Thursday, August 03, 2006

Your Vote-Jerk of the Week.

This is a new Thursday feature-"Jerk Of The Week". The criterion is having been noted in the news for doing something uniquely vomit inducing in public life. Eligibility for the award is somewhat amorphous. The repugnant behavior doesn’t have to occur in the week of nomination but does require media coverage during the week of nomination. A nominee’s nausea induction can be delivered from a local, state, national or international stage. The nominee can be a person, people acting in concert or an institution. So here are the two finalists:

In the Red Corner we have the Main Stream Media. In a different context, but a historical analog, Hitler described the western leaders who fought to prevent western rearmament and confrontation with Nazi Germany over facial violations of the Treaty of Versailles as “useful idiots”. Conventional wisdom throughout the 1930s described Hitler as just another central European politician. The 1930s MSM went to great lengths to distort or ignore reality so as to minimize the growing threat of Nazi Germany. Politicians of all stripes throughout the United States, France and the United Kingdom focused on the costs of rearmament, the potential for war and the hundreds of thousands of potential casualties that would arise from a war fought in the mid to late 30s.

The coverage of the Israel/Hezbollah war exemplifies the analog. The American media focuses on just two aspects of this conflict. Lebanese civilian casualties are the primary focus in America, and almost the only aspect of the coverage in Europe. American media does, at least, include some mention of Israeli dead, although scant mention is made of the distinction between the Lebanese and Israeli non combatant loss. For example, wouldn’t you like to see Katie Couric mention that the terrorists are firing unguided rockets randomly into heavily concentrated populations for the purpose of killing civilians while acknowledging that Lebanese casualties are an example of the tragic accidental by-product of all wars through all of history?

The other aspect of American coverage is the need for George W. Bush to stop the fighting because, of course, it is the lack of his “involvement” in the Middle East that caused the conflict in the first place. Yeah, right-like the Arabs and Israelis haven’t been going at it since Truman remodeled the White House.

In the yellow corner is the other finalist, Jack Murtha. Murtha illustrates another significant historical example, the once great French general, Marshal Henri Pétain. Pétain was the greatest French hero of World War One where he turned defeat into victory at Verdun with the immortal and heroic words “They Shall Not Pass”. In 1917, as C-in-C he saved the French army from disintegration during a mass mutiny and then lead that army to victory in 1918. While Murtha has a distinguished career as a mid-level Marine officer his military contributions to his nation are as an ant to an elephant compared with Henri Pétain.

The shock of the casualties and devastation in WW I created the appealing but utterly false concept that war is the worst condition of mankind. The pacifism that arose from the post WW I philosophy of weakness lead directly to Hitler’s power and aggression.
Pétain campaigned hard to prevent French rearmament in the 30s because it might provoke a war with Germany. When Germany did exactly what Hitler (like today’s Islamofacists who clearly state their totalitarian and genocidal objectives) said he was going to do, attack France, the pacifists had so weakened French defenses that the nation collapsed in just six weeks.

Pétain to the rescue-rather than fight from France’s North African colonies or fight inch by inch for France he advocated surrender. As President of Vichy France he collaborated with the Nazis in all of their endeavors, including the Holocaust.

Pétain began the year 1940 as the most beloved hero in his nation, one of its greatest historical figures, and died a despised traitor in prison, after having his death sentence commuted to life in prison. The only difference between Pétain and Murtha is Pétain actually gained power and was able to implement his pacifist agenda.

Something to think about at the polls in November so the first "Jerk Of The Week" is…………..

Jack Murtha. Your nominees please.


Luis Rukeyser said...

Do you realize that people such as Gordo and Chris Woods will be reading your blog? That being the case, you may want to offer a Cliff Note version for them...or start posting painted pictures to describe your outrage.

my nomineed is Ako. He is in the news every day but a guy that barely claims to be an American and is running for the legislature in Iowa of all places deserves our constant mention. said...

I nominate Chuck Allison.

After raising tons of money to fight Bob Dopf, forcing Dopf to raise money to fight him in return. Allison clobbers Dopf in the primaries and makes him un-electable. Then Allison drops out, likely for reasons he should have come to grips with before the primary.

Now Dopf is wounded and we have no candidate. With Mauro's ties to CITEC and the Polk County machine, Allison's actions will probably cost us the SOS election.

I know he's one of ours but that makes it all the worse.

Anonymous said...

steve duese

Anonymous said...

Chuck Allison raised tons of money in the primary? When did that happen? I also don't seem to remember any attacks on Dopf from Chuck, either. said...

Anon 10:06

I'm just a grassroots guy, I loked at the reports, tons is relative. I am not suggesting that Allison attacked Dopf or vice-versa. (I guess my post sounded that way) What I meant was it was a waste for either of them to spend money in a primary that turned out to be moot anyway.

That money would have gone a long way towards defeating Mauro. Now the money is gone, Allison is out and Dopf will probably not be able to overcome the loss. Had Allison not run or dropped out before the primary, Dopf would be in a position to beat CITEC-Mauro.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. what is up with Steve Deace? He spent yesterday outlining his 35 theses for why he isn't a conservative anymore. The other day, he listed like 30 reasons why he hates President Bush.

He states he never reads any news or keeps up on politics.

Is his radio show about nothing but Steve's personal objection to abortion?

I really expected so much more.

Anonymous said...

Based on Ted's earlier commentary, I nominate the the Polk County Supervisors Mauro, Hockensmith and Connolly.

They've had a chance to loot the County taxpayers and funnel millions to their friends.

Keep beating on them Ted!

Kevin Schmidt said...

I nominate a collective group of morons for Jerkoff of the Week.

Anyone who thinks that Israel is using too much force against Hezbelloh please claim your prize.

Big-killer said...

Agrees with anon 8:51

I thought I shared Steve's belief's in many areas. I heard the 35 theses outlined on Monday afternoon. Maybe I was wrong - more on that later.

Steve's comparison of the apparently dis-enfranchised conservatives to the colonists pre the Rev war is logically incorrect:
Subjects of a tyrant monarch vs displeased members of a political party. To compare your stone's Steve, with those of the signers is a bad BAD comparison that does not fly.

Later he compared "ADEF Consv" to Martin Luther King's efforts on behalf of civil rights. Steve MLK did not "DIVORCE" a party !!! He went to work on the Dems and kept working on them and now most people forget that Algore's daddy, Algore sr was a major obstacle to the initial civil rights movement as well as that the Dems supported slavery 150 years ago.

Steve's constant and correct cry opposing abortion has been answered twice by Pres George W Bush. Judges Roberts and Alitto will each (God Willing) serve 1/4 to 1/3 of a century. I believe that those two appointments should be 36A and 36B on Deace's list.

Now to what I think is the real REAL issue here. Even before Steve's illogical comparison of the conservatives to the colonists, Steve did share that he's there for the ratings.

I think this is a "pot-stirring" type issue to boost the ratings and maybe build a lib following.

If not, may we ask Van if we can have Cotlar on in the afternoon??

WAR Roberts
WAR Alitto
WAR Sporer
WAR Sporer's spouse

Anonymous said...

Great History lesson Uncle Teddy! Very relevant to today. Too bad democrats don't study history.

the hunter said...

I nominate Ako. It is my hope that Deace is trying to emulate what Rush has done. Anyone remember when Rush came out and endorsed Clinton ? If he doesn't turn around everyone will switch to Hannity anyway and he will fade away. The free market works.

Anonymous said...

Jerk (n.) A rude or contemptable person.

Even if you rightfully disagree with his position, calling Jack Murtha a traitor and and comparing him to a Nazi sympathizer is both rude and contemptable.

My nominee for Jerk of the Week: the Real Sporer.

Kevin Schmidt said...

Hey, when you ride alone, you ride with Jack Murtha.

Anonymous said...

I am torn between Hillary Clinton-for her slimy and selfserving attacks on Rumsfeld or the collective talking heads that blame Isreali/Hezbollah war on GW.

Yoda said...

hmmmm.. nominate Anon 1:08, I do...

Murtha publicly claiming, "Those Marines killed the Iraqis in cold blood" before an investigation could be completed is not worthy of our scorn and utter contempt?

By the anon phag's own statement, Murtha, way out of line, he was....

The Jerk of the Week, Jack Murtha is....

BTW Ever notice the only people who trash Ted do so under the veil of anonymity? Cowards. Welcome to my world.

pissed off in des moines said...

All right Sporer-that was brilliant.

I nominate Ako. How could just one person get access to all of that public money.

It kind of makes one wonder what else is going on with big dogs like Dennis Albritton.

Anonymous said...

I agree on Charles "Dr Scholls" Allison for obvious reasons. What a douchebag!

The Real Sporer said...

I'm going to break my own rule and answer an online critic.

Anonymous said...
Jerk (n.) A rude or contemptable person.

Even if you rightfully disagree with his position, calling Jack Murtha a traitor and and comparing him to a Nazi sympathizer is both rude and contemptable.

My nominee for Jerk of the Week: the Real Sporer.

1:08 PM

While Anon 1:08 demonstrates my oft raised point that the ad hominym attack is the first resort of the uninformed mind.

Anon utterly fails to demonstrate any flaw in my analogy. Murtha aggresively and knowingly lends tremendous propoganda support to the war time enemies of the United States. Murtha advocates policies that, if adopted, would necessarily result in the United States surrendering Israel to the genocidal forces of Islamofacism.

Ask yourself to describe the world if Jack Murtha and the rest of the pacifist left ran the United States.

pissed off in des moines said...

God damn Sporer, don't ever argue with me.

I came here from Krusty.

Smaaaack! What the fuck are you doing to Gordon?

The Real Sporer said...

To further prove my point about Murtha, he has been misleading, to be polite, indescribing his own sources of information.

unikat said...

First, regarding Steve Deace and his theses.I must be getting old, or had the AC on too high/loud in the car when I listened. I swear I heard him say "theses" six times before I figured out he wasn't saying "feces." Maybe that's because what was meant to be the former more closely resembled the latter.

Maybe it's time for XM.

My vote for jerk of the week would be the media...but collectively they could win every week. Is in only on Fox that they stress that some the targets in Lebanon are residential areas because that's where they are parking the rocket launchers?

Anonymous said...

I discovered this blog from an eastern blog called The Gates of Vienna.

Pretty cool, way to go in the Midwest Real Sporer, your recent posts are pretty good.

My nominee is the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Yoda!!! Calling out Jack Murtha for declaring the Marines guilty before the investigation is even complete--and doing it in your cute little Yoda voice while employing a gay slur--is brilliant. The irony is so complete as the Real Sporer and the other sycophants on this blog attempt to do the exact same thing to Brooks, et., al. If the intellect on this blog truly represents the RPI, maybe Fox News and Newsmax are right: the End Days are upon us.
P.S. Love how you all are now turning on Deace and Allison. This will be like watching a train wreck in slow motion right through November. Keep up the good work.

Doug said...

Jerk of the week is ANY ANON poster. Find a nice, quiet hole in the ground to post in instead of a place where you want nobody to know your name.

Hopefully, you won't create sexual innuendo from the last sentence. if you do, I suggest you check yourself in to Dr. Ruth's crib for a little up close and personal with her grilllllll.


Anonymous said...

OK DOUG--if that's REALLY what your name is--I'll play your little game. My anon post was in response to a post by something called YODA! I guess that bit of disclosure (and his side-splittingly funny and revealing bio page--yawn) gives him credibility in these bizarre Republican cyber circles that someone who chooses not to share their name would lack. Of course you all seem to have a pretty limited appreciation for the fundamental liberties found in the Bill of Rights anyway so I shouldn't be surprised that you would seek to eliminate any discourse from this blog that wasn't pre-approved. Anyway, if it will help you respond specifically to the hypocrisy argument I make in the post--which should really be Yoda's job--you can call me EMIL--because that sounds kind of Black PSYOP/Republican so it should make you feel a little more comfortable. While you're thinking about hypocrisy, maybe you can also let me know why the Republican treasurer of CIETC (Sherry Howard) would sign BLANK EXPENSE FORMS approving expenses without having any clue what they were for or for how much. There's your "clean-out the courthouse" kind of Republican. And how much money did Deb Dessert get as a CIETC "paid consultant?"

Yoda is my MOFO said...

Anon, are you talking?

Anonymous said...

Was 12:25 on some kind of drug? Where's his ritalin? We don't care if Sherry is a republican. None of know that. We want the corruption gone, regardless of party. So far, you justify the corruption of the democrats by saying that "someone else did it too". Did your Mama let you get by with that excuse when you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar?

I can hear you now...Mom, it's not my fault that I stole the cookies..Johnny (mauro) stole cookies too.

And speaking of Johnny...Did you all see the register today about the Recorders race? Looks like the Mauro's are up to it again.

Now, Ned Chiodo was called into service on behalf of a recount. This is the same Ned Chiodo that has a brand spanking new 30 year no compete contract with the city to manage Blank Golf Course.

This is the city owned golf course which has been providing Ned Chiodo(former elected official and part of the south side machine) with a very handsome taxpayer funded living, while being in the red each and every year since he got the contract.

They rewarded him a few weeks ago (thanks mayor Cownie) with a 30 year no compete contract on the promise that he "will try to do better".

Sweep it out!

Kenboiraq said...

Interestingly enough, I don't believe the Chiodos are close to Mauro as they are rivals if memory serves. There is more to this story and I am not at all convinced Ned Chiodo is on the take like the Mauros. There has been a long term split within the Polk County Machine. If Ned did get something out of this it was probably to placate him.

I have a very high regard for his son, Frank Chiodo, my former opponent in the 2000 Statehouse election. He won reelection in that very Democratic district.

Another note, Frank Chiodo stood against his party and supported a father's right to be father to his children. He assured me his own father had similar views so that gets old Ned a lot of credibility in my book.

Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

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