Monday, July 31, 2006

Hazzard County, Iowa

Yesterday’s disclosure that John Mauro’s nephew, and several other close Democrat friends and allies of the three Democrat Supervisors, is now even further evidence that the only long term solution to the graft and corruption is sweeping out the Courthouse. With "Boss Hogg" John Mauro at the helm, residents of Iowa’s largest county must wonder when the name was changed from Polk to Hazzard County.

Every day brings new disclosures about this Polk County Democrat Machine. District 3 Democrat Tom Hockensmith has perhaps shown the greatest cheek when he expressed outrage at the diversion of County money to bonuses for CIETC employees, all of whom happen to be family members and cronies of the Democrat Supervisors themselves. At first glance, “Roscoe P. Coltrane” Hockensmith's July 30 outrage seems only oddly inconsistent with his own direct approval of a half million dollar bonus to County union employees on the last day of the fiscal year, but where was his outrage before the Register covered the story on July 30?

Early on, the Dem Sups knew of Ako Samad’s dual relationship with the Polk County Democrat Machine and to CIETC but we heard no call for an investigation? When the public learned that blank forms were used, no call for an investigation or even an accounting of County money came from Hockensmith. When Archie's use of multiple different signatures was exposed, Hockensmith's keen sense of public duty did not raise any questions about who signed the forms that directed the three quarters of a million dollars of Polk County money that went into CIETC.

Didn’t the subject of these generous bonuses ever come up in anyone's conversation at any of the political and social events the three Democrat Sups have attended by the dozen since the bonuses were “delivered”? When discussing the CIETC budget including the bonuses didn’t Angela Connolly (not to be confused with “Daisy” Cunningham) and Roscoe P., I mean, Tom Hockensmith think that perhaps they hadn’t authorized the use of the money for bonuses to their presumably grateful friends and family (lets us never forget that "Daisy" Cunningham's daughter is or at least was on the County payroll)?

Not even upon learning of the actual use of the money, which the Democrat Sups knew at least a month ago, was the Hockensmith sense of outrage tripped. Nope, not until contacted by the Des Moines Register did Tom, with all of the sincerity and integrity of Claude Rains discovering gambling at Rick’s Café’ American in Casablanca, become “incensed at that cesspool over at CIETC.” Really, Tom do you think the voters of Polk County are that dumb, although that question is yet to be answered I guess.

What are you going to do about it? Get out and door knock and telephone for Wes Enos and Chris Hagenow or let apathy give the Democrats an electoral victory that will ratify their corruption? Raise money for our local and legislative races, a dozen of which are right here in Polk County, or hope that something good comes along and somebody else takes care of the problem?



Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about these guys backgrounds? I mean, I seem to recall that Angela Lemmo Connolly (another south sider), does not have a college degree and her only knowledge of county operations is because she herself was a crony/nepotism hire. Isn't she a long term polk county employee that then was elected to be a supervisor?

How about the rest? At least EJ and Brownell were mayors of cities.

Anonymous said...

I think that's right. This shit makes me sick.

Good job Sporer, at least someone is trying to do something about the corruption in Des Moines.

Keep it up and good luck.

Concerned in Polk said...

Somebody ought to look into the civic center or the event ceter hiring.

Do you have anyone looking over the entire county workforce?

Anonymous said...

Sporer for AG and Brandmeyer for SOS

Anonymous said...

Uncle Teddy,
Great write up today. I like the comparison to Hazzard county.

AKO is as complicit in this mess as the others. The DSM Register article this morning just proves his arrogance by not reviewing ONE THING.
Ted, keep up the fight on AKO, Hockensmith, and the Recorder's race...

Anonymous said...

State 29 has a great write up on Ako and his corruption too. Someone is attempting to recall him from his own neighborhood...

Great to see truly grassroots politics in action.

What can we do to help? Can we help pass out literature? How do we sign up? I'm in.

I feel like the guy in the movie Network about being fed up and not taking it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Angely Lemmo Connolly's son that was arrested a few years ago for assaulting gay people and beating them up?

How does the tolerance party feel about that?

Anonymous said...

Did you see the unbiased (extreme sarcasm) report today in the DSM Red Star about the GOP platform?

Of course, there was no comparision made of the Democrat freakshow platform. Just partisan namecalling and condescention passing for thoughtful debate.

How that for fair and balanced reporting?

This article was written by their former editorial board editor. Sounds like the Register is feeling bad for all their democrat cronies being in trouble and needs to try to temper it with a non-news story about the GOP platform.

Anonymous said...


If you knew someone was supposed to pay you $180,000 (not just money owed that might be disputed but legally required payment), and they didn't, wouldn't you raise a stink, immediately? What if you were on the board of that other entity and knew or should have known that the $180,000 they were supposed to pay you went, instead, to rather heady salaries and bonuses while you subsisted on $60,000 a year from your own organization? What the hell is going on here? What was so important that Ako would starve his own rather modest charity in favor of CIETC? Something does not add up.

Tusk & Talon

Anonymous said...

Saw this in the register. More info on corruption. Where did the $660,000 of tax dollars go that Ako got for re-entry?

KCCI TV 8 & WHO TV 5 reported at 5 PM & 6 PM that $179,000 of federal funding was misused by CIETC that was to be used by Creative Visions for their job training programs (ha ha). Again, I find it very hard to believe Ako Samad was not aware of this. Ako Samad sat on the CIETC board for 3 years and is the CEO of Creative Visions. Ako and Romona Cunningham received the joint federal labor grant last November (The Directors Council - Reentry Program). The $660,000. labor grant they received in November 2006 was to be shared with five other local private nonprofit agencies. It will be interesting to see what Ako has to say about this later tonight and on Tuesday. The feds need to keep on digging on this one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sporer--isn't your ass starting hurt with the rash that yoda is giving you from kissing it so much??

The Real Sporer said...
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The Real Sporer said...

No way brother, the kissing of my ass is a much appreciated diversion from the far more frequent chewing my ass usually takes.

Anonymous said...

Wes Enos adn Chris Hagenow is your answer?1? LMFAO!!!!!!

The Hunter said...

Your right anon 10:07 why would I trust 2 honest people like Chris and Wes to oversee the largest county government in Iowa. How could they possibly learn to skim millions from Polk co taxpayers that quickly. After all CIETC was suppose to find good paying jobs, right! And they found them right!! So my choice is this: add a vowel at the end of my name, become a Dem, move to the southside, marry into the family, and apply to these jobs. Or I can do what's right and elect 2 decent guys that will do a great job for Polk County.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO that you think these two are going to win any election, let alone in 06. I will bet you my house. Put up or shut up, hunter.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, won't listen to one person bitch about the Democrats if Hagenow and Enos don't win.

I'm sick of Republicans who put down the effort to reform government around Polk County. Why in the hell would Republicans want to live in in this cesspool?

Kraves said...

Good Hazzard analogy. I remember 2001-2002 it was "Dark Side" keeping up with the Star Wars pop culture. Give the people colorful analogies and that works better than dry political platforms.

Homework: I haven't seen either Pirates of the Caribbean, but you should work out some political analogy on Pirates that makes Republicans look good and Dems out to be the villains. Get the kids' minds and you have them for life!

the hunter said...

well anon 11:03 normally I would not waste my time on a Dumas like you, but it's a slow day.

For the record I AM on the line. I've put in my ante. I have devoted more than 50 hours a week for the past several months to make sure that candidates like Wes, Chris and others can at least have a fighting chance against the machine. Growing up in Illinois and being a part of the solution when ILL was still red, I know something about machines.(And this one can be beat!)
Besides a quiche eatin, latte drinkin, Yugo drivin, Government lovin, Blue Stater like you probably doesn't own a house. Otherwise if you paid taxes in this county you'd be outraged too.

Kudos Ted I'm out!

Paul Clark said...

I read this blog and see that you want someone to fix the problems with the courts, yet the person that has come along with a plan to fix the court you have taken off of the poll because he was blowing everyone else out of the water, WHY? Dr Mark Klein is a serious contender for the 2008 Republican Presidential race and the ones in the party that are responsible for the status quo are so affraid of his growing popularity they have him removed from the poll as if he does not exist. What are they affraid of? Why did a delagation in Menphis ask him what it would take to get him to drop out? If you want politics to remain the same then stop running polls to ask for input you appearently do not want in the first place. Taking Dr Mark Klein off of the poll is proof that corruption is needing to be cleaned out of the party starting with blogs that refuse to allow the truth to be presented, shame on you!!!