Saturday, July 22, 2006

A little more of whose lookin' out for who.

Part 1

While researching another aspect of CIETC I stumbled across a little archival information about Ako, (D candidate HD66). Wow, $150,000 from CIETC through the years in addition to that other County money. It looks like the Democrat Supervisors were able to transfer more over a half million dollars from the Polk County taxpayers to Democrat activist, office holder and candidate Ako Samad. Seriously, can we depose the parrot?

Now, is anyone else worried about electing a guy whose public service has already proved so lucrative? Ako says he got the money because Creative Visions was so sucessful, but how is that sucess measured?

What is defined as a sucess at Creative Visions that earns all of those hundreds of thosands of tax dollars? Is it more sucessful than alternatives? Were alternatives even considered? The answers are, of course, unknown.

We don't know the answer to any of those questions because we haven't had access to the books since Truman's second term. We all know about the history of abuse and waste associated with many of these social service non-profits so what has made Creative Visions so attractive as an investment of public funds other than Ako's political relationship with John Mauro, Angela Lemmo-Connolly, Tom Hockensmith, Archie Brooks, and the rest of the gang?

Part 2

Did anyone else notice the three Democrat Supervisors gave themselves a raise on the last day of the FY? That wouldn't normally be a big deal and the Supervisors haven't had a raise in a couple of years. But the Democrats timed the raise to hit on the last day of the fiscal year so as to trigger a great big fat half million dollar payoff to the local unions and their bosses instead of waiting one more day like Republicans Bob Brownell and E.J. Giovannetti urged.

We all might wonder about the money pit at Creative Visions but this latest union payoff from Lemmo-Connolly, Mauro and especially union boss Tom Hockensmith is about as arrogant and explicit as jobbery gets. The Democrats literally just took hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars and gave it to their most important sponsors-on the last day of the fiscal year. I think the word on the tip of your tongue is "graft".

How can you not get out and bust your hump to take out Tom Hockensmith in Supervisor District 3 and turn Polk County RED when you think about the money that came out of your pocket and went to the County unions. Unlike past years, this year you have an alternative to frustrated rage.

The Republican candidate Wes Enos needs money and manpower so don't just get mad, get even!

Sweep Out The Courthouse-Vote Republican!


Anonymous said...

All aboard the crazy train. C'mon and follow uncle teddy. Last call for the Jim Jones juice.

Anonymous said...

hey, Ted, you must have some Democrat audience.

Anon 9:02 might have a set a record, three sentences, none more than 7 words and everyone containing a personal attack.

The Real Sporer 1
Brainless Democrat 0

Sherman through Georgia said...

Jesus Ted what is the world coming to when Republican party leaders start saying bad things about Democrats.

Anon 9:02-touche' (like in the Mac commercial).

Anonymous said...

Wes Enos hasn't filed a campaign disclosure report and its almost August. Doesn't look good.

Luis Rukeyser said...

Ako is the dirtiest candidate out there right now....when is Vaudt going to audit Creative Visions...
is Ako even claiming to be an American? i remember Howard Dean prancing him around the stage you said Ted, rats in the rathouse.

Anonymous said...

Strange. Anon 9:02 didn't even get around to calling Ted a Nazi. Has the cheese slipped so far off the democratic cracker they can't even follow the talking points flowchart?

Tusk & Talon

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work sporer. we'll get the bastards this year.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. Redo 6th grade English class. It's "who's" not "whose" and "for whom" not "for who."

Big-killer said...

anon 10:22

Identify yourself or keep your grammatical nit-picking to yourself!!

At this here point in time we ain't got no time to mes round wif gramar, spilling, pontification (well time for that - just not those commas and other lil things) an bein 6th grad propre.

I cares not who says it, if it is saide grammarticali correct, if the spelin is korrect (Hi Krusty :-) ---- dang it: I wants the correct massage getin out to da folks.

Botm lin: I want a big ol' servin of Demo Wup Ass dropped on them thar sob's.

WAR: English teachers, but not right here...not right now

WAR WAR WAR Ted Sporer who's only problem is having his typing fingers keeping up with his awesome brain; for those of you in Rio Linda, he thinks faster than he types. Thus a typo here and a typo there

I've had it and I'm not takin it anymore! said...

Hi Ted

Just found your blog. Thanks for taking it on. Glad to see some coverage of local politics.

I saw your video clip from the Des Moines City Council meeting wherein you accused the D dominated council of slow walking and stonewalling the egregiously unethical(dare I say, Criminal?) behavior of Archie Brooks and Tom - I'm a rubber stamp so come on down and get your free credit card - Vlassis.

Yhe DMRagister proved you were right in that assessment in t heir reporting that Polk County Democrat Attorney John Sarcone does not intend to do anything about it.

The Democrats show they are more concerned about their personal survival rather than the taxpayers who elected them. He intends to slow walk and stonewall the issue that all of us unsophisticated ordinary citizen types know is beyond the pale of acceptable behavior by elected officials.

John Sarcone intends to allow them to behave with impugnity.

I see you are having a nominating convention on Friday.

Please please please get someone to run for County Attorney? Isn't he another one of the crooked southside democrat machine types?

They always protect their own over us and I've had it!

Anonymous said...

I don't think we have a County Attorney candidate, but we do have a good candidate for Recorder, a guy named Chris Hagenow. He's energized and ready to take on the Democrat machine in what will be a very winnable election. He'll make a great candidate.

Anonymous said...

I've also heard of Chris Hagenow and his upcoming campaign for Polk County Recorder.

He's a good one that we all need to support. He'll go far.

Anonymous said...

Too late to get in the race and win IMO. Chris should just help Chuck and wait until he puts in some time in the party.

Anonymous said...

LOve anon 4:15 adn 4:18, get the signatures Chris and move on. Douche.

Luis Rukeyser said...

Chris, i agree with anon 9:45pm. get your paperwork filled out and get campaigning...
I hear from a Polk Co officer you will make a good candidate.
how can we donate to your campaign?