Sunday, July 30, 2006

Observations of Dubuque and Cedar Rapids

Major props to the First District Central Committee members, Karl Gilbertson of Cedar Falls, Dan Nicholson of Dubuque and John Ortega of Bettendorf for putting together a 1st District Leadership Conference in Dubuque.

There were about 20 members of County Leadership when I was there, on the hottest day of the year, and they were very eager to jump the Democrats. I definitely came away with the impression that we need more and more regular district meetings around the state. I’d love to hear from county leadership around the state, and especially around the 3rd District on that idea. Feel free to use TheRealSporer blog to post ideas.

It was pretty clear that 1st District county leadership is looking for new ways to get out the vote. The gist of the problem is finding something that motivates the 1/4 and 2/4 voter to vote in an off year election. It seems that the more minds that contribute to solutions to that age old question the more likely we are to find the better solution. We can only gain from a regular meeting of the minds of the people who live in the counties that make up our respective districts.

The Chairman’s Dinner was a great night in Cedar Rapids, and the Rapidians were gracious hosts. On top of everything, the kick boxers were in town, same facility, and boy did they add a little fun to the entire evening.

I was hoping to talk to both Bill Dix and Paul Pate but neither was in attendance, something of a surprise. Paul came and left early and Bill wasn’t there at all. Feel free to use TheRealSporer to let me know how you all think I should cast my vote for our Secretary of State nominee.

Whatever you think of Chris Woods, and most think little, the kid had testicular fortitude in showing up. However, I’m sure the prospect of being in the same range as big cats like Yoda, Sporer’s Hot Spouse and Jeff Fuller just scared the kittens out of the young nihilist.

By the way, everyone who has heard Mitt Romney understands the context in which he uses the expression “tar baby” and everyone knows it isn’t racist or even racial. It has to do with actual tar or some other natural adhesive to which everything sticks. I’m not carrying Mitt’s proverbial brief but there is enough offensive conduct in the world that no one needs to borrow any so folks, let us be offended when we know some one is trying to offend us and not when we know that they are not.

In the immortal words of John Riggins-lighten up!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Chairman - Bill Dix is the right man for the SoS nomination.

Anonymous said...

Chris Woods owns all of you. Wish I could be 50 and call out Drake Students. What a dumbass

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:25-I'm pretty sure Sporer's not 50.

Before you start calling names perhaps you should have read the last line of the post.

But then again, I'm sure you are just another thin skinned liberal.

Cedar Rapidian said...

Ted - Vote for Dix.

Anonymous said...

What I'm interested in knowing is if the Leadership group came up with any new ways to recruit and motivate volunteers to work the phone banks.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Yoda said...

hmmmm.. As an actual Cedar Rapidian and not an anon pretending to be, I say Master Sporer let the Red Side of the Force guide you. Search your feelings, you should...

The Jedi Council will support whatever decision you make...

The Red Side of the Force, May it be with you... Always....

Luis Rukeyser said...

Was Chris Woods there to paint the sidewalks? And, Ted, dont give him credit for showing up to the event, I am sure it was a dare or something from one of his high school buddies or one of his mentors from SPPG

Kevin Schmidt said...

Ted, I've got the audio of Mitt's speech and I'm going to post it so everyone can hear the context that Mitt used the term in.

Obviously not a racial one.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Pater already won at elast one state wide election? Didn't Dix just lose a primary to a guy with no political history?

Makes the choice simple for even one not as sharp as The Real Sporer

Anonymous said...

Luis - Do you know how many times R's are sent to cover D events? Get over it - give the kid a break. Did you give a damn what was going on politically when you were 20? He paid $50.

Kevin Schmidt said...

Ok, here's the audio

Anonymous said...

the term is considered to be racial, regardless of the way it is used....just like nigger.

Anonymous said...

Was there a committee meeting to decide which words are offensive and to whom? Did they pass out the lists? How do I get one?

Enabling victimization is unhealthy. Victims need to go to a dr to see how they might get over all of their maledajustments.

It's particularly disabling to allow a simple word - without any ill intent - to cause a person so much damage.

Geez...lots of problems to overcome in the world. How about Victims take a step forward and try not to be so fragile.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me.

It's amazing how even elementary school children can figure that out.

It's time to get over the "N" word too. That's just ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

12:02 am

I've heard a lot of people complain about the phone calls. If no one wants to do it, perhaps no one understands for what purpose they serve.

For what purpose are people making phone calls right now?

I think you don't sell the need for them and they are very unpleasant to do.

Anonymous said...

Sporer-vote for Pate!

Rock Star From the 80s said...

Anonymous said...

the term is considered to be racial, regardless of the way it is used....just like nigger.

11:56 AM

There is never any use for the word nigger that isn't pejorative. There is only a very arcane southern expression from the 19th Century that would even evoke a racial use of the phrase "tar baby".

No comparison.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rock Star

I completely disagree. You can't assume someone's intent. Remember, making love and rape are the same physical act, just different intentions. One is good, one is bad.

So, when Black people call each other nigger, that's ok, but when someone other than a black person uses it, it's not ok.

Same word, different intent.

However, why not productively just simply not respond? People who react so vehemently about a word, or being called a name, give credibility to the word and provide their own source of pain.

If you don't want the word to hurt, just don't let it. It's within your ability to overcome someone using a word you don't like.

Be can do it.

Anonymous said...

Rock star

I just re-read your post and think I responded too hastily. I see you were referencing another post. It is to Anon 11:56 that I meant to direct my comments.

Kraves said...

Chris Woods will turn from liberal to conservative just as soon as he marries and has a teenage daughter!

unikat said...

Tar Baby a racial slur? Check the dictionary, and get over it. I'm so tired of people using being offended as an excuse.

tar baby
A situation or problem from which it is virtually impossible to disentangle oneself.

Kenboiraq said...

"Tar Baby" was not meant to be a racial statement. Leaping on every miscue or statement is a tactic the enemy (mostly self serving dems with no original thoughts) use to distract from the issues at hand. Isn't a Red Herring when an unrelated topic is used to distract etc?

As for racial slurs - they should never be used in any context by anyone. It would help if music avoided use of the N word you know.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the use of Red Herring a racial epithet to Indian Norwegians?

Oops. Are you allowed to use the word Indian? Is that an offense?

Anonymous said...

Slurpee Indian or Casino Indian?