Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Do you believe me or your lyin' eyes?

There’s an old joke about a man who, upon being caught by his wife in bed with another woman denies guilt by asking “Do you believe me or your lyin’ eyes?” Well, fifty-eight years of one party government has made the Democrat Polk County Machine just that arrogant.

Let’s get his straight, Ako’s operations get a couple of hundred thousand dollar grant from his close friends and allies John "Boss Hogg" Mauro, Angela "Lulu Hogg" Connolly and Tom "Roscoe P. Coltrane" Hockensmith-who’ve been giving Ako hundreds of thousands of un-audited dollars for years. Then, Ako, wearing his other hat as a CIETC Board member approves diverting the funds into bonuses and raises for friends, families and political supporters of, you guessed it, Boss, Lulu and Roscoe. Go think.

Now that is simply not, in any way, believable. But then, Democrats make a living out of convincing the public that it snows in Iowa in August. This time maybe, just maybe, the facts will bury them.

There is apparently an almost limitless source of funds from the public coffers for well placed Democrats here in Hazzard County (Iowa). Ako got Prairie Meadows grants, Community Betterment grants, Federal Grants, CIETC grants, Des Moines Foundation grants, hell, grants for the development of more grants, and, at the center of it all, always the same small number of people. Year after year hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars were poured by the same three Democrats into Ako’s operations.

Last night I inquired into the whereabouts of Roscoe P. Hockensmith’s outrage before Clark and/or Jason interviewed him. Perhaps it took a road trip to Atlanta with Boss and Lulu while he was asking Boss and Lulu to go along with his four hundred Gs retroactive gift to the County labor unions.

In defense of this conduct, the Hazard County (Iowa) Dem Sups, Ako, Archie Tom and the gang all say that they never paid attention to where, or to whom this money went, what was done with it and what the taxpayers got for it. So the defense to grift and corruption is incompotence? Hell of a campaign slogan "Vote for us, we're dumb not dishonest".

Are you telling me it isn’t time to



Anonymous said...

pass the offering plate!

uncle teddy...when is your next speech at DSM City Council?

We need to get Brownell and EJ some help at the Courthouse...!

Is your Exec Director Daisy?

Anonymous said...

Wow, name calling? No wonder no true Republican respects you. Have fun with the Beavis/Butthead crowd.

Anonymous said...

Wow, name calling? No wonder no true Republican respects you. Have fun with the Beavis/Butthead crowd.

Daisy said...

I probably shouldn't do this, Ted would be mad because he has told all of the members of his secret police not to respond to blogger attacks-he says they speak a lot more about the poster than the target-but I couldn't let Anon 10:06 pass without response.

Ted was endorsed by every elected Republican in Polk County is his last county chair election, although Scott Raecker was the wouldn't publicly do it because Steffanie was a former staffer, and the state chair and cochair. Bob, EJ, Carmine, Libby, Jeff and Pat, and Leon all campaigned for Ted, as did former legislators like Janet Metcalf and Larry Disney.

Steffanie mounted the best campaign anyone could and Ted beat her by well more than 2-1.

I think every elected Republican in the 3rd District supported Ted from Paul McKinley in the southwest to Alice DeRycke over in Iowa county in the last State Central Committee election. Ted won that handily, by almost 2-1 over the next candidate, even after the usual suspects took and voted multiple ballots and the credentialing got screwed up, all of which made it seem closer than it was.

The other State Central Committee members keep electing him as one of just three standing committee chairs.

So, Beavis, go back to MTV!

The Hunter said...

Wow Ted the Dem fan club keeps growing. All those Damnable facts and all they can say is You called them names. WAAA !!!Lets pass the hat for Wes Enos and sweep out the courthouse!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:06.

I don't want to be accussed of giving Sporer and ass rash like Yoda (from kissing) but you are joking aren't you?

Big-killer said...

Good Morning Ted !! A posted D (anon 10:06) calls you a name caller by calling your supporters name - must be on the D platform committee.

I agree with your over-riding premise that working for/with local candidates will help Lambertti & Nussle and Whalen & Nussle, and I am willing to get involved.

Let's pick a Saturday or an evening and the Big Killer will come to Polk County and pound some pavement and knock on some doors in an effort to clean out the courthouse; 'cause even you Ted might be surprised what you'll find if you can get the rats out of the rathouse

Anonymous said...

State 29 has another great post on Ako. Jeez I wish I could post on his site to say THANKS!

I get way more accurate info from these blogs than would EVER appear in the red star.

I'm thinking we really have a shot.

And Ted...I for one would gladly give you a rash from kissing your ass.

Anonymous said...

I read the list of contributors to AKo and noticed the large number of unions and real estate developers.

I guess they intend to pressure the democrats to change the recently passed eminent domain legislation. Why are real estate developers giving money to AKO?

I think his own neighborhood is the most likely to suffer from the govt siezure of private property to give it to other private developers.

Isn't that how Jack Hatch (contributor to AKO) got his land to develop his townhomes? He got rich off that.

Anonymous said...

The unions is easy to explain. The teachers union learned that they can get what they want from AKO from his school board tenure.

Now, the other unions want to negotiate for their gifts and graft from AKO.

I guess ole Ako is pretty reliable in the giving out taxpayer money to his people.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that it's Imam Ako Abdul Samad - formerly Steve Green - former Black Panther, former Gang Leader - former other juicy items?

He's an Imam (priest type) of the Louis Farrakhan's racist version of Islam. Louis hates whitey and preaches that gospel all day long.

All Iowans will suffer with him in the legislature.

We must elect his R opponent.

Anonymous said...

So Ako says that the effort to remove him from office is a direct attack on his character.

eh hem...yeah, that's correct. We are attacking your character.

War Jack Whitver for District 66.

Anonymous said...

Teddy - remember how you re-educated the city attorney as to what they could do with their own membership with regard to removal from office?

Looks like our top election official in Polk County - Mauro - need some education too.

"While a strong sign of public discontent, such petitions demanding a government official's removal from office hold no legal weight, said Michael Mauro, Polk County's top election official. To remove someone from office, very specific and serious charges must be proven in court, he said.

Interesting that both his son and his brother and all their buddies and cronies and other family members benefit from such an assertion.

Isn't it correct that Mr. Mauro is wrong?

Anonymous said...

Tusk and Talon has the Creative Visions Tax return on his blog.

I notice that Ako gets money from the Des Moines School District too. He provides some sort of programming for which he is paid.

If he's on the school board, doesn't that mean he approves contracts with himself? Isn't that a fairly big conflict of interst?

Sounds like the CIETC thing here too.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mauro describing stonewalling and slow walking?

Anonymous said...

Mainstream Iowan has some more good stuff on Ako.

I sure do look forward to Ako's version of the facts that he intends to use to "straighten this out".

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget this:

Why is Michael Mauro left out of much of the CIETC discussion over the previous four months? John Mauro (former CIETC board member) is the brother of Michael Mauro; Steve Mauro (son of Michael Mauro) is employed at CIETC and received a $10,000 bonus from Romona Cunningham in January; Ruth Shepard, daughter of Romona Cunningham, is employed by the Polk County Election Office - Michael Mauro is the Polk County Commissioner of Elections; Victor Scaglione (worked for the Polk County Election Office with Michael Mauro prior to be employed at CIETC) received a $5,000 bonus in January by Romona Cunningham. And the list goes on. When does this all stop? Can't the citizens of Polk County see what is going on? Vote out the machine in November.

Pissed in Des Moines said...

This Democrat corruption is really intolerable.

Can't you do anything about John Mauro?

Polk County Spy said...

Ted, have you seen Ako's defense? Laughable.

How could Hockensmith, mauro and Connolly not have known about the bonuses?

I'd like to know about how many other "charities" there are like Creative Visions?

Maybe it's time to start auditing some other Democrat non profits or reciepients of Polk County money.

Anyone think that Mike Mauro-the Polk County Auditor is going to make that audit?

Anonymous said...

See article below:

My guess is that they will figure out a way to make the taxpayers pony up another $180,000 to give to Ako for his taxpayer funded scam rather than to sue the individuals who stole the money. The criminals will keep the money laughing all the way to the bank. If Ako didn't need it when he was supposed to get it, why does he need it now?

This was in the Daily Business Record today:

WHO Top Stories

The Central Iowa Employment and Training Consortium board will meet today to decide if the agency is responsible for repayment of $179,000 the agency misspent. CIETC and Iowa Workforce Development are also discussing who is responsible for failing to monitor where money went. The federal funds were supposed to end up in the hands of Creative Visions, a non-profit social services agency.

Anonymous said...

I happen to like Mike Mauro. I volunteered for Ted as an election observer in Polk County last go 'round and got a chance to chat with Mike. He's very charming. Mike is also absolutely correct that the _forced_ removal of a public official does require either an indictment and conviction (see our own Dallas county sherriff) or a lawsuit and quasi-criminal proceeding in district court.

The point Ted made so eloquently at the City Council meeting it that there used to be this thing called "honor." Where an official would resign in cases of their own admitted incompetence even if such incompetence did not rise to the level of illegality. The fact that Archie, Tom, Ako, et al., have not resigned in the face of what appears to be irrefutable evidence of gross incompetence nor have they defended themselves in any persuasive way, shows that they are not men of honor. Accordingly, our only recourse is the ballot box. War Ted battering the Polk County windmills into submission!

Tusk & Talon

Anonymous said...

Chad - I don't recall Ted using the Honor thing, although I agree with you that they are not men of honor. Nor, is the Mayor for reappointing a self-desecribed rubber stamp to another taxpayer funded board.

WHat I recall him saying is that they are allowed by law to determine their own membership and may vote him out as a body. They don't need to wait for criminal charges.

You may be correct that "forced" may require a crinimal conviction, but I think Ted said that they can elect to vote him out.

Ted - can you clarify?

Anonymous said...

More taxpayer waste from Chet Culver was noted on Chris Woods site. This is from Woody:


I think you must be missing a few pages of Chet Culver’s plan.

I don’t see anything about prohibiting the use of taxpayer dollars for campaign mailings while still in office????

I didn’t see anything about prohibiting the use of taxpayer dollars to stage a photo op and campaign commercial with notary publics ???

I didn’t see anything about prohibiting the us eof taxpayer dollars to hire a comic.

I didn’t see anything acknowledging the bonues that HE paid as Secretary

Anonymous said...

How about using taxpayer dollars to send out those absentee ballotts to the whole state?

Anonymous said...

Actually you jogged my recollection a little bit. Ted was making the point that illegality should not be the standard by which our elected officials are judged. Accordingly the Council should seek removal on the basis of the current facts which create a preponderance of the evidence that Archie and others may be worthless turds even if not criminal turds.

I kind of bootstrapped that into the "honor" thing. I hope you don't mind, Ted.

Tusk & Talon

Daisy said...

The guy who gets 80% of his money from a couple of dozen out of state mega libs probably shouldn't be talking about cleaning up government.

What do all of those big real estate developers want for all that money, Chet?

Anonymous said...

As predicted. Taxpayers are going to get stuck with this instead of the perpetrators:

The battle over repayment is likely to be costly for taxpayers, with lawyers for the state and lawyers for CIETC — all paid by the public — attempting to assign blame for a payroll scandal that has sparked a criminal investigation and prompted spending reforms at U.S. job-training.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that what we knew would happen all along?

Dems enrich themselves at the taxpayers expense.

Green Planet said...


Re: Mark Klein, MD

Mr. Sporer, I wish to bring your attention to the deletion of a potential Presidential candidate previously listed on your Straw Poll. Perhaps the absence of Dr. Mark Klein's name from the list was an oversight. In fairness to his supporters, non-supporters, and the voting population in general could you please return his name to the poll with the count he has received to date? As a concerned voter I am interested in the opinions of others so that I may hone my research to those candidates and potential candidates whose chances for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008 are favorable to date. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Anonymous said...

Ted has some very good points, however; "TED, you run your law firm with frivolous suits filed against honest corporations and individuals! Before you cast stones, YOU really should consider the GLASS HOUSE YOU currently reside in!" "Registered Republican"

Anonymous said...

Way to tell a crook, Anon @10:19!
I could not have spoken it better!
Sporer is a rat! Was he referring to himself with his opening statement of a man's wife catching him in bed with another woman??

YOu should never cast stones like you have been warned teddy boy!

You disgrace the party! Are you sure you are not a democrat in disguise?

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