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