Friday, July 28, 2006

Good finish to a wild week

Wow, crazy week in the Big Tent, eh?

We finished strong tonight. As expected, the Polk County Republicans nominated David Payer in HD 61, Jack Whitver in HD 66 and Chris Hagenow for County Recorder (to be distinguished from Diane Heggerty the Democrat nominee).

Each bring surprising strength to their respective races.

David Payer is a well prepared candidate. Dave already has maybe the best campaign lit pieces for door knocking that we've seen yet this year. Dave's message is also pretty tight already and he will only get better. Dave ran 10 years ago in a much tougher district and his experience shows. He already has hit the money trail, has numerous large barn signs ready to roll out (you're going to start seeing those around town really soon) and will immediately begin door knocking, where his likeability is a stark contrast with his opponent, who pretty much avoids contact with voters without dollars. The fact that Jo Oldson supported the Govs veto on eminent domain and is an aggressive oppenent of traditional marriage, both fringe positions on two of the major issues of the last two years, doesn't hurt our chances either.

Jack Whitver is a star in the making! He's still a little nervous but the determination that took him from walk on to Hawkeye heart breaker star is evident. Even more evident is his almost palpable integrity-a characteristic that will provide a pretty bright line with Ako ("$600,00 in county dollars isn't enough" Samad. Jack's message is also clear: honesty in government, inclusion in the process and respect for the diverse points of view. Jack's got some subtle advantages that will become more manifest as the campaign progresses. Talk to Timmy and Sarah, I think they'll confirm that Jack is born for this business.

Chris Hagenow was nominated for County Recorder. Not a sexy job, but an important part of County government. We haven't had a voice in any level of County management for a long time. Chris presents a sharp image and is an outstanding spokesman for the urgent need to sweep out the Courthouse in '06. Chris has fund raising talent so he will be able to project his message. Chris is a much more impressive candidate than his opponent, and both have about the same amount of experience.

We've got a chance to add another solid house candidate-give you an update Monday latest on that topic. Also, wouldn't it be great to see Mark Wampler run for County Treasurer?

I think everyone walked away surprised at the strength of the three candidates. So now all we need are the combined efforts of all Polk County Republicans, large and small. You all live here and this year you have a chance to make a difference in your own community. For once the choice is really clear-reward the incumbant party who has taken so much and given so little or take a chance on some fresh new talent. So, as they say out west "Let's Cowboy up and git 'er done".

By the way, the Polk GOPs two favorite Bobs, Ray and Brownell, were in attendance and we were honored to have both there. Wes Enos, our candidate in Supervisor District 3 was also there.

So, since we haven't controlled County government since Truman's second term how about, all in unison now,



Luis Rukeyser said...

Preach it, Uncle Teddy!
You are a great County leader, i can't imagine how even better we'll be when you are state chair.
You could feel the energy last night and Chris is going to simply dominate Haggerty(Ted, i believe her name is Julie, not Diane). Either way, she is a south side loving, democract crony.
I know that the Recorder's race will be a fun one, and last night I saw that Chris has already far out distinguished himself from J-Hag...he IS the only lawyer in the race.

Anonymous said...

blah, blah, blah. A alwyer wants to be County Recorder. Wow that shows he isn't making any coin. He also was on Chuckie A's trail of tears camoaign. Two strikes. Third strike? Julie is from Urbandale not south side. She may have been born there but does that really matter or is that your only talking point?

Luis Rukeyser said...

10:12(aka political forecast loser)
pursuing politics over a career in the legal field does not show that one isnt making enough money. how many people leave their current jobs to pursue a government job that pays more? None, exactly, b/c hardly any governmnt job pays more than one can earn in the retail sector. You'd know that if you werent serving coffee at Starbucks.
No one on the inside knew anything about Chuck until early last week. In fact, I believe his volunteers knew the least and didnt know he was dropping out until it happened.
And, regarding J-Hag, anyone that prances around with AKO(who doesnt sympathize with Israel, does he...hmmm) is a complete fraud herself. AKO is as wrapped up in CIETC as they come.

get your facts straight 10:12. go watch your morning cartoons.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Louie. Three strikes and your out. Chris HardlyGonnaKnowYa is going to get smoked and not like Uncle Charlie does to you. Lawyer running for county office that records documents = biggest loser.

Anonymous said...

I talked to C-Hag recently. He is going to the be tought.

If Republicans get off their asses this year we will knock off a few of the Democrats.

So, Sporer, can you help get the Republicans in Polk County off their asses?

Anonymous said...

LUCKY YOU! Sitting with Romney. Now don't you feel special.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:53 - You're spot on. The Democrats in Polk co. are vulnerable. We can win a few of these races.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sporer - were you the one who chased Chris Woods off? Yoda is telling people at the caucus cooler that you are the one who did the deed.

Anonymous said...

It was Sporer's Hot Spoue who intimidated Chris Woods, although aren't all the liberals scared of Uncle Teddy.

Anonymous said...

I don't Chris was intimidated by anyone at all. Too bad the kid isn't a Republican, we could use kids like him.

Anonymous said...

Who in the heck is Chris Hagenow? When will the general public get some literature from him? I'm not necessarily a Julie Haggerty supporter (I've heard whispers of a few juvenile stunts performed by some members of her "camp" that more or less portray themselves as immature, petty middle-schoolers. Whether or not Ms. Haggerty is aware of these instances, I know not ... but it certainly doesn't make her image sparkle). Nevertheless ... time's a-wasting, Republicans. Additionally, I think it's rather interesting that a lawyer is running for the Recorder's Office when "so many bankers and lawyers begged Julie Haggerty to run in the primary." Hmmm ... is that true from your group, Mr. Hagenow? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

All Chris Hagenow would have to do to win is convince current Polk County Recorder, Tim Brien (Democrat) to run as an Independent. This would split the Democrat vote in two. After the heated primary between Haggerty and Brien it could be an option.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of these "lawyers and bankers" there actually were. Just because JH said it, doesn't make it true. The Recorder's office has actually been fairly well run under Brien.

Chris is a good guy, and a hard worker. He's in a dead sprint right now trying to get his campaign up to full speed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:12. I'm a lawyer and I certainly never supported Haggerty. Chris will do a great job. This isn't (shouldn't be) a partisan office.

Chris is a person of integrity, and will serve the county, and the office, well. Democrats would do well to vote for him, in my opinion.

alphagirl said...

Ted - Jack Whitver was not a Hawk but a CYCLONE football star!!