Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why we do what we do-a recurring feature.

One of the best parts of my job as your Chairman is the opportunity to explain what we do and why we do it. One of those questions was recently posed on an earlier thread.

Anonymous said... Ted, why run good Republicans to the slaughter? No way in Hades do we beat Oldson, Haggerty, Maloney, Connolly, Hockensmith or either Mauro. Why not use our collective energy to elect Nussle and Lamberti? Just putting people in place to run against entrenched Dems seems stupid as they will wake up and raise money and get their bases out. Just my 2 cents.
3:58 AM

Well, Anon-here’s your answer.

First, I’m a big believer that the operational definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results. We’ve never tried to run hard in Polk County local elections and several of the legislative seats contained within Polk County and here’s the results:

1996 Clinton/Dole 83,877/60,889
Harkin/Lightfoot 87,653/68,099 -19,544
1998 Osterberg/Grassley 43,498/81,972 +38,474
Vilsack/Lightfoot 74,475/
50,342 -24,133
2000 Gore/Bush 89,715/79,927
2002 Vilsack/Gross 79,785/59,408 -20,377
Harkin/Ganske 79,774/60,119
2004 Kerry/Bush 105,218/95,828
Small/Grassley 62,183/132,900 +70,717

Regardless of the top of the ticket performance in Polk County and Iowa generally we have consistently produced large deficits in the largest county. While we write off significant portions of the electorate in heavily populated areas for lack of trying the Democrats campaign hard in the same areas to run up their state wide vote totals. Compare the size of a Polk County Supervisor District with the size of the median Iowa county and I think you’ll begin to get some idea of the areas we have traditionally ignored. Why do you think McCoy, Oldson, Ako, Mauro and Connolly will be idle if they are unopposed? History shows that they will be working their tails off to run up the votes and campaign in other areas for other candidates.

It’s looking pretty clear that we are going to have a low turnout general election this year, similar to 1998 and 2002 rather than high turn out elections like 2000 and 2004. Both parties have experienced unusually low participation this year. Should we assume that 2006, a year in which the winds don’t seem to be at our backs nationally, will change that trend, even with an exceptionally good gubernatorial candidate and a more unified party?

So, I don’t think that what we were doing was working. It seems pretty obvious that we have to find ways to grow the party, which is the definition of the party chairman's job, and secure a larger share of the vote in new areas. The previous off year elections haven’t produced new voters in new areas of the county because locals who aren't motivated by the top of the ticket don't vote. So, I say, let's give them something immediate and tangible for which to vote.

The fact is that almost no one reading this article can remember Polk County being treated as anything but a Democrat fortress. Well, demographics change, issues arise and we can make far bigger inroads in Polk than were previously possible. This year we have a very angry electorate and they are mad at the Democrat Polk County Machine. Our job is to stay on message, educate the electorate and make them as mad as we are. If we do, the voters will just get madder and this year, for a change, the Republicans will present some options.

CIETC has become a metaphor for decades of corrupt Democrat machine politics. Those of us who are long time residents are repulsed by the Democrat behavior. The payoffs to Ako, the big union bonanza last month, the consulting contracts-it’s all reaching critical mass in the local electorate and is constantly in the local media. The state's top radio audiences and biggest newspaper audience are treated to a little Democrat scandal every day, on Deace and Michelson for hours a day. Best of all-they are all Democrat scandals because Republicans have had nothing to do with any of political carcinomas in the Capitol City. This corruption is restaurant and water cooler talk-what the real people and not just we political hacks discuss in their every day relationships. That's a culture change guys!

We also don't have any evidence that there is a significant base of support for the local Democrat machine that isn't already voting in these off year elections. These local Polk County Democrats rarely have to campaign so why assume the existence of some reservoir of popularity out there that trumps this, to borrow a phrase “culture of corruption” that has made so many voters angry? Do you think those 7000 names on Pete Rose's petitions, almost all of which come from the Connolly, Mauro and Hockensmith Supervisor Districts, aren't motivated to clean up the Polk County/City of DSM mess? Most of those people are Democrats, so do you think the mere presence of a Republican candidate for supervisor or the legislature will overcome their anger? Similarly, how many Republicans have stayed home on election day because they perceive no immediate change in their daily lives. History reveals that we leave a lot of votes in the drawer in off year elections. The last election provides some evidence that taking the fight into new parts of the county increases the total Republican turnout. Now we have unpopular and un-trusted incumbents up their elbows in scandal after scandal. We are being presented with a once in the life time opportunity to shake the electorate in the most voter rich real estate in the state.

I figure if we’re going to lose the county by 20-25,000 votes, and write off all of the local races, we might as well do it by a different road and try to win some local races. One thing is certain, if we don't try we most certainly won't win and we won't motivate the stay at homes that might respond to a local race.

So Anon, my challenge to you is to get on board and let’s try and, to borrow another Anon poster’s phrase-“trickle up”. Let’s help those campaigns on Des Moines’ north side and the south of Grand races and especially the east suburbs. Every new vote we drag out is a new vote we wouldn’t have otherwise had. Every minute of time John Mauro spends campaigning is a minute he’s not campaigning for Mike. Connolly can’t raise money for Hockensmith, etc…. All of those additional Republican households will have a Republican candidate and talk about the local Democrat legislative delegation voting to support the Vilsack veto. Jim, Bob and Jeff aren't going to go door to door south of Grand but Nick Van Patten and Dave Payer will, and think of all of those 1/2 and 2/2 households that might be prompted to vote by a knock on the door instead of a TV commercial or radio ad. It just an extension of the manpower base in a very cost and time effective manner. The Democrats figured this out years ago. What do you think it will do for turnout if every Republican and non party house gets a visit from a live Republican candidate?

So how about you and me, and a few hundred more ticked off Republicans, march out there and get a few thousand more of the off year stay-at-homes to vote to clean up their city and county, or unseat the likes of Matt McCoy and Jo Oldson who are freakishly liberal and I’ll bet those new voters punch a straight Republican ticket to go along with it.


Anonymous said...

I will bet you any amount of money on any of the incumbent Democrats versus your convention nominated Republicans. Name the price and I will come forward and collect my winnings. Maybe do an indecent proposal bet?

Anonymous said...

Dave Payer vs. Oldson? I will spot you 600 votes, Van Patten v McCoy, will spot you 1200.

DM Mac Daddy said...

Anons-you should be ashamed if you are Republicans-thanks for the effort.

If you're Dems, put down the pipe and step away from the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Mac Daddy-good one.

Anon-I'll bet that Jo Oldson's constituents hear a lot more about eminent domain, CIETC and property tax reform than they would have without Dave in the race.

Payer and Van Patten both have a shot, this is going to be a crazy year around Des Moines.

Anonymous said...

Have you done any polling as CIETC is fading fast other than Uncle Teddy begging the press to cover it. After August 1 it will be a fleeting memory. Good luck Polk-a GOP from a loyal Linn County-ite.

Luis Rukeyser said...

Uncle Ted,
I completely agree with you....focusing all the resources(money, volunteers..etc) at the top of the ticket is one bad strategy...
If I recall correctly, the party seemed very happy when Eric Goranson ran in a HD that overlapped Zaun's senate district...guess what, R's turned out better than in recent history in that district and helped Zaun pull it off. It is totally a team effort..if you focus on the top(Nussle) and that's it, then we are all doomed. Has everyone forogt the voter registration of Independents? Ted, sounds like your Anon was John Rosmann from SPPG.
granted, we do have some horses in some loosing battles(due to voter registration), but turning out R's and I's that may otherwise stay home is extremely important.
And Ted, keep pusing CIETC! Don't let it die.

Buy Sporer

Anonymous said...

So... Chuck Allison's campaign manager resigned.

Anonymous said...

this is the kind of leadership we need in our larger counties. where is the scott and linn county version of ted sporer?

Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Teddy

Saw this today in the news.

New diversity magazine unveiled tomorrow

Lt. Gov. Sally Pederson will speak on the value of diversity in the development a 21st-century workforce at a reception and unveiling of INclusion, a Greater Des Moines diversity magazine published by Business Publications Corp. The event will be held from noon to 12:45 p.m. Thursday, July 27, in the atrium of the John and Mary Pappajohn Education Center, 1200 Grand Ave.

Business Publications Corp.'s special products division published the 64-page, four-color guide in partnership with the Greater Des Moines Partnership and the state of Iowa to be used as a recruiting tool to attract more young professionals to Iowa and to Greater Des Moines companies. Presenting sponsors of INclusion are Wells Fargo & Co. and Principal Financial Group Inc. Additional support was provided by Allied/Nationwide Insurance, American Republic Insurance Co., Bankers Trust Co., Drake University, Easter Seals of Iowa and Iowa Health-Des Moines.

Reflecting the value and importance Greater Des Moines employers and civic and political leaders place on diversity and pluralism, INclusion celebrates the rich cultural traditions of the city's African-American, African, Asian, Bosnian, Latino and Native American residents. The magazine also includes sections on diversity in Greater Des Moines' faith community, accessibility for the disabled, opportunities for young professionals, and Central Iowa's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community.

Can someone please explain to me what a diverse employee is? How do you know if you have one? I don't recall ever seeing a question on the application for employment that asked if I was gay or straight.

Do diverse employees behave differently thatn Non-diverse employees?

What is the definition of a non-diverse employee?

I was surprised to find that ALL political leaders embrace pluralism.

So, if I have a boss who is an islamic fascist who emigrated from Saudi Arabia, do I have to quit wearing fingernail polish so that I can defer to his different cultural belief?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Allison is dropping out of the race? It would be a damn shame and easy ride for Mauro, when CIETEC could have given him a run for his money.

Anonymous said...

Charlie is KO'ed.

Anonymous said...

RPI makes Chuck RIP!!! Shame on all of them for tossing Chuck aside!

Anonymous said...

What's going on in Des Moines with Chuck Allison? Out here in the far corner of the state - we hear nothing.

Anonymous said...

The situation with chuck is sad but the replacement candidate might be a lot stronger.


I heard Pate has it locked up already.

We are gonna win this office back afterall!

Anonymous said...

Pate is the best candidate by far-who would think that he would get back into that race.

Anonymous said...

Pate is in. He has the support of Branstad, Iverson, Kennedy and Gentry Collins.

His only competition (if you can call it that) is former state rep and congressional primary loser Bill Dix.

No contest, Pate all the way.

Anonymous said...

Mauro beats Pate worse than he would have beaten Allison. Pate is shady and has had just as many legal/public relation problems as Chuck did. Can the party nominate him and the Big German get him off the balot again like he did to Chuck? This makes me madder than CIETC ever has!!!!!1

Pate story in Gazette said...

Pate 75 percent sure he'll accept
Published: 07/27/2006 4:54 PM
By: James Q. Lynch - The Gazette
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - Nearly seven months after leaving office, former Cedar Rapids Mayor Paul Pate may put his name on the ballot again.

He is "about 75 percent sure'' he will accept the Republican nomination for Secretary of State if party leaders ask him to run, Pate told The Gazette this afternoon.

The Republican Party of Iowa is scrambling to replace Chuck Allison, the winner of the June primary, who dropped out of the race citing personal reasons.

In Pate, the party would have a candidate with experience as an officeholder and as a campaigner. Pate is a former state senator and served as secretary of state for four years before making a bid for the nomination for governor.

He was encouraged to run for secretary of state when the incumbent, Democrat Chet Culver, decided to run for governor rather than seek re-election. Pate passed at that time, but said today that the idea of a shorter campaign has some appeal.

So he's discussing the campaign with family and party leaders and expects to make a decision soon. The party has until Aug. 18 to put a candidate on the ballot for the Nov. 7 election.

"My tendency is, if I run, is to run to win,'' Pate, 47, said. "Whatever I get involved in, I give 110 percent, so I want to make sure I can do that.''

Party sources say Pate has the backing of influential leaders, including former Gov. Terry Branstad. Pate said he had been encouraged today by legislative leaders as well as former party chairmen.

"Their support is there and that's appreciated,'' he said. "My wife and family have to be there with me, too, so we'll be weighing those things over the next few days.''

Republicans say Pate would be a strong opponent for Democrat Mike Mauro, the Polk County auditor.

Pate has demonstrated he can handle the job. He also has name identification across the state and knows how to campaign and raise campaign funds.

Robert Dopf, Allison's opponent in the June primary, has told party officials he would be interested in the race.

However, party sources, including some of those who were mentioned as replacements for Allison, say leaders are lining up behind Pate.

Rep. Bill Dix, a Shell Rock farmers who made a bid for the GOP nomination in U.S. House 1st District, is said to be considering the race. He has not returned phone calls.

To be on the ballot, Pate would have to be selected by the party's State Central Committee, which, according to party spokeswoman Sarah Sauber, is considering several possible candidates.

The party committee is likely to make a decision in the next two weeks, Sauber said.

Pate, who completed four years as Cedar Rapids mayor in 2005, served as a state senator and then as secretary of state in the 1990s before making a bid for the GOP nomination for governor in 1998. He also operates a small asphalt company, Pate Asphalt Systems.

Whether it's Pate's name or not on the ballot, Sauber said Republicans believe the open seat is an "opportunity seat'' for the party.

"We've always had a focus on this race because with (Chet) Culver running for governor, it's an open seat,'' she said. "There are also some clear issues, some problems in this office, so since Day 1 we believed it was an opportunity for us. We will continue with that approach.''

Allison's resignation is not a fatal blow, Sauber said. Many voters haven't made any decision on who they would vote for in the race, which has not received the same level of attention as the governor's race.

Anonymous said...

Teddy. Can you talk about this or are you going Henderson and taking Chucks money and not doing anything to help him?

Big-killer said...

Ted's got an attorney/client privilege issue to deal with, so let's leave Ted alone on this one.

It is my feeling that with the shortness of time available (102 days or so) the party needs to make a quick (this week) decision and get an individual that can make the best use of this short period of time.

If the party would decide thuis week rather than 8/18 or whenever the deadline is, that is giving the candidate 20 - 25% more time depending how you do the math.

Pate has experience!!
Pate has name regognition ....

Big-killer said...

Sorry... transmitted too early
my bad !!!!!

Pate's recognition is statewide
(Sec of State & Gov campaign)
He can raise $$$$$$$
He was mayor in 2nd largest county!
He is a likeable guy !!

Bill Dix disappointed me when I was reading the Sunday Waterloo Courier on line and they had a large article regarding the 1st District congressional race and Bill Dix refused comment when asked about Mike Whalen's race.

So sad :-(

He needs to grab hold of some of that Grassley tact and humility and get on with life.

WAR Paul Pate

WAR RPI doing it by 7/29/06

Anonymous said...

Pate will be great. He probably has the deal already locked up.

Iknowtherealsporer said...

Uncle Teddy-you're an insider, you get to vote on the secretary of state race. Is it Dix or Pate?

Who are you voting for and why?

Ralph Nader said...

Mauro welcomed any new opponent to the race. "No matter who they get (to replace Allison), I am the best qualified for the job. I've campaigned for well over a year," Mauro said.

Sooooo campaigning equates actual experience?

I guess you Iowans are wasting your time talking about who to support for president because its clear that I'm the most qualified candidate having campaigned for nearly 30 years. I'll expect to see a press release with Mauro's endorsement soon.

Kraves said...

We should run Republicans in every race. Make every Dem candidate spend! Politics is a war of attrition!

Just hope Payer and Van Patten keep their day jobs. Scandal or no scandal, Hazzard County or no, Democrats would stick together and vote for freakin Son of Sam before sacrificing any of their candidates to the GOP.

Anonymous said...

I never saw this post last year when it was posted but I couldn't resist posting a comment now and saying I agree with Ted that no candidate should run unopposed.

I was happy to run in the Beaverdale/Lower Beaver neighborhoods in Des Moines to help out Zaun...besides, who knows when an opponent will do something stupid and you go from underdog to shoe-in? I worked my ass off, knocked on over 5,000 doors, and I encourage anyone who has a candidate running unopposed in their area to do the same thing...

Eric Goranson